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Chapter 257 Engaging In Battle

The lizardman stared fixedly at Lu Yu as his entire body emitted a terrifying killing intent!

He opened his claws.

His pair of sharp claws seemed to be able to tear through everything.

“You… youve already seen and heard everything, everything that you shouldnt have.”

“Originally, you might have had a way out, but now youre dead.

You will die here today!”

The lizardman said this with such certainty as if he had sentenced Lu Yu to death.

Lu Yu took two steps forward and looked straight into the lizardmans eyes, “I am the one whos taking the initiative to show myself, and that shows Im not afraid of you!”

“Release all the demi-humans that youve imprisoned here.

Otherwise, youre the one whos dead for sure!”

The lizardman grinned and stuck out his long and slender tongue.

“Interesting! So you think you can kill me It seems you dont know the difference in strength between you and me!”

“To deal with a small fry like you is such a troublesome task!”

“It seems like Zheng Yi has already brought his men here.

Your opponent is him, while Ill continue my work here.”

Lu Yu turned around and saw Zheng Yi and his men rushing over.

More than a dozen of them carefully and silently approached Lu Yu.

“Lu Yu, I didnt expect you to be here.

Youre unlucky to have seen something you shouldnt have, so dont even think about leaving this place.”

Zheng Yi walked over.

The group of people in white suits behind him surrounded Lu Yu and his Violent Bear.

“Your Battle Pets Club is in cohorts with such a person, huh I thought there would finally be a normal club, but I sure didnt expect this…”

“Looks like I have no choice but to destroy all of you!”

Lu Yu angrily took two steps in Zheng Yis direction, making them nervous.

The lizardman and pigman were still busy making their truth serum in the warehouse.

The lizardmans face was getting anxious.

“Hurry up! As long as I create my truth serum, I can evolve! At that time, everyone here will have to submit to me!”

The lizardman slapped the pigman on the shoulder, berating him angrily and threateningly.

Outside the warehouse, Lu Yu had no time to worry about the situation in the warehouse.

Lu Yu had to deal with these people before entering the warehouse to stop that lizard.

“Zheng Yi, you have gone down the wrong path.

If you continue, you will be stepping into hell itself.”

Lu Yu tried to persuade him.

If he could win Zheng Yi over and make him repent, Lu Yu still had a chance to stop the tragedy in the warehouse.

Although Lu Yu felt the probability wasnt high, he still had to try.

However, it was clear that Zheng Yis heart was firm and wouldnt waver.

“Stop dreaming.

Im relying on this industry to earn my dough.

Oh, for **s sake, Ive already given you a precious gift, but you just wont leave.

Look, youre only bringing trouble to yourself!”

Lu Yu replied, “I can see that we have nothing in common to negotiate then!”

Lu Yu took out his phone and quickly sent a message to Yun Zirou, asking her to bring people over.

Just as he put his phone away, Zheng Yi rushed over and appeared in front of Lu Yu instantly.

The other members simply stood by and watched Zheng Yi fight.

“Lu Yu, youre dead meat, and will be nothing but remains soon! But I still want to see your level of strength!”

Zheng Yi rushed up alone and raised his fist, ready to smash into Lu Yu.

At that moment, Lu Yu opened his Eye of the Dragon God and looked at Zheng Yi.

[ Zheng Yi ]

[ Beast Spirit (A-Level): Absorbs beast spirits to transform your body into a beast temporarily ]

[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 420 ]

[ Speed: 320 ]

[ Health: 650 ]

[ Mana: 260 ]

[ Defense: 240 ]

Zheng Yis personal attributes were average, nothing special when compared to Lu Yus.

In terms of combat, Lu Yu could easily suppress him.

After all, Zheng Yi was a beast tamer, so he relied on his battle pet to fight.

Therefore, his strength was not significant; the important thing was his battle pet.

Zheng Yi rushed to Lu Yu, and his right arm instantly turned into an apes arm.

His fist was nearly twice the size of a rock as it smashed toward Lu Yus head.

Lu Yu extended his hand, turning his left hand into his Diamond Dragon Claw, and grabbed Zheng Yis wrist.

Lu Yu grabbed Zheng Yis wrist in a flash, even though he moved slower than Zheng Yu.

When Zheng Yis wrist was grabbed, he did not even have time to react.

Zheng Yis face was filled with panic; no matter how hard he tried to free his right hand, it was as if his wrist was firmly embedded in cement.

He widened his eyes and looked at Lu Yu.

The strength of Lu Yus muscles far exceeded his own.

Moreover, he had already used his Beast Spirit to transform his arm into an apes arm.

Regardless of whether it was his muscles or strength, it significantly increased.

However, against Lu Yu, it was as if those buffs didnt exist.

“Your wrist will shatter as long as I exert force.

Do you want me to continue”

Zheng Yi gulped and looked at Lu Yu nervously.

They had not even fought yet, and he was about to lose.

“Damn it; the gap cant be this big!”

Zheng Yi knew his strength was inferior to Lu Yus, but he didnt expect the despair he was in when facing this large of a difference!

Lu Yus strength was so great that he couldnt even fight head-on!

The lizardman in the warehouse turned around and criticized, “Zheng Yi, you are sure a piece of trash.

You brought so many people here for what, a party”

Zheng Yi gritted his teeth, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

He was getting jittery and unsure of what to do.

“Lu Yu, let go of my wrist.

You can stop your struggle and surrender, and everything will be fine.

You can join us.”

Zheng Yi panted as he spoke.

Lu Yu smiled.

“You are not worthy.”

The next moment, Lu Yus Diamond Dragon Claw crushed down forcefully.

With two cracking sounds, Lu Yus dragon claw pulverised Zheng Yis thick wrist.


Zheng Yis right arm fell to the ground, and everyone froze.


“Arghh!!! Lu Yu, you… you actually ripped off my right hand! I wont let you off.

Youre dead! Dead!”

Zheng Yi, in pain, screamed hysterically.

His eyes were filled with fury as he glared at Lu Yu.

Zheng Yi retreated, retreating into the crowd.

Lu Yu looked at his bloody stump and calmly reminded them, “You guys have the intention of killing me, so do you really expect me to spare you”

“I have been merciful enough not to kill you in one move.”

The intense pain almost made Zheng Yi crush his teeth!

After calming down, he glared at Lu Yu and yelled, “Everyone, attack! Tear him into pieces and feed him to our battle pets!”

He changed from his usual rational and calm self to a crazy one.

The next moment, the dozens of white-suited men surrounded Lu Yu and summoned their battle pets.

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