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Chapter 255 The Strangeness Of The Battle Pets Clubs Stronghold

Lu Yus words instantly enraged Liu Yan.

“Lets fight! Dont think that Im afraid of you!”

Liu Yan took off his coat and was about to engage Lu Yu.

At that moment, Lu Yus hands gradually began to transform into his dragon claws.

Beside him, Violent Bear opened its bloody mouth and unsheathed its sharp bear claws.

Both sides were at a standstill, and a battle was about to break out.

Suddenly, Zheng Yi stretched out his arm and stopped Liu Yan.

“Liu Yan, dont attack.”

Zheng Yi then revealed a brilliant smile.


Lu Yu, I can consider your offer.

If you really want the place, we have no choice but to agree.”

Liu Yan stared at Zheng Yi with wide eyes.

“Brother, what are you saying”

Zheng Yi did not look at or respond to him and just faced Lu Yu.

“It seems that you, as their captain, are sensible.

Since thats the case, we have reached an agreement, and there will be no more problems.”

Zheng Yi nodded slightly.

“No problem.

We have the same opinion…”

“However, please give us some time to prepare to leave this place.”

Lu Yu sized up Zheng Yi and the group of angry people behind him.

“No problem, Ill give you the time.

By tomorrow morning, Ill come and inspect this stronghold.

If you dare play tricks, dont blame me if anything happens!”

Zheng Yi repeatedly nodded.

“No problem, we wont be playing tricks, and well leave immediately…”

Lu Yus hands morphed back to his regular hands, and then he turned around to leave.

Zheng Yi looked at Lu Yus back, and the smile on his face suddenly dropped as his eyes turned cold.

“Go back to the meeting room!”

“Brother, youre not really going to give our stronghold to that guy, are you” Liu Yan asked hurriedly.

The people behind him also quickly added, “Boss, we cant give our stronghold to him!”

“He just took our S-Level battle pet egg and still isnt satisfied.

What a greedy bastard! We cant continue spoiling him!”

“He crossed the line, and we should take him down!”

Zheng Yi slowly said, “Everyone, this stronghold is my bottom line.

Since he doesnt know when to stop, then he cant blame us for acting in self-defense!”

Liu Yan instantly became excited.

“So you mean youre going to fight”

“Since were going to fight, shouldnt we make a move just now Why do we still need to wait”

Zheng Yi was left speechless by Liu Yans rash behavior.

“If we make a move just now, we might not even be able to defeat him.

Do you think our losses will be small even if we win”

Liu Yan nodded.

“Thats true.

Then, lets get ready! Everyone, bring out your battle pets and lets fight as a group!”

Zheng Yi shook his head again.

“Brother, whats wrong How else are we going to fight Lu Yu”

“Dont ask too much about this; just leave the rest to me.

I will think of a way to get rid of that guy!”

After saying that, his eyes glanced at an abandoned warehouse in the distance.

“Leave it to me.

I will take care of everything.”

Liu Yan was puzzled.

“Even as a group, it would still be an uncertain victory.

Can you do it alone”

Zheng Yi nodded.

“I dont want to repeat myself, so just leave it to me.

Ill take care of this problem.”

“Alright then…”

“If theres anything we can help with, just say it out.

We absolutely cant give up this stronghold!”

“Dont worry, Liu Yan, I wont.

I wont let this stronghold be his, as this is our hard work.”

Everyone turned around, one after another, and returned to whatever they were doing.

At that moment, the white-suited man came to Zheng Yis side.

“Boss, are you really planning to use that Will there be any accidents”

Zheng Yi replied in a low voice, “Dont worry, well do it later in the night while the wind is strong.

Hes alone, so no one will know as long as we finish him off.”

“I understand…”

Then, the white-suited man left and walked in another direction.

It was late at night, and Lu Yu had just walked out of his temporary manor, walking along a wall and leaving the place.

After taking a few steps forward, Lu Yu heard a few low whimpers.

He immediately turned his head to look at Violent Bear.

“Did you make that sound”

The Violent Bear lowered his head.

Its eyes watered, and it slowed down its advancement.

“Whats going on Youre not a baby cub anymore.

Why are you crying”

Lu Yu stood in front of Violent Bear and looked at it.

However, Violent Bear sat on the ground and was unwilling to continue moving forward.

“Hey, what are you doing Are you listening to me”

“Get up, and lets head back for a rest.

We will come here again tomorrow.”

Violent Bear still ignored him.

From time to time, it would turn its head to look at the wall.

Lu Yu felt something was wrong and looked at where his bear was looking.

“Is there anything here Its just a wall.”

Lu Yu did not understand why Violent Bears temperament suddenly changed after reaching here.

This wall looked ordinary, no different from the other walls.

Just as Lu Yu was troubled, he slowly raised his head and looked at the top of the city wall.

He was surprised to find a roof peeking out from the top of the wall.

This roof seemed to belong to a warehouse.

Lu Yu frowned slightly and started thinking.

“Theres a building here…”

“Could it be that Violent Bears strange behavior is related to this building”

“Hey, is there something wrong with this building”

Lu Yu looked at Violent Bear.

Suddenly, Violent Bear stood up and walked toward the wall.

Lu Yu also came to the side of the wall.

He listened carefully but could not hear anything through the wall.

If he wanted to understand what was happening in this warehouse, he had to climb over the wall.

“Why dont I go in and take a look”

Lu Yu jumped lightly onto the top of the wall.

He stretched his hand toward Violent Bear and grabbed its paws before pulling it up.

Lu Yus immense strength instantly lifted Violent Bear.

However, Violent Bear could not balance its body on the top of the wall.

The moment it was pulled up, it fell onto Lu Yu, and the man and bear directly fell from the wall.

As they were falling, Lu Yu realized that if they crashed heavily on the ground, it would attract the attention of others.

Hence, his right claw quickly changed into his Flowing Water Dragon Claw.

A water ball formed quickly and was placed under them.

With the cushion from the water ball, they did not make any sound as they fell to the ground.

“You stupid bear, you almost hurt me!”

Lu Yu quickly stood up and went to the side of the warehouse, with Violent Bear following him.

Lu Yu leaned on the wall and listened carefully to any sounds in the warehouse.

Soon, Lu Yu heard a conversation going on.

“How many soul essences have we collected this time”

“Not many.

Recently, demi-humans are not easy to catch, as they might have heard the news.”

“Really Then do it quicker; I dont think I need to repeat the importance of soul essence, do I”

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