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Chapter 262 Underworld Explosion, Death Descends

Lu Yu was not feeling well after getting whipped by the Underworld Tigers strong tail.

The armor on his Diamond Dragons claw cracked, and Lu Yu felt his bones might be broken.

What a terrifying force.

Following that, the Underworld Tiger broke free from Lu Yus control.

Of course, breaking free from Lu Yus control wasnt that simple, and it had paid the price.

The price was that a piece of its hind leg was torn off.

Lu Yus right claw held onto a fresh, throbbing piece of bright red meat.

The pungent smell of blood made him quickly shake off the meat and the blood stains on his hand.

At that moment, the Underworld Tiger was limping, having difficulty walking.

One of its legs lost its strength, making it hard to move quickly and slowing down its speed.

“This move is sure a cold decision, but your tiger still didnt gain the upper hand.”

Zheng Yi nodded.

“I agree with you.

My Underworld Tigers injuries are much more serious than yours, but that doesnt stop you from losing!”

Lu Yu chuckled, as it seemed this guy and his group had placed all their hopes in the Underworld Tigers Underworld Explosion.

They were deliberately misleading him, which almost made Lu Yu laugh.

If this was their expectation, what a pathetic one it was.

“You guys can stop your unrealistic fantasies.

Also, I think this battle is done.”

Lu Yu didnt plan to continue the stalemate.

The Underworld Tigers speed was stumped, so it was the best time to end it.

The two people in the warehouse were Lu Yus real targets.

Lu Yu glanced at his Violent Bear, fighting the Underworld Tigers clone.

At that moment, the bears body was covered in wounds.

The sharp claws of the Underworld Tiger had gauged countless wounds on the Violent Bears torse, and each wound bled profusely.

On the other hand, the cloned Underworld Tiger had no wounds other than a few bite marks.

This was the difference in their strength.

Even fighting against a clone showed the apparent discrepancy between the two beasts.

Violent Bear had only been born not long ago, so his strength and talent were average.

To be able to hold on to this song was already good enough.

Although its entire body was covered in wounds, it did not let out a single grunt of pain throughout the whole fight.

It silently helped Lu Yu control the cloned Underworld Tiger.

Lu Yu took a deep breath and knew the battle had to end.

Otherwise, Violent Bear wouldnt be able to hold on any longer!

His claws transformed into his Explosive Dragon Claws, and he quickly rushed toward the real Underworld Tiger.

The Underworld Tigers hind legs were torn apart, so it was not a match anymore for Lu Yus speed.

It had no way of escape.

It opened its maw and prepared to take on Lu Yus next attack.

Lu Yu had just rushed to the front of the Underworld Tiger and suddenly saw another silhouette appear beside the Underworld Tiger!

It released another clone!

Lu Yu was surprised, as he did not expect the cooldown for the tigers cloning skill to be over.

Including this new clone, there were three Underworld Tigers around him.

The appearance of this new clone was different from the main body, as its hind legs werent injured.

At that moment, Lu Yu noticed the body language of the real Underworld Tiger.

It no longer had the anger and killing intent from before.

The expression in its eyes changed.

Its tired eyes were now half open and had lost the fierce glint from before.

Perhaps the clone, this time, had used up too much of its energy.

Lu Yu didnt overthink, as the cloned Underworld Tiger had already pounced on him.

He had stacked his Explosive Dragon Claw with four Flaming Claw skills, and the flames on the claws were burning to the extreme.

The next moment, Lu Yu swung his two claws and clashed against the clone of the Underworld Tigers claws.


Lu Yus two claws easily cut off the cloned Underworld Tigers arms, and they fell to the ground cleanly.

The cloned Underworld Tiger, who had lost both its arms, opened his jaws and tried to clamp them on Lu Yu.

Lu Yu abruptly swung his right claw and grabbed onto the cloned Underworld Tigers head.

His five fingers broke its skull as they pierced into it.

His one attack ended the cloned Underworld Tiger swiftly.

Lu Yu swung his arm, shaking off the dead cloned Underworld Tiger.

But the next moment, Lu Yu felt a sharp pain in his thigh.

He lowered his head and saw that the real Underworld Tiger had charged over, and its bloody maw was biting on Lu Yus thigh tightly.

What a bold attack.

As long as Lu Yu swung his claws, he could use the same method to end the life of the real tiger.

When the surrounding beast tamers saw this, they all remained silent, and even the atmosphere was somewhat cold.

Zheng Yi, who was in the crowd, gritted his teeth.

His brows were tightly knit, and his face was filled with reluctance.

“Underworld Tiger, kill him! Annihilate him without leaving a trace of his body!” Zheng Yi shouted.

The other Beast Tamers also shouted.

“Underworld Tiger, kill him!”

“He is dead! We are the winners!”

“Sacrifice yourself to save us! We will remember you!”

“The final victory belongs to us…”

From the beginning, Lu Yu already knew something was wrong when he saw the obvious change in the Underworld Tigers condition.

Moreover, with its speed reduced, summoning another clone would only weaken it further.

However, it still did it.

Violent Bear, fighting the Underworld Tiger clone, seemed to have sensed a dangerous aura.

It looked in Lu Yus direction with its jaw slightly open.

Lu Yu raised his right claw.

Just as he was about to end the life of the Underworld Tiger, its whole body suddenly emitted light.

The dark green light seemed to come from hell itself, shining on Lu Yus body as if he had been sentenced to death.

All the beast tamers took a few steps back to avoid being affected.

They gradually got closer and came to Zheng Yis side.

“Boss, dont be sad.

Its sacrifice was worth it.”

“It would be the hero who saved us…”

The Underworld Tiger activated its skill, Underworld Explosion.

It would wipe out all life within a three-meter radius, with Lu Yu firmly stuck in the center.

A layer of cold sweat suddenly appeared on Lu Yus forehead.

The aura of death was approaching, and Lu Yu had never been so close to death!

He clenched his teeth, turning his left claw into his Diamond Dragon Claw while his right claw morphed into his Thunder Dragon Claw.

Lu Yu clenched his left claw into a fist, mustering all of his strength to smash down on the Underworld Tiger!

This punch instantly shattered the Underworld Tigers head like an exploded watermelon.

Lu Yu didnt hesitate as he quickly released a thick lightning bolt from his right claw and connected it to the Underworld Tigers corpse.

Then, Lu Yu raised his right claw quickly and lifted the corpse.

Using the lightning bolt as guidance, Lu Yu manipulated the electric current and lifted the Underworlds Tigers corpse into the air.

The explosion happened, and Lu Yu didnt have time to hesitate or think.

His heart raced as he was still within range of the explosion.

He turned his head and saw the beast tamers gathering together.

The beast tamers raised their heads and looked at the Underworld Tiger in the sky with nothing but despair.

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