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Chapter 265 The Battle Between The Two Sides Begins

After Liu Yan brought his men out, he joined Chen Longs camp and wanted to attack Lu Yu together.

“Brother, lets attack and kill this guy together!”

Liu Yan walked towards Chen Long.

However, Chen Long waved his hand and said, “No need.

Just dont bother me.

I want to fight him one-on-one!”

He pointed his finger at Lu Yu, and his tone was arrogant.

Lu Yus dragon claws had become a thorn in his side.

He couldnt allow there to be other people related to an actual dragon in this world.

He must be the only true dragon in this world!

Lu Yu wasnt afraid.

He looked straight at him and said, “Then lets fight.

I also want to see what strength you have.”

When the smell of gunpowder was in the air, a series of clanking sounds came from the iron gate.

The iron gate of the manor was pushed open, and a large group of people rushed in.

There were more than a dozen people, with the leaders being Yun Zirou and Su Qing.

At that moment, they all sped up and quickly ran toward Lu Yus position.

“Lu Yu, we received your message and are already here!”

Yun Zirou said, while gasping for air.

“Looks like the battle isnt over yet.

Leave these people to us!” Su Qing looked at Liu Yan and clenched her fists.

The Featherwing Club members behind her also echoed her words.

“Boss, were here; lets fight together!”

“These guys think they can win with numbers Not anymore!”

“I will show them that the Featherwing Club isnt one to be trifled with!”

“Come on, after tonight, this stronghold will belong to us!”

At that moment, the members of both clubs were facing off, and tension filled the air.

Chen Long strode quickly to Lu Yu, his claws raised and ready to attack.

“You guys, fight however you want.

I dont care; I just want to fight him one-on-one!”

He stretched out his finger and pointed at Lu Yu!

Lu Yu chuckled, “Thats what I want too!”

The next moment, both parties sped up and charged at each other.

Chen Long was faster in terms of speed.

His figure shot out with a swoosh, like a big black rat charging forward extremely fast in the darkness.

Lu Yu quickly switched to his Diamond Dragon Claws and used them to attack Chen Long.

In an instant, Chen Long was in front of Lu Yu.

He swung his claws and attacked Lu Yu!

He lashed his claws and swiped them at Lu Yus chest.

Following that, Lu Yu quickly put his hands in front of his chest to block Chen Longs attack.

Swish! Swoosh!

The two claws only scratched the diamond armor on Lu Yus forearm.

When Chen Long attacked with his claws, Lu Yu quickly launched a counterattack at Chen Long with his right claw.

Chen Long retreated as Lu Yus Diamond Dragon Claw attacked; his body nimbly dodged Lu Yus counterattack.

The short exchange between the two sides was over in an instant.

Their movements were clean and neat, without any sloppiness.

The onlookers couldnt help but feel surprised when they saw the battle between them.

Yun Zirou, in particular, couldnt help but cover her mouth and let out a surprised gasp.

“This enemys fighting style is very similar to Lu Yus.”

Su Qing nodded in agreement.

“Thats indeed the case.

He also uses claws to attack, and the way he swings his claws is so similar to Lu Yus!”

“This person shouldnt be a lizard-type demi-human and most likely a half-dragon.”

Yun Zirou said, with a nervous expression.

If he were a half-dragonman, his strength would be much greater than a lizardmans.

At that moment, Chen Long heard her words and couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“Who would have thought there was someone knowledgeable here to see that Im a half-dragonman!”

“Now you should know that Lu Yu is definitely no match for me, right”

Yun Zirou chuckled, “Stop dreaming.

Youre a half-dragonman, while Lu Yu has his genuine dragon claws.

Can yours even hold up to his”

Su Qing echoed, “Thats right, youre not worthy!”

These words instantly ignited Chen Longs anger.

He charged toward Lu Yu once again with monstrous killing intent.

At the same time, Liu Yan looked toward Yun Zirou and the others.

He shouted, “You bastards of the Featherwing Club, I will make you all pay for the death of our boss!”

The next moment, he called his underlings and charged toward Yun Zirou and her group.

Both sides immediately started a chaotic battle, and the battle was intense.

In front of Lu Yu, Chen Long had already closed up and had his claws near Lu Yus chest.

Lu Yu quickly placed his right claw on his chest to block Chen Longs claw attack.

However, Cheng Longs claws grabbed onto the armor on Lu Yus forearm, causing a few more cracks to appear.

Lu Yu used his other claw to grab onto his forearm with a firm grip..

Chen Long could feel the huge pressure on his forearm and frown.

He hurriedly lifted his leg and kicked Lu Yu in the chest.

Immediately, Lu Yu grabbed his ankles with his other hand.


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