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Chapter 264 The Powerful Half-Dragonman

The strength of the half-dragonman surprised Lu Yu.

His reaction speed was fast, and his strength was also terrifying.

This kick gave Lu Yu a hard time.

He slowly stood up and looked at Chen Long.

Chen Long unsheathed his claws and took off his shirt, revealing his strong muscles.

“What a bunch of trash.

In the end, I still have to do it myself!”

“Tonight is the day you die.

The only difference is Im your executioner instead!”

He raised his right claw and walked toward Lu Yu.

His five fingers turned into long, black, slender claws.

His claws glinted sharply, but they were slightly inferior to Lu Yus.

“You like to talk tough Lets see whether you can walk the talk then.

Youre only a half-dragonman, and my claws are genuine dragon claws!”

Chen Long was enraged by hearing Lu Yus words!

It always disgusted him whenever someone said he wasnt a real dragon!

Saying that he was a half-dragon meant he was a defective product, which he could not accept.

The veins on his forehead bulged as he looked at Lu Yu coldly.

“You bloody sack of **, but dont worry as my potion is almost complete.

Once that is done, you will be the defective one, and I will be the true dragon!”

Lu Yu frowned.

“A bottle of potion to allow you to complete such a large leap in evolution What did you do to get that”

“Or rather, how many demi-humans did you kill to complete this bottle of potion”

Chen Long extended his index finger, his middle finger, and his ring finger.

“I cant remember clearly, but there must be over a hundred of them.

They die a worthy death, as they contributed greatly to my evolution.”

Seeing his indifferent expression, Lu Yu clenched his fists.

“You are just a stepping stone on my path.

No one can stop me from turning into a true dragon tonight!”

As Cheng Long said that, he started to approach Lu Yu.

Lu Yu opened his Eye of the Dragon God and looked at him.

[ Chen Long ]

[ Talent: Soul of Half-Dragon, A-Level (Completed evolution) Morph the user body to a half-dragon, gain strength enhancement ]

[ Personal attributes ]

[ Attack: 560 ]

[ Speed: 350 ]

[ Health: 950 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 380 ]

Cheng Longs attributes were similar to Lu Yus, except his health was much higher.

If it were a regular battle, Lu Yu should be able to fight evenly.

However, Lu Yu did not know how much Cheng Longs innate talent would increase his strength.

For example, Lu Yus evolved Diamond Dragon Claw strengthens Lu Yus strength and defense.

However, judging from the kick just now, this guys strength was stronger than his.

Chen Long walked toward Lu Yu.

His tendons and muscles were particularly eye-catching.

Every muscle was so lean as if his body had no fat.

This was the first time Lu Yu had seen such strong and lean muscles.

If an average person had such a low body fat rate, their body might have collapsed long ago.

This muscle gives the user more strength, speed, and flexibility!

Lu Yu gulped and started to worry.

Although Cheng Long was only a half-dragonman, it didnt mean he would lose to Lu Yus dragon claws.

After all, he transformed his entire body into a half-dragon, while Lu Yu only evolved his arm into dragon claws.

The two sides inched closer and closer, and the battle was about to start.

At that moment, the sound of footsteps could be heard.

Chen Long suddenly stopped and looked in the direction of the villa.

In the dark night, he could see a group of people walking over.

These people were from the Battle Pets Clubs stronghold, but they differed from the group Lu Yu had just eliminated.

These people were all wearing black suits.

The one who led the way was Liu Yan from the Battle Pets Club!

He was the second in command of this stronghold.

If Zheng Yi died, he would be the captain.

He walked over with his people, unable to understand what was happening.

“What the hell, what is going on here”

“Brother Yan, who is he Hes a demi-human!”

“What, whats going on A demi-human fighting Lu Yu”

“Why are they fighting in our courtyard What the ** happened”

Zheng Yi scratched his head and frowned, muttering, “Brother Zheng Yi was the one who told us to come here.

Where did they go”

Obviously, the people who came didnt know what happened, and they didnt know who Chen Long was.

Only Zheng Yi and his faction knew about the underground deal between the Battle Pets Club and the Truth Department.


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