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Chapter 256 Secrets In The Warehouse

The conversation in the warehouse made Lu Yus eyes widen.

He knew the term “demi-human” meant a humanoid being between a human and a ferocious beast.

For example, werewolves, foxpersons, and birdpersons.

The most popular among the rest of them were the cat-eared girls.


Lu Yu suddenly remembered the Martial Arts Club in the stronghold.

Those five people were considered demi-human.

They had become demi-humans under the influence of their awakened talents.

Of course, there were also examples of ferocious beasts turning into demi-humans.


However, Lu Yu wasnt too sure about what this soul essence was…

He continued listening to the people inside.

“But, Ive already worked hard to capture those demi-humans.

They live in normal urban areas, so its really difficult.”

“I dont care, and the Truth Department doesnt either.

If you dont meet the requirements, yours will be the next one to be extracted!”

“No, no, no.

I will work hard! I will work hard, for sure!”

Lu Yus eyes widened.

The Truth Department!

This name was somewhat familiar, being a secret organization slightly similar to the black market.

They mainly sell unique stuff, the most special of all being the truth serum.

It was said that if one drank it, one could forcefully complete their evolution!

Lu Yu was shocked, but he gradually calmed down.

One side of the conversation should be someone from the Truth Department, and the other should be the one responsible for capturing those demi-humans.

“Continue working hard, and extract all these existing essences first.

Ill hand them over to headquarters to make more truth serums.

I wont forget your reward; dont worry.”

“Okay, okay, Ill work hard.

I will!”

Screams and all kinds of chaotic noises came from inside.

Violent Bear, next to Lu Yu, had tears streaming down its face.

However, it still held back and didnt make a sound.

Lu Yu raised his right hand and changed his index finger into his Explosive Dragon Claw.

The sharp tip of the claw pierced into the iron wall and drew a cross.

With a light press, the cross became a small hole.

Lu Yu looked through the hole and saw what was happening inside the warehouse.

The next moment, a bloody scene was reflected in Lu Yus eyes.

Blood was everywhere, and even the air was filled with a bloody mist!

A huge figure was holding some tools, using them on a demi-human tied to a chair.

Among these tools were machetes, electric drills, axes, and so on.

Every tool was stained with blood.

In one corner of the warehouse, there were more than ten cages.

Inside the cages were all imprisoned demi-humans!

This was the first time Lu Yu had seen such a bloody scene, and he almost vomited.

Soon, the huge figure finished dealing with the first demi-human.

When he turned around, Lu Yu realized that this guy was also a demi-human.

He was a pigman!

That massive head on him was a boars head with two scary-looking curved fangs.


The body of the guy was totally human.

However, he still gave off the feeling that he was a giant boar.

Lu Yu was astonished.

This man was a slave catcher who specialized in capturing demi-humans for a living, and he was one himself!

This was simply a blatant act of cannibalism!


The first demi-human that the pigman was done with had a large hole in his chest, and fresh blood flowed everywhere.

Most of his internal organs had been dug out, all for a small crystal.

Lu Yu did not want to see such a bloody scene anymore.

A person was standing next to the pigman; he seemed to be a demi-human, too, a lizardman.

He was slightly thinner but gave off a more assertive aura.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the warehouse door.

The lizardman walked up and opened the door, and the man in a suit walked in.

“Lin Gang, were in trouble!” The man in a suit exclaimed.

The lizardman said calmly, “What trouble Speak.”

“That guy called Lu Yu is here, and were definitely not a match for him.

We need your help!”

The man in the suit said nervously.

The lizardman just nodded calmly.

“I got it.

Continue doing what you need to do.”

The man in the suit nodded heavily.

“Okay, we place our trust in you.

That guy is not far away, and you will definitely catch up to him.

He is alone, so there will be no witnesses as long as you kill him.”

“Alright, alright.

Ill take care of this.”

Lu Yu heard this, and his face immediately darkened.

Zheng Yi was indeed a dishonest fellow.

He was trying to scheme against him!

Fortunately, he came here by coincidence and heard this conversation.

However, what made Lu Yu curious was, was the strength of this lizardman that strong

Zheng Yi and the others didnt dare make a move against him and came looking for this lizardmans help.

This shows that this lizardman wasnt an ordinary demi-human.

His strength must be extraordinary!

After the man in the suit left, the lizardman looked at the cages nearby.

“After you finish dealing with these fellows in the cage, it will be over, and provide me with the great truth serum I so longed for!”

“My strength will reach its peak by then!”

“So, you better work hard! Or else Ill kill you!”

The pigmans body trembled, and he didnt say anything else.

He walked toward the cages and pulled out a little girl, tying her to a chair.

The little girl was a bear demi-human, with a head similar to a young cub.

Her body was still humanoid but had fur over it.

The bear-girl was trembling with fear.

Her throat was hoarse from all her crying, and she only had fear and despair when she looked at the executioner, the pigman.

The pigman picked up a machete and looked at the girl.

“Little girl, dont worry and dont be afraid.

It will all be over soon.”

The bear-girl raised her head and looked at the bloody machete.

She was so scared that her entire body could not stop trembling.

Beside Lu Yu, his Violent Bear was twitching as it wanted nothing more than to go out and save the young cub.

However, it didnt do anything without Lu Yus orders.


At that moment, Lu Yu was clenching his fists.

This pigman looked ever so disgusting, with the bear-girls innocent and pure look in contrast.

She should never suffer such torture.

Lu Yu decided to make a move and save the girl.

At the same time, he would save all the demi-humans in the cages!

Since this lizardman was after him, he might as well take the initiative to attack!

Lu Yu stood up and went up to the large iron door of the warehouse.

A large iron chain was attached to the door, and it looked sturdy.

Lu Yu rushed forward without saying anything and kicked the iron door open!


The iron door slammed open with a loud crack, and the two people in the warehouse were shocked!

The pigman stood rooted to the ground, holding his tools, while the lizardman reacted instantly and glared at Lu Yu.

“You are Lu Yu.

How dare you come here!”

“I can see you already know everything from our conversation, and the secrets here.

Since thats the case, dont even think about leaving.

You will die here today!”

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