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Chapter 267 Life Hanging By A Thread

At this critical moment, Violent Bear suddenly appeared and helped Lu Yu block an attack.

However, what followed was that Chen Longs claw pierced through its chest.

Chen Long slowly withdrew his left hand, and with a plop, Violent Bear fell down and into a pool of blood.

“Wuuu…” Violent Bear let out two whimpering sounds, and then it stopped.

“I thought you were strong, but you disappointed me…” Chen Long shook his left hand and threw off the blood stains on his hand with a look of disgust.

Lu Yus mind went blank for a moment.

The veins on his forehead popped up, clenched his teeth, and made cracking sounds.

“You will die today!”

Lu Yu roared and rushed toward Chen Long.

At that moment, Lu Yu suddenly burst forward at a terrifying speed.

In almost an instant, he was in front of Chen Long.

Then, Lu Yu clenched the iron fist of his Diamond Dragon Claw and threw a punch toward Chen Longs face!


The sound of a collision rang out.

Lu Yu threw a punch and sent Chen Long flying like a cannonball!

While he was flying, Lu Yu quickly caught up with him.

His whole body was covered with dazzling lightning arcs.

Lu Yu grabbed Chen Long with one claw and stopped him in the air, firmly pressing him to the ground.

The lightning arcs surged crazily into Chen Longs body.

The crackling electric current exploded in Chen Longs body, making his whole body convulse.




Lu Yu used his one Thunder Dragon Claw to hold him firmly to the ground while his other hand switched to his Explosive Dragon Claw.

The sharp tip of the claw pierced Chen Long with a swoosh.

Chen Long suddenly raised his leg and kicked Lu Yus shoulder.

He kicked Lu Yu away, and Chen Long rolled while crawling as he hurriedly escaped from Lu Yu.

Lu Yu was kicked to the ground, and he was shocked.

This guys physique was so strong that he could withstand the damage from the lightning arcs.

He stood up once again and went after Chen Long.

Chen Long crawled on the ground while recovering, slowly standing up with incredible difficulty.

Lu Yus punch fractured his lower jaw, and his entire body was electrocuted to the point that his flesh had split open in several spots.

He walked forward with great difficulty and turned his head to look at Lu Yu, revealing a savage expression.

“Fuck you! I wont die at your hands! I will become a true dragon, and no one can stop me!”

“Do you know how much effort I put in for this day I cant give up, and I cant fail!”

“I want to evolve.

I want to evolve!”

“Theres only one step left! I cant give up, and Ill definitely succeed!”

“When I evolve into a true dragon, all of you will perish!”

As he walked forward, he shouted crazily.

Even though he was limping, he still struggled to move forward.

Lu Yu quickly followed him.

Many wounds had appeared on his body from the many exchanges, so every step he took was accompanied by pain.

“Youre finished, Chen Long.

Youll definitely die today.

Youll have to pay the price for your sins.”

“The lives of those demi-humans and my battle pet must be made up with your life!”

Lu Yu felt as if a hole had been torn in his heart.

Although the little Violent Bear had only been with him for a short while, in Lu Yus eyes, it was already Lu Yus companion.

It was loyal and obeyed orders.

When its master was in danger, it wouldnt be afraid and would take the initiative to attack.

But now, there was a high chance that it would not survive.

So, no matter what, Lu Yu had to take revenge on Chen Long!

“Where are you heading You have already lost.

You will die here, and no one can save you!”

Chen Long continued walking forward, and his pace began to quicken.

“Do I need someone else to save me The only one who can save me is myself!”

“As long as I reach that place, I still have a chance! I will not lose!”

He turned his head to glance at Lu Yu and continued to quicken his pace.

Lu Yu felt that something was wrong.

Enduring his bodys pain, he ran toward Chen Long.

Lu Yu had already exhausted his mana after the battle just now.

He could not use Dragon Shadow and could not release more lightning bolts, so all he could do was quicken his pace and run over as fast as possible.

Chen Long also increased his speed.

The electricity in his body had already disappeared, so the speed at which he could move was almost back to usual.

Not far ahead, there was a shrub.

Chen Long accelerated and ran over.

When he was close, he leapt up and pounced toward the shrub.

With a thud, he fell heavily to the ground.

Behind him, Lu Yu had already caught up.

Chen Long hurriedly searched the ground and found a wooden board.

After touching the pull ring, he pulled the wooden board up with force.

There was a box buried underground, and inside the box were truth serums!

There were many types of truth serum, and each had different effects on different evolutionary routes.

Each truth serum contained a tremendous amount of energy.

As long as he drank one, he could completely recover from all his injuries.

He took out a bottle, pulled the stopper, and poured it into his mouth.

Lu Yu could tell that this place was where they hid their smuggled goods.

After all, a large abandoned warehouse was eye-catching, and it would be easy for the entire warehouse to be wiped out once discovered.

Therefore, storing their goods separately was their best choice.

He had been forcing his body to move forward all this time to find the hiding place of the serums.

As long as he got a hold of them, he could resurrect with full health!

Lu Yu rushed to Chen Longs front and slashed at Chen Longs chest with his Explosive Dragon Claw!


Lu Yu slashed down with his claw, but his claw only pierced the ground.

The ground was empty except for an empty bottle beside him.

Lu Yu widened his eyes and gritted his teeth.

He was still one step too late.

This guys physique was ridiculously strong! Even after suffering from the intense electric current, he could still move.

He could feel that Chen Long was standing behind him right now.

Just as Lu Yu turned around, Chen Long lashed out with a whip kick, kicking Lu Yus side ribs.

This attack again sent Lu Yu flying, flying over the distance.

In the distance, the members of the Featherwing Club and the members of the Batlle Pets Club were engaged in a heated battle.

The two sides exchanged blows, and it was difficult to determine who had the upper hand.

Seeing that Violent Bear was seriously injured, Yun Zirou quickly ran to its side and squatted down to cast a healing spell.

However, it was ineffective.

Violent Bear was still lying on the ground, motionless and lifeless.

“You must get better…”

Yun Zirou was anxious as she knew that Violent Bear was Lu Yus battle Pet.

As Lu Yus friend, she naturally did not want to see Violent Bear die.

Suddenly, Yun Zirou was shocked to hear a loud bang from a distance.

She quickly looked over and saw that Lu Yu had been sent flying and fallen heavily to the ground.

She quickly ran to Lu Yus side and began to use healing spells on him.

At this moment, the pain in Lu Yus body made him clench his teeth.

—— Damn Chen Long, I need to use my Dragon Fist to end this battle!

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