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Chapter 263 Wiping All Life, Turning Into Dust

Lu Yu forced the Underworld Tiger into a desperate situation, and it chose to release the Underworld Explosion.

In a split second, Lu Yu relied on his Thunder Dragon Claw and lightning bolt to shoot the Underworld Tigers corpse into the air.

Very soon, the Underworld Tiger was about to explode.

Lu Yu didnt have the time to think and could only throw the bomb away as quickly as possible.

He subconsciously threw the Underworld Tiger toward Zheng Yi and the others.

Lu Yus right claw mustered all his strength and exerted force to throw the exploding Underworld Tiger toward the crowd.

“Damn it! Hes throwing the Underworld Tiger at us!”

“Is he crazy”

“Hes going to kill us all! This demon!”

“Whos going to stop him”

“Spread out, spread out!”

“Run, run away from here!”

The beast tamers all screamed in horror, trying to run away in all directions.

However, the Underworld Tiger dropped from the sky the next moment and landed in the crowd.

Zheng Yi widened his eyes, his body trembled, and his eyes went blank.

He had never dreamed that the battle pet he had nurtured would be the one to end him!

In an instant, the glow on the Underworld Tigers body spread out and enveloped everyone around it.


With a boom, the Underworld Tiger exploded.

The corpse erupted in smoke and fire, turning into dust that fell to the ground.

The dust fell on the bodies of the beast tamers, eroding their bodies and turning their entire bodies dark green.

Finally, they turned into dust that drifted away with the wind.

At that moment, the team of nearly 20 people turned into ashes along with the Underworld Tigers self-destruction.

They eroded into streaks of particles that flowed away with the wind.

“Fortunately, I threw it out at the last moment.”

Lu Yu heaved a sigh of relief and wiped off the sweat on his brows.

The dust didnt affect Lu Yu in any way.

“They were completely wiped out just like that The power of this Underworld Explosion is sure scary.”

“Luckily, my skills are better and I saw through it in advance.”

Lu Yu turned around and looked at Violent Bear.

The Underworld Tiger clone that fought it had disappeared.

Violent Bear dragged its injured body and moved toward Lu Yu.

It walked to Lu Yus feet and nudged its head against Lu Yus calf.

Lu Yu hurriedly squatted down and patted him.

“Its been hard on you, helping me hold back such an opponent.”

He took out a bottle of high-grade life potion, popped the cork, and poured it into Violent Bears mouth.

The wounds on Violent Bears body stopped bleeding after it drank the potion.

It let out a soft whimper as if thanking Lu Yu for giving it this potion…

In the warehouse, the lizardman stood beside the workbench and watched as the pigman used his tweezers to take out a brand new soul essence, plopping it into a bottle.

“Is this the last one” The lizardman asked.

“No, I think we need one more.”

“It takes time for the soul essence to merge into the potion, so Im afraid it wont be completed that quickly either.”

The half-dragon lizardman nodded.

“Then, extract the last one.

No matter what, I have to complete my evolution today!”

“This troublemaker wont be stopping me!”

As he said this, Chen Long walked toward the cage piled on the side.

He opened the gate of one of the cages and pulled out a real lizardman.

He dragged the lizardman over like he was dragging an object and slammed him into the chair.

Then, he pressed the cuffs on him and held the lizardman down.

The lizardman panicked and shouted, “Brothers, please spare me.

I still have to support my mother, as she cant live without me.”

Chen Long narrowed his eyes and stared at him.

“You are just a material to path my way, and a material is not allowed to speak.”

The lizardman quickly yelled, “Arent the two of you also demi-humans Why are we killing each other We are of the same kind!”

These words ignited Chen Long and enraged him.

He reached out and grabbed the lizardmans neck.

“Try saying that again! I am not of the same kind as you, you lowly scum.

I am a dragon! A real dragon!”

“To me, youre just a piece of trash.

Nay, worse than trash.”

The lizard man endured the pain in his neck and said, with difficulty, “Since Im… Im trash, then why do you need my soul essence to help with your evolution”

This sentence seemed to have touched Chen Longs bottom line.

He exerted force, and with a crack, he broke the lizardmans neck.

The pigman panicked and quickly reminded him, “Boss, the effect of the soul essence extracted alive is best!”

Chen Long said expressionlessly, “Then throw this into the trash can and replace it with a new one.”

The pigman sighed and removed the cuffs.

He carried the lizardman and threw him into the bin.

At that moment, Chen Long suddenly narrowed his eyes.

“What happened Why is there no more sound”

“Somethings weird.

Whats happening outside”

He quickly walked to the warehouse entrance and opened the door, revealing a crack.

He looked out through the crack and saw the situation outside.

His eyes widened as he noticed there wasnt a single person outside!

“What the hell Wasnt it lively just now Why is there no one here”

“What happened”

He slowly pushed open the door and took two steps outside.

He looked left and right but still saw nothing.

Lu Yu had quietly hidden at the side of the entrance, flattening himself against the warehouses wall.

With a swoosh, Lu Yu made his move.

His Diamond Dragon Claw slashed down at Chen Longs neck.

Chen Longs reaction was swift and fierce.

When Lu Yu made his move, Chen Long turned around and counterattacked.

However, the next moment, Lu Yus Diamond Dragon Claw had already grabbed onto Chen Longs neck!

His huge claws allowed Lu Yu to grip his neck firmly.

When Lu Yu saw his face up close, he was surprised.

This guy looked like a lizardman, but his features were somewhat similar to a dragon.

For example, his scales were dragon-like, and there were bulges on his head, which might bud into dragon horns.

It seems this guy was indeed a half-dragon!

Lu Yu grabbed his neck to prevent him from fighting back and swung his arms to rattle the lizardmans head.

Chen Long bulged his neck and forcefully resisted Lu Yus grip.

After being shaken down by Lu Yu, he got dizzy, and his vision blurred.

“Damn it, he launched a sneak attack on me!”

He lifted his leg with a jerk and kicked out with lightning speed, landing it on Lu Yus lower abdomen.

This kick caught Lu Yu off guard.

He felt his internal organs turning upside down, and a burst of gastric acid rushed to his throat.

Then, Lu Yu was sent flying.

Lu Yu held his stomach and struggled to stand up.

The guy before him was terrifyingly strong, at least much stronger than Lu Yu.

It would be challenging to defeat Chen Long…

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