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Chapter 252 Next Target, Battle Pets Club!

In the forest far away, Yun Zirou and Su Qing led a team of more than ten people.

They quickly began to trot over when they saw Lu Yu from afar.

Not long after, Yun Zirou was in the lead as they approached.

“Lu Yu! Whats the situation here Have they moved out already” Yun Zirou hurriedly ran to Lu Yus side.

Su Qing also quickly walked over.

“Was the battle easy Are these guys strong”

Lu Yu looked at the two girls and said, “They are moving out now.

The people in this stronghold are decently strong, stronger than those in the previous three strongholds.

But, of course, they still lost to me.”

When Featherwing Club members heard this, they jumped up in excitement.

“Wow!! The president is all too awesome, taking down another stronghold quickly!”

“Our president is the best, the GOAT! A mere Martial Arts Club is no match for our President!”


“Boss Lu Yu is crazy strong.

What a man!”

The members of the Featherwing Club laughed out loud in excitement, happy about this news.

“You guys, dont be celebrating too early.

Ive helped you take down the stronghold, but you guys must train hard in the future.

Otherwise, my effort will be meaningless!”

Lu Yus reprimand was firm.

“Dont worry, boss, we will always train hard!”

“President, we will definitely not let down the stronghold youve taken down for us!”

“We will work hard like never before to cultivate here and increase our strength.

Then, we will be able to contribute to the club!”

Seeing everyones earnest expressions, Lu Yu nodded his head in relief.

“Alright, you can start picking out your rooms.”

After Lu Yu finished speaking, everyone immediately entered the dojo excitedly.

When they passed by the main entrance, the Martial Arts Club members also happened to come out, and the two teams brushed past each other.

When the Martial Arts Club members saw the smiling Featherwing Club members, they all felt their hearts twang.

The stronghold they were so proud of was gone.

This was nothing but uncomfortable.

However, they couldnt do anything and could only watch helplessly as the Featherwing Club members moved into their stronghold.

Soon, the handover between the two sides was completed.

Fang Qi turned to look at the Martial Arts Club members and declared, “Everyone, this stronghold will be handed over to the Featherwing Club from today onwards.

I hope the Featherwing Club can use this stronghold to cultivate well.”

“Alright, we can leave.”

Just as Fang Qi was about to leave, Lu Yu stretched out his arm and blocked his way.

“Hold up.

I havent said you can leave.”

Fang Qi turned around and looked at Lu Yu; his expression darkened.

“What do you mean”

“What I mean is, they can leave, but not their captain.”

“Why Why cant I leave Just because Im their captain”

Lu Yu continued, “The five major clubs are targeting me.

So, of course, I cant just take a few strongholds and be done with it.”

“Taking in strongholds is because of our rights from the event.

I will be doing something else to return the five major clubs favor.”

Hearing this, Fang Qis expression became heavy.

His brows were tightly knit together.

“So what do you want to do”

“I have already locked up the captains of the previous four strongholds.

So, its the same for you, and this will be my show of strength to your clubs.”

Fang Qi said in a very uncomfortable manner, “Is there a need for that I cant do anything about their decision, after all.”

Lu Yu looked at a member of the Featherwing Club and said, “Go and tie this guy up!”


When the club member heard this, he immediately walked forward and took out a rope.

He placed Fang Qis hands behind his back and tied him up.

At the same time, starting from his shoulders, he wrapped the rope around Fang Qis body.

After that was done, Fang Qi could only move his lower body.

“Are you sure you want to do this I had been very cooperative.” Fang Qi was unhappy about this.

However, even if he fought Lu Yu, he wouldnt win anyway.

This was why he accepted his fate.

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Thats right.

I have to do this.

You will be locked up in the Featherwing Clubs stronghold and wait for my next order.”

Fang Qi let out a long sigh.

“Fine, fine.

Since thats the case, I guess I have no other choice…”

He was brought into the stronghold.

The Martial Arts Club members who had dispersed were slightly terrified when they saw this.

Even captains of strongholds would be taken hostage.

It seemed that the conflict between the Featherwing Club and the five major clubs was escalating.

Lu Yu walked into the dojo and felt the ancient aura around him.

“Wow, this place is beautiful.

Its like a hidden fairyland.” Su Qing blinked her big eyes and looked around.

Yun Zirou crossed her arms across her chest and shrugged.

“Its alright.

The style is decent, but in terms of quality, its inferior to my villa.”

“The most important thing for this stronghold is that the spiritual energy here is abundant and suitable for cultivation.

Besides, theres a waterfall next to it, giving us a natural habitat to cultivate our physical bodies.”

Lu Yu explained.

“Also, this place has a vast terrain and is close to a river.

Therefore, there are many ferocious beasts nearby, which makes it a suitable base for hunting them down.”

“After taking down this base, we will be able to collect more resources in the future.”

Su Qing nodded and couldnt help but sigh, “This base sure is very important…”

Lu Yu walked to the captains meeting room.

The gorgeous decorations here had a traditional aesthetic and seemed like a whole different world compared to the modern city.

In the center of the meeting room was a long table similar to a billiard table.

On the long table, the surrounding terrain of the stronghold was perfectly simulated.

Lu Yu walked to the table and began to look down at the terrain of the entire wild forest.

Yun Zirou walked to Lu Yus side and asked, “Your next target is the Battle Pets Club”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Of the five major clubs, they are the only one left.

I naturally have to make my move to completely destroy their morale and let them know that we, the Featherwing Club, must not be provoked.”

Soon, Lu Yu saw where the Battle Pets Clubs stronghold was.

It was slightly to the south of the Martial Arts Clubs stronghold and at a lower part of the river.

The position of their stronghold was next to a vast lake.

A large, dense forest surrounded the stronghold, giving the terrain a similarity to that of a basin, flat and open.

“This area is lovely!”

“It is close to the lake, and there is no lack of water.

We can raise a large number of battle pets there.”

“Moreover, this environment is a suitable habitat for ferocious beasts, making it convenient for them to tame more pets.”

Su Qing and Yun Zirou took a closer look and found this was indeed the case.

The location of this stronghold gave their club advantages in all aspects.

“Then, is this your next target”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Thats right.

This stronghold of the Battle Pets Club is my final target, and taming more battle pets is a way to bolster my strength quickly.”

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