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Chapter 266 Intense Battle With The Half-Dragonman

Lu Yu suddenly switched to the Thunder Dragon Claw.

Relying on the temporary increase in speed, he caught Chen Long off guard and sent him flying more than ten meters away.

He hurriedly followed up with more attacks from behind, not giving Chen Long the slightest chance to counterattack.

As soon as Chen Long landed on the ground before he could stand up, Lu Yu instantly appeared in front of Chen Long again.

Lu Yus right claw transformed into his Explosive Dragon Claw, and after stacking three Flaming Claw attacks, he slashed down viciously on Chen Longs neck.

The scorching flames instantly closed in on Chen Long.

Chen Long cursed silently and didnt hesitate to roll onto the ground to dodge this claw attack quickly.

He quickly rolled away, and once he was away from Lu Yu, he supported his body and stood up.

“I finally understand.

You can switch between different dragon claws at will to obtain different effects.”

Chen Long panted heavily as the combo almost killed him.

He would probably be dead after the combo if he were just a little more careless.

“Looks like you still have some energy left in you.

So, I guess its time to be serious!”

He stood up and rushed toward Lu Yu.

In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Lu Yu.

He swiped his claws and lashed them at Lu Yu.

Lu Yus left claw switched to his Diamond Dragon Claw and blocked the attack.

After Chen Longs claw came down, his sharp claws clashed against the armor on Lu Yus forearm.

This time, Lu Yus armor was smashed into pieces!

After shattering into pieces, the armor on Lu Yus right arm fell off and dropped to the ground.

“Haha, your armor is gone! Lets see how you are going to block my next attack!”

Lu Yu stretched out his left claw, and a lightning bolt as thick as a forearm jumped out.

Seeing this, Chen Long stopped smiling and concentrated.

He turned around and swung his thick tail.

The thick tail was like an iron whip, whipping at Lu Yu quickly.

Chen Long was fast.

The tail struck Lu Yu in the lower abdomen before he could react.

This tail whipped over and sent Lu Yu flying, smashing him heavily into the ground.

Lu Yu held his lower abdomen, his expression gradually becoming ferocious.

The intense pain in his abdomen made him unable to stand up for a moment.

He did not expect this fellow to have such a trick up his sleeve.

This was a miscalculation on his part.

After all, it was customary for demi-humans to have a strong tail.

When the tail lashed out, Lu Yu felt like he had been hit by a speeding car.

He forced himself to stand up, and Chen Longs face appeared in front of him when he did.

That lizard-like face looked lifeless and cold.

He swung his claws and clawed at Lu Yu again.

The diamond armor on Lu Yus right claw was already broken, and he needed time to recover.

He quickly switched his right hand to his Explosive Dragon Claw and swung it to counterattack.

The sharp claws of both sides collided with each other, causing sparks to fly.

After a few consecutive exchanges, Chen Longs claws were already trembling from the impact.

At the same time, wounds appeared on his claws.

He couldnt help but curse in his heart, “What the hell, a real dragon claw is so much stronger than me.”

He was both unhappy and excited.

He was unhappy about how Lu Yu could obtain such strong dragon claws.

On the other hand, he awakened as a half-dragonman, and his path of evolution was difficult.

But, he was excited now that he knew the power of the dragon claws.

He believed that if he evolved into a true dragon and obtained his dragon claws, his strength would definitely be much stronger than Lu Yus!

“I need to kill you, and then no one can stop me from completing my final evolution.

Even if God comes, he wont be able to stop me!”

Chen Long was agitated and launched a fierce attack on Lu Yu.

He twisted his body and swung his claws, attacking Lu Yus from top to bottom.

Lu Yus speed was not as fast as his, so it was impossible for him to dodge all of the attacks.

Even if he used his Dragon Shadow skill, he could only temporarily distance himself from them.

He could only raise his claws and counterattack.

However, Chen Longs strength was much greater than Lu Yus.

Whether it was attacking or blocking, he could do so nimbly.

This level of flexibility in his body was much superior to Lu Yus.

Lu Yu sighed.

If he could evolve into a complete dragon, that would make up for this shortcoming.

However, Lu Yu would not need to dodge these attacks if he could evolve into a complete dragon.

Even just him standing still would be enough to defeat this guy.

Chen Longs continuous claw attacks forced Lu Yu to retreat.

Chen Long changed his attack strategy and tried his best to avoid a direct clash of claws with Lu Yu.

His inferior claws were weaker than Lu Yus genuine dragon claws.

However, this change in strategy allowed him to regain the upper hand.

Lu Yu couldnt do anything other than back up and defend himself.

After launching those consecutive attacks, Chen Long lowered his body and found an opportunity.

He gathered all the strength in his body and punched Lu Yus chest.


With a muffled bang, Lu Yu was sent flying by Chen Longs punch!

Lu Yu fell to the ground, sliding a distance away.

The violent impact created a dull pain in his chest, and blood oozed out from the corner of his mouth.

This punch dealt quite a bit of damage to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu opened his interface and glanced at it.

He discovered that he only had around 200 health points left.

Thus, he hurriedly took out a bottle of life potion, intending to glug it down.

Chen Long didnt give him a chance to catch his breath.

Without any hesitation, he charged at Lu Yu.

At the same time, he brandished his right claw, intending to stab it into Lu Yus chest.

As soon as Lu Yu sat up and opened the cap of the life potion, Chen Long followed closely behind.

He was like a rabid dog that couldnt be shaken off.

Lu Yu hurriedly stood up, wanting to dodge his attack.

There was no chance for him to replenish his health, so he could only try his best to avoid Chen Longs attack.

Otherwise, Lu Yu would be in a near-death state if he suffered two more attacks.

However, as soon as Lu Yu stood up, Chen Long was already before Lu Yu.

“Its too late, damn it!”

Lu Yu raised his Diamond Dragon Claw and prepared to activate his Golden Wall to block the attack.

However, it was already too late, as the formation of the barrier required a certain amount of time.

It might only take a few seconds, but that was the few seconds Lu Yu didnt have.

Just as Lu Yu was about to activate his Dragon Shadow to give it a try, a figure suddenly jumped out from the side.

It was Violent Bear!

It ran over madly and opened its maw wide, biting Chen Longs extended arm.

Chen Long felt a slight pain and his anger soared!

“Damn thing!”

The next moment, Chen Long pulled out his claw and slashed towards Violent Bears chest!


Chen Longs left claw dug into Violent Bears chest, and blood splattered on the grass, spewing non-stop.

Lu Yu stood behind Violent Bear and could see that Chen Longs left claw had pierced through Violent Bears chest.

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