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Chapter 261 Underworld Tigers Final Act

The Underworld Tiger opened its mouth savagely.

Its sharp fangs were like daggers as it stabbed toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu retreated even though the Underworld Tigers attack power wasnt high, and the bite might not even cause damage.

However, the tigers jaw grip strength was strong.

Even if the Underworld Tiger biting on Lu Yus arm didnt cause damage, Lu Yu might not have the strength to break free from the Underworld Tigers jaws grip.

After taking two steps back nimbly, Lu Yu swiped his claws forward.

The claws slashed through the air, leaving behind a trail of flames.

The sharp claws attacked at a high temperature, causing the Underworld Tiger to back off.

Lu Yus fiery punch had already hurt it once, after all.

In the beginning, the Underworld Tiger charged blindly toward Lu Yu, and it would never even think of retreating.

However, after that punch, the Underworld Tiger suddenly regained its senses and no longer brashly went after Lu Yu.

Although the Underworld Tiger was massive in size, it had a quick movement speed.

Moreover, it had a rich battle experience, so the moment Lu Yus claws struck out, it dodged Lu Yus attack.

When the people on the side saw the battle between the man and the tiger, their hearts were in their throats.

“The Underworld Tigers strength is on par with his”

“I thought the Underworld Tigers attacks would be able to crush him easily!”

“It cant be that the Underworld Tiger cant win, right”

At that moment, Zheng Yi was gloomy as he saw the subpar performance of his Underworld Tiger.

If this continued, his Underworld Tiger might be defeated and could only use its final skill to subdue the enemy.

“It looks like I can only rely on that skill to end the battle.

Although its a pity, theres nothing I can do…” Zheng Yi sighed.

The beast tamers heard what he said and nodded one after another.

“Yeah, it seems like we must rely on that skill.

We can win, but it would be an expensive victory.”

“Thats true.

After using that skill, we will win, and its worth it even if the price is high.”

“Of course, its worth it.

Judging by Lu Yus current potential, its worth every penny!”

“As long as it can pull off that skill and catch him off guard, its our victory!”

These beast tamers were confident that Lu Yu would perish as long as the Underworld Tigers final skill was used.

From their perspective, only they knew about the Underworld Tigers ultimate skill, and Lu Yu wouldnt know about this.

Therefore, when they mention this, they mention it by saying “that skill,”; not daring to speak the name of the skill.

However, they did not know Lu Yu had already used his Eye of the Dragon God to see through the Underworld Tigers Underworld Explosion skill.

Therefore, Lu Yu was fighting the Underworld Tiger head-on, not because he didnt know the Underworld Tigers ultimate skill, but because he knew that he was confident he wouldnt be dragged into the range of that skill.

Everyone placed their hopes on the Underworld Tiger.

If the Underworld Tiger won, they would have something to answer the lizardman, Chen Long.

If the Underworld Tiger lost, they would be punished by the Truth Department even if they survived.

After all, the Truth Department was an underground group much stronger than the Battle Pet Club.

One was in the heavens, while the other was nothing but dirt on the ground.

At that moment, the Underworld Tiger adjusted its posture and charged once more at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu clearly saw the sliced-off tiger claws had grown back and were still as sharp as before.

The Underworld Tiger charged over and bashed its claws at Lu Yu again, using its Corpse Ripping Claw skill.

The pair of tiger claws were thicker than Lu Yus thighs and were way stronger than Lu Yu in terms of strength.

It was getting difficult to continue engaging the Underworld Tiger in close combat.

Lu Yu planned to use his movement skills to dodge its attacks, relying on his agility instead of his muscles to fight.

A pair of sharp tiger claws came crashing down as Lu Yu activated his Dragon Shadow skill.

The pair of tiger claws tore through Lu Yus afterimage and swung through nothing but air.

Lu Yu had already teleported behind the Underworld Tiger.

Lu Yu switched to his Diamond Dragon Claws and swiped at the Underworld Tigers hind legs.

The Diamond Dragon Claws combined force was scary strong.

If Lu Yu could hit the Underworld Tigers hind legs, it would hinder its mobility.


Lu Yus right claw quickly stretched out and slashed at the Underworld Tiger.

When the five dragon claws grabbed the Underworld Tigers hind legs, they firmly sank into the flesh.

The Underworld Tiger raised its head and let out a roar when its hind legs were injured.

Then, it turned around and tried to attack Lu Yu.

However, the moment it turned around, Lu Yu immediately grabbed its hind legs and began to drag it backward.

The Underworld Tiger turned its body to attack Lu Yu, but it was pulled backward and interrupted the attack.

The Underworld Tigers weight wasnt heavy, and Lu Yu could lift it by its hind legs.

However, Lu Yu didnt do that.

Instead, he grabbed the Underworld Tigers hind legs and spun on the spot.

Lu Yu exerted all his strength, spinning like a top with his right claw dug deep into the tigers hind legs.

As the Underworld Tiger was yanked around, it used its front claws to grab onto the ground to stop itself from being dragged away.

However, other than creating claw marks on the ground, it did nothing else.

The Underworld Tiger was in a predicament.

If it could not break free, it would be dragged and spun around by Lu Yu until it died.

Zheng Yi saw this from the side, making him anxious, and he started to panic.

The Underworld Tiger was in a difficult situation and would be dragged to death if it couldnt get out of it.

Although the Underworld Tiger could kill its enemy when it released its ultimate skill, Zheng Yi was still hoping that the Underworld Tiger would be able to defeat Lu Yu without self-destructing.

He stared at his Underworld Tiger, with the group of nervous beast tamers beside him.

“Its over.

The Underworld Tiger is under his control.”

“It cant break free, and the only thing that can help it is its clone.”

“The clone is still in a fight.

Forget it.”

“No way.

It hasnt even fought for a long time, and its going to lose”

“I was hoping it could defeat our enemy without using that skill.”

Zheng Yi suddenly widened his eyes and shouted at the Underworld Tiger.

“Underworld Tiger, use your tail whip attack!”

Before Lu Yu could react, the Underworld Tigers thick tail swung like an iron whip toward Lu Yu.

The Underworld Tigers tail was thicker than Lu Yus wrist, and its overall hardness was as hard as steel.

If Lu Yu were to be hit by this iron whip, the outcome wouldnt be good.

The Underworld Tigers tail whipped out, and Lu Yu couldnt react in time.

He did not expect the Underworld Tiger to instantly heed Zheng Yis orders.

Lu Yu did not have time to retract his right claw before the Underworld Tigers Tail hit it!


With a ringing sound, the Underworld Tigers tail lashed Lu Yus forearm, slamming onto the layer of diamond armor on his Diamond Dragon Claw.

Crack! Crack!

Lu Yus eyes widened.

Several cracks were formed after the Underworld Tigers tail whipped onto his diamond armor!

Suddenly, Lu Yu felt his hand become lighter as the Underworld Tiger broke free from his grip.

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