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Chapter 253 I Choose To Surrender

In the southern hinterland, next to a large lake in the wild forest, stood a huge manor villa.

The villa occupied a vast area and had about 30 rooms inside.

There was a swimming pool, a gym, and a golf field.

At the manor, there were several ferocious beasts kept in captivity, at least four or five of them.

In the huge living room of the villa, a red carpet was spread out to the entrance.

By the carpet, there were two rows of chairs.

Soon, people in suits walked in one after another.

After entering, they each went to their seats and sat in them.

The people sitting on the left were in white suits, with the black suits on the right.

Finally, a man in a light gray robe walked in and sat on the main seat.

This was the captain of the Battle Pets Clubs stronghold!

In this magnificent villa, everyones faces were solemn.

It seemed that they were facing a major crisis.

The captain glanced around and saw that everyone had arrived, so he spoke slowly.

“It seems that everyone has arrived.

Next, I will begin to announce the results.”

Everyone stared at the captain with serious and nervous expressions.

Some were even afraid, while others were excited.

“That man called Lu Yu has defeated the Martial Arts Club and taken down their most crucial stronghold in this wild forest!”

As soon as this was announced, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

They looked at each other and started talking in low voices.

“He broke through their defenses, really”

“Isnt the Martial Arts Club the strongest here Why would such a thing happen”

“Could it be Lu Yu really is that strong”

“Unbelievable, isnt Lu Yu a freshman Has his strength reached this level this soon”

“Is this him acting alone He must have the help of others.”


Hes just this strong, and what all we want to know is how he improved his prowess this quickly!”

Everyone was discussing nervously, as they knew Lu Yus next target would definitely be them.

“If Lu Yus next target is us, what should we do”

“Judging by the speed of his actions, he will reach us soon!”

“Indeed, he might even come here today.”

The captain continued, “Dont worry, hes exhausted today, and doesnt have the energy to launch his next attack immediately.”

At that moment, the first person on the right side of the captain suddenly stood up and looked at everyone.

“Everyone, dont be afraid.

We have a chance of winning!”

“I know.

You all think that since the almighty Martial Arts Club cant win, then we are no match for Lu Yu!”

“But you are all wrong.

There are fewer than 30 people in the Martial Arts Clubs stronghold.

Other than them, they had no other help!”

“But we are different as we have hundreds of ferocious beasts as our helpers.

As long as he dares come here, we will release our beasts to swallow him up!”

“Fight! We must fight! We cant let him continue his steamroll!”

He shouted with high tension.

The audience started to ponder and reply.

“Brother Liu Yan is right! We must win! No other options!”

“Its just Lu Yu.

If he dares come, we will send him to meet God!”

“The Battle Pet Club is invincible, and we will destroy him if hes here!”

“Not only will we destroy him, we will eradicate his Featherwing Club.

We will show him what despair is!”

These people, cheering excitedly and in high spirits, were all wearing black suits.

The people sitting on the opposite side, the white suits, were more inclined to avoid taking the initiative in the upcoming fight.

But none of them dared to object.

After all, the enemy was someone really scary, a person who swallowed four strongholds in a short time and one who was impossible to appease.

Liu Yan looked at the captain and asked with high spirits, “Brother Zheng Yi, if that guy is here, let me lead the team.

I will defeat him in an instant!”

Seeing Liu Yan, full of fighting spirit, Zheng Yi felt powerless.

He rested his chin on his hands and was deep in thought.

Regarding Lu Yus attack, he had to think about it carefully.

It would only increase their losses if he rashly engaged Lu Yu.

“Ive decided just to surrender!”

As soon as these words were said, everyone froze.

The whole place turned silent in an instant!

Everyone looked at Zheng Yi blankly, not knowing what to say.

Liu Yan reacted suddenly.

He took two steps toward Zheng Yi and demanded, “Why Why are you surrendering”

“With our strength, we can defeat that guy! Why would you surrender We mustnt admit defeat!”

“Give me a chance.

I want to tear that guy into pieces and let him know that our Battle Pets Club is not to be provoked!”

The veins on Liu Yans forehead bulged.

His eyes were wide open, showing how furious he was.

Zheng Yi raised his head to look at him and scolded, “Sit down! This is my decision!”

Liu Yan gritted his teeth.

He continued to ask, “No, I want to know why you are doing this.

Youre afraid, but were not.

This stronghold is not yours alone; it belongs to all of us.

If youre afraid, you can leave this place!”

In an instant, the people in black suits behind Liu Yan stood up and shouted.

“This stronghold isnt yours, and we wont give in!”

“If youre useless, then leave this position!”

“Dont try to stop us from fighting, you coward!”

“Those who surrender arent qualified to lead us!”

At that moment, Zheng Yi narrowed his eyes and looked unhappy.

This guy named Liu Yan was the thorn in his side.

His irritable personality had been passed on to a large group of people, and they were willing to listen to him.

However, Zheng Yi was not flustered.

He slowly said, “Liu Yan, I understand you are unhappy, but this decision of mine is the wisest choice.

This is not a question of whether we can win, but whether we can fight or not!”

Liu Yan frowned.

“What do you mean, whether we can fight or not What nonsense are you talking about”

Zheng Yi slapped the chairs handle angrily and reprimanded, “Liu Yan, you better show some respect.

The headquarters has appointed me as a captain, and not you.

You know very well of that!”

“If you dare continue your nonsense, I will report it to headquarters, and you can get lost!”

This angry rebuke instantly fizzled out Liu Yans temper.

Although he was reckless, he knew Zheng Yi wasnt one to be provoked.

“Ive seen Lu Yus battles, and his goal is simply revenge.

With the Martial Arts Club as the leader, the major clubs bullied them, and now hes here to vent his anger.

If we just give him what he wants, itll be fine…”

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