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Chapter 258 Completely Annihilated, Zheng Yis Turn

The dozen people surrounding Lu Yu were all launching their prepared attacks.

They first summoned their battle pets.

After all, they were no match for Lu Yu without their battle pets!

Their strength was even lousier than Zheng Yis, as they mainly relied on their battle pets.

They spent a lot of time training their battle pets, so it was normal for them to be this weak.

Light instantly shone in all directions, illuminating the surroundings.

The light quickly dissipated, revealing their respective battle pets.

These battle pets came in all varieties, and many of them were fully armed, wearing custom-made battle pet armor.

“Lu Yu, youre dead! You will never escape!”

“There are so many of us, and you wont be a match against us.

Prepare to die!”

“Youve been running amok unchecked for too long, and its time for you to pay the price.

This is your payback and your funeral!”

The people surrounding Lu Yu approached him.

Although they had an absolute advantage in numbers, they did not act rashly.

Lu Yu and his bear had their backs against each other as they faced the enemys encirclement.

In the warehouse, the pigman successfully extracted another soul essence and put it into a storage box.

The lizardman quickly walked to his side and asked, “How much more”

“Three to four more should be enough.”

The workbench in front of the pigman was dyed red, permeating the air with a strong smell of blood.

Next to the workbench was an iron shelf with a bottle of potion on it.

The potion was blood red, and it was almost full.

Soon, this bottle of potion would be finished.

The lizardman walked to the side of the potion bottle.

He closed his eyes, sniffed as hard as he could, and let out a long breath.

“Phew, this wonderful smell! I cant wait to drink this bottle of truth serum.”

“God gave us the potion to break the rules of evolution and continue our path to meet God.”

The lizardman stared at the potion with perverted eyes.

Special materials had to be collected, and specific conditions had to be met before anyone could complete their path of evolution.

However, drinking this potion would break the rules of the past and allow them to undergo a special evolution.

For example, the five animal warriors of the Martial Arts Club were created by drinking truth serums!

The truth serum in front of the lizardman was slightly different, brewed with a unique formula.

For example, Bird of Martial Arts Club evolved his wings by drinking a truth serum, but the serum he drank was specifically used to grow his wings.

However, the lizardmans serum was different.

He picked up the serum with both hands and looked up carefully.

“As long as this serum is completed, I can evolve into a true dragon! Ive had enough of this half-dragon body!”


He had a half-dragon body that was morphed by a previous truth serum he drank.

It was different from the new truth serum in his hand, which consumed most of his resources.

It could complete his evolution and allow him to become a true dragon, a complete dragon-man!

At that time, his strength would increase by leaps and bounds, and he could stand above everyone!

“If Zheng Yi Yu dares to disrupt my plans, hes dead meat!”

He turned around and looked at the crowd outside the warehouse.

If Zheng Yi could not stop Lu Yu from breaking in, he would not let Zheng Yi off.

Zheng Yi would pay the price, and the price was death!

Outside the warehouse, the beast tamers of the Battle Pets Club stared at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu wasnt in a rush to take the initiative to attack and instead decided to counterattack.

“Go, Bloodthirsty Wolf! Bite him!”

“Green Poison Lizard, go, kill him!”

“Charge and bite him to death!!”

All of a sudden, the beast tamers all shouted at the same time.

Their battle pets all rushed toward Lu Yu in an instant.

A dozen ferocious beasts pounced on him at the same time.

Not only was it difficult to fight back, but even escaping from this predicament would be hard.

“Come, I will stop and destroy you all!”

Lu Yu roared angrily.

The next moment, his right claw turned into his Thunder Dragon Claw, while his left claw turned into his Flowing Water Dragon Claw.


He extended his arms and aimed his claws at both sides.

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