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Chapter 260 Fierce Battle Against The Underworld Tiger

A shadowy silhouette appeared beside the Underworld Tiger.

When the shadow appeared, its movements mimicked the Underworld Tigers as if it were a projection.

However, gradually, the shadow turned solid, and its pace also began to change.

This was the clone created by the Underworld Shadow skill, a completely new entity.

The two Underworld Tigers charged at Lu Yu simultaneously, making it difficult for Lu Yu.

The main issue was that Lu Yu didnt know whether the clone could also release skills or not.

If the clone could also use the originals skills, Lu Yu had to be careful of both enemies at the same time.

Otherwise, the other would sneak up and break Lu Yus armor when he engaged against one of them, and Lu Yu would be dead then.

The Violent Bear stood out at that moment, howling as it charged toward the Underworld Tigers clone.

It opened its maw and bit the Underworld Tigers clones right paw.

Violent Bear bit the cloned Underworld Tigers right paw, and the tiger and bear were entangled in battle.

Violent Bear locked its jaws onto the cloned Underworld Tiger while the clone opened its jaws too to bite the Violent Bears shoulder.

Both sides struggled in a deadlock, and neither could separate from the other.

Violent Bears overall strength was weaker than the Underworld Tigers but was even against its clone.

Therefore, when both sides fought, they were evenly matched.

Violent Bear taking the initiative to engage the clone eased some of Lu Yus pressure, allowing him to focus on fighting the main Underworld Tiger.

The Underworld Tiger quickly pounced, raised its claws, and was about to swipe them at Lu Yu.

At that moment, the Underworld Tiger was about three meters away from Lu Yu, but it had already swung its claws.

Lu Yu knew that it had used its Corpse Ripping Claw skill.

This skill was an AOE skill.

As long as Lu Yu was in its range, he would be hit.

Lu Yu took the previous attack head-on.

No matter what, this second attack must not hit him!

If half of his armor were gone, Lu Yus defense would be only around 100 points.

By then, what could he do against the lizardman

Lu Yu chose to dodge.

Although the Underworld Tiger was extremely fast, Lu Yu possessed the flying shuttle battle suit!

The tigers claw came crashing down, and everyone thought Lu Yu would not be able to escape this.

The next moment, Lu Yus cloak covered his body and shot him into the sky like a shuttle, as if he had teleported.

The Underworld Tigers claw missed.

It watched as Lu Yu turned into an afterimage in the sky.

It looked up and was surprised as it saw Lu Yu stopped in mid-air.

This was the skill of the flying shuttle battle suit.

It allowed its user to stop in mid-air for a moment, allowing the user to choose the next direction before shuttling off again.

Lu Yu chose to flash to the back of the Underworld Tiger!

With a swoosh, Lu Yu arrived above the Underworld Tiger.

After another moment of pausing, Lu Yu chose to land on the ground.

Lu Yu flashed, returning to the ground.

Immediately after, Lu Yus cloak spread open, revealing a pair of Explosive Dragon Claws.

Lu Yus body started releasing fire elements, and they surged into Lu Yus Explosive Dragon Claws.

The pair of dragon claws were burning red hot, heating the surroundings.

Following that, Lu Yu activated his Flaming Claw and charged toward the Underworld Tiger.


An afterimage remained on the ground, and Lu Yu arrived behind the Underworld Tiger in the next instance.

The Underworld Tiger had just turned around, and he was met with Lu Yus fiery dragon claws.

The Underworld Tiger tried backing up, but it was too late.

Lu Yu slashed, and his sharp claws came swinging down the Underworld Tigers head.


The Explosive Dragon Claws streaked over, releasing brilliant sparks.

The sharp claws scraped the Underworld Tigers scalp, but its skull remained intact.

Fortunately, the Underworld Tiger retreated in time, having only its scalp charred black.

Lu Yus continuous teleportation skills caused everyone to widen their eyes.

“Those flashes are insane!”

“Its ridiculous.

Not only could he continuously flash around, but he could also flash and stop in mid-air for a moment.

Isnt that crazy”

“How How did he do that”

“I think I know.

Hes wearing what seems to be a flying shuttle battle suit, a military product!”

When these words were said, everyone got into an uproar and could not believe Lu Yu had something from the military.

Zheng Yi frowned and stared at Lu Yus cloak.

“Its impossible to get something from the military so easily.

The one hes wearing is most likely from the Martial Arts Club.”

“Those trash from the Martial Arts Club cant even keep an eye on their treasured piece of equipment.

How embarrassing!”

From Zheng Yis perspective, if it werent for the flying shuttle battle suit, Lu Yu would have lost already.

“Those people from the Martial Arts Club are just dragging us down, giving Lu Yu such precious equipment!”

“Sigh, if they hadnt given away this equipment, the Underworld Tiger would have won from that attack!”

“What a pity, what a damn pity.

But, lets just continue to believe in the Underworld Tiger.”

At this moment, the Underworld Tiger opened its maw wide and let out a cat-like hiss.

However, it sounded more like a roar coming from the Underworld Tiger.

As it roared, it started prowling with the fur on its back standing up.

Lu Yu did not expect this claw of his to singe its fur!

The Underworld Tiger charged toward Yu the next moment and brandished its claws simultaneously.

The Underworld Tiger was clearly enraged.

The wound on its forehead was its humiliation.

Its charging speed increased, and it arrived before Lu Yu instantly.

The Underworld Tiger raised its huge tiger paws and clawed at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu did not panic and swung his Explosive Dragon Claws to return the favor.

The two claws clashed, and Lu Yus Explosive Dragon Claw had the upper hand.

Lu Yus Explosive Dragon Claw sliced off the Underworld Tigers claws when they exchanged blows.

Seeing its right claw cut off, the Underworld Tiger became even angrier.

It opened its bloody maw and tried clamping them down on Lu Yus thigh.

Lu Yu quickly turned his right claw into a Diamond Dragon Claw.

He scrunched it into a fist and punched at the Underworld Tigers chin.

With a dull thud, the Underworld Tiger was sent flying and crashed heavily onto the ground.

The Underworld Tiger struggled to get up and no longer dared to act rashly.

Next to Lu Yu, the Underworld Tiger clone was still fighting with Violent Bear.

Both parties were locked in a stalemate, unable to move.

Lu Yu did not worry about Violent Bear and rushed to the main Underworld Tiger.

As long as he killed the main body, the clone would disappear.

The Underworld Tiger was back on all fours, roaring again with its maws opened wide.

It also began charging toward Lu Yu.

It widened its jaws, intending to bite Lu Yu.

Lu Yu wanted to kill this tiger off quickly, so he switched back to his Explosive Dragon Claws and activated his Flaming Claw skill.

Lu Yu had to be careful when killing the tiger.

If he wasnt careful, he might be dragged in range of the Underworld Explosion…

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