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Chapter 254 Conflict

Zheng Yis words puzzled everyone.

Of course, some of them knew Lu Yu was here to take revenge.

Otherwise, there were strongholds that belonged to other clubs with better resources, so why would Lu Yu just target the strongholds of these five major clubs His purpose was obvious.

Liu Yan sat on the chair and looked at Zheng Yi.

He asked, “Brother, tell me, how should we send him away”

Although he didnt understand why Zheng Yi didnt dare to fight, he obeyed the order.

The headquarters sent Zheng Yi, and his authority was much greater than Liu Yans.

He had the final say here.

“As long as we express our good intentions and show that we have no intention of fighting, letting him vent his anger, it will be fine…”

For a moment, everyone here sighed and didnt say anything else.

“The sky is getting dark.

Lets call it a day then.” Zheng Yi got up and prepared to leave.

At that moment, a person suddenly barged in and hurriedly ran to Zheng Yis side.

“Captain, theres a problem outside!”

Zheng Yi looked at the flustered person and asked, “Whats the problem Speak quickly.”

“A man and a bear are approaching our stronghold.

It looks like its Lu Yu!”

For a moment, everyone panicked.

“What Is Lu Yu already here”

“He came so quickly We couldnt even prepare for him!”

“This guy is insane.

He just took down a stronghold, and now hes here again, in the night!”

“Hes blatantly arrogant, being as strong as he is…”

Liu Yan gnashed his teeth, furious.

This guy was rubbing his arrogance in their faces, and Zheng Yi was still avoiding the fight.

Not only was Liu Yan enraged, but the group of black suits behind him were also enraged.

But with Zheng Yis firm attitude, they didnt dare to say anything.

“Quickly take out that battle pet egg from the warehouse.


Zheng Yi hurriedly said that, and the man sitting to his left immediately stood up and headed to the warehouse.

He continued to look at the messenger and asked, “How far away is Lu Yu”

“He is already close to our stronghold.

What should we do”

“Invite him in, and be careful of your attitude.

We want to negotiate with him.”

The messenger was surprised, and he left with his orders.

In the hall, everyone was silent.

This result was aggrieving, but they couldnt do anything.

Lu Yu approached the villas entrance with his battle pet, the Violent Bear.

After coming close to the Battle Pets Clubs stronghold, he summoned his Violent Bear.

It would be suitable for his pet to gain some experience battling other battle pets.

Violent Bear trodded beside Lu Yu and looked at the entrance curiously.

“Alright, we are going to fight our way in.

Lets go.”

Hearing this, the Violent Bear obediently followed him.

Lu Yu clenched his fists and began to gather strength.

Just as he was about to swing his fist, someone suddenly shouted.

“Stop, brother!”

In a panic, the messenger reached the iron gate, and he took out a key to quickly open the gate.

“Brother, dont do it.

Theres no need to.”

Lu Yu looked at this person and asked, “What are you doing Dont you know what Im here for”

“Of course, we know.

Youre here for the stronghold, and our captain doesnt want to be your enemy.

Can we talk”

Lu Yu looked at him and then at the villa behind him.

“Of course, we can.

Lets head to the front yard, and I wont go into the villa.”

Lu Yu didnt know if they had set up a trap, so he told them to meet in the front yard.

This way, Lu Yu could still escape if they were planning to make a move on him.

“No problem.

Please come in and talk there.”

Lu Yu followed him in and found himself in the front yard.

The front yard was a large lawn, and in the middle was a fountain.

The surroundings were filled with flowers of different colors.

The entire stronghold was majestic and magnificent, completely different from the previous four.

A large group of people walked out of the villas door.

When they saw Lu Yu, they immediately came forward to welcome him.

Zheng Yi, the leader, quickly walked in front of Lu Yu and extended his hands.

Lu Yu shook his hand.


Lu Yu, youve finally come,” said Zheng Yi with a friendly smile.

Lu Yu nodded.

“Do you know why Im here”

Zheng Yi smiled awkwardly.

“Of course I know that.

Ive seen your previous four battles.”

“However, I also know why youre venting your anger on us.

I, too, know that what the Martial Arts Club did was wrong.”

“We have no intention of fighting with you.

Everyone should make peace with each other.”

“Haha, so what are you thinking Just say it.”

Zheng Yi cleared his throat and said, “Mr.

Lu Yu, our goal is simple.

We dont want to fight you.”

“How about we each take a step back Ill compensate you, and youll let us go.

How about that”

Lu Yu rubbed his chin and started thinking.

He didnt have a particularly bad score to settle with them, so there was no need to fight to the death.

Since that was the case, he had no reason to reject Zheng Yis offer.

“No problem.

Ill accept your offer.”

Hearing this, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

However, Liu Yan was frustrated by the result and harbored anger inside him.

A man in a white suit walked over.

He was holding a battle pet egg in both of his hands.

“Brother Zheng Yi, Im here.”

Zheng Yi took the egg from his hand and handed it to Lu Yu.


Lu Yu, this is an S-Level battle pet egg.

No one knows what it will be until it hatches.

However, its of S-Level, something we worked hard to get our hands on.”

“I hope we can resolve our conflict with you accepting this precious gift.”

Lu Yu reached out his hands and took the battle pet egg.

“Looking at the quality and patterns, this is indeed an S-Level battle pet.

It is indeed precious, but I want more than this.”

Zheng Yi frowned and asked anxiously, “Then, what you want is…”

Lu Yu looked at him and stated, “What I want is your stronghold and all the battle pets here.

Also, you must stop boycotting me from the black market!”

As soon as these three conditions were proposed, Zheng Yis face instantly turned black.

The first two conditions were to let the Featherwing Club take over this stronghold!

They had worked so hard for so long and could never bear to give it up just like that.

Behind Zheng Yi, everyone was furious as they looked at Lu Yu with resentment.

Liu Yan came to Zheng Yis side and asked, “Brother, can you still tolerate this”

“This guy is simply here to slap us in the face!”

Lu Yu looked at Liu Yan.

“What are you talking about, you dumbass I have unlimited exploration rights to this secret realm, and you have no reason to stop me if I want to take over this stronghold!”


“Could it be you want to fight me”

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