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Chapter 251 All Five Of You Lost

At the strongholds entrance, Fang Qi looked at Lu Yu, who was walking toward him from afar.

His expression became serious.

He started to pace around, and his expression turned grave.

“Boss, what should we do That guy really won!”

“Could it be that we can only give up our stronghold”

“What should we do when even the five seniors are no match for him We definitely cant beat him!”


Among the rest of us, only the captain is relatively strong.

If we fight, we will only be cannon fodder.”

Around Fang Qi, the Martial Arts Club members began to panic.

They were nervous and afraid that their stronghold, which they cultivated day and night, would be taken away.

In the end, Fang Qi sighed helplessly.

“If that guy really defeated all five of them, then we cant do anything more.”

Since the captain of their stronghold had said so, the remaining club members had nothing to refute, and they could only silently accept the result.

Very soon, Lu Yu slowly approached them.

At that moment, the stronghold club members saw clearly that the five people behind Lu Yu were all heavily injured.

Each of them had their heads lowered, not daring to raise their heads to look at them.

The five, led by Tiger, were all ashamed and did not dare to look directly at their stronghold comrades.

They had five against one, and yet they had lost miserably.

They didnt have any dignity to face anyone.

Fang Qi gulped as he looked at Lu Yu, noticing that Lu Yu wasnt injured.

Moreover, he looked full of vigor and energy.

It was apparent who won and who lost.

“All… all five of you have lost”

Fang Qi asked with a trembling voice.

He still could not believe the five of them working together could lose.

Tiger stepped forward and raised his head to look at Fang Qi.

He did not say anything, only nodded helplessly.

Fang Qi took a deep breath and then looked at Lu Yu.

“What do you want You are already wearing our flying shuttle battle suit.

You can leave now.”

Lu Yu took a step forward and looked into his eyes.

He asked in return, “Dont you know what Im here for”

“Thats impossible, isnt it.

Before I came here, I had already taken over three strongholds.

As for yours being the fourth one, its a given what Im here for.”

“You… you really want to take over this stronghold I advise you to think twice as we are the Martial Arts Club.

If you do this, you will become the Martial Arts Clubs official enemy, which will not be good for you! ”

Fang Qi said, with some panic.

However, Lu Yu shrugged.

“It was you guys who started it all.

What reason do I have to back off”

Fang Qi was speechless and didnt know what to say.

The Martial Arts Club headquarters had indeed carried out many excessive operations against the Featherwing Club, and they were in the wrong.

Moreover, the Featherwing Club had unlimited rights to this secret realm for a year.

In this one year, even if the Featherwing Club wanted to cultivate here, they had to give it up.

Looking at it now, it would probably be difficult for them to take back this stronghold even after a year.

“Fine… Well give up this stronghold…” Fang Qi decided unwillingly.

The surrounding club members quickly surrounded Fang Qi and asked in a soft voice.

“Boss, do we really have to do this”

“But we cant just give away the stronghold we worked so hard on.”

“Yeah, we cant do that.

Headquarters will definitely blame us.”

Everyone was reluctant to leave this treasure land.

However, Fang Qi only let out a long sigh, “We have no choice.

We dont have a choice, understand”

Logically speaking, Lu Yu had the right to everything here.

In terms of strength, they were no match for him, and they had no way to stay in this stronghold!


Lu Yu, I will immediately bring some people to make preparations and move out of this stronghold.”

Hearing this, the people around Fang Qi lowered their heads.

Their mood was in the dumps.

Fang Qi was preparing to organize his members to pack up their things.

However, he suddenly thought of something and looked at Lu Yus flying shuttle battle armor.


Lu Yu, this equipment is from the military.

If someone not from the military takes it, it needs to be approved before anything.”

Lu Yu lowered his head and looked at the battle suit he was wearing.

He did not expect that this suit would require the approval of the military.

“In that case, lets proceed with the application.

If I fail, I can choose to give it up.”

Fang Qi nodded and took out his phone to type an email.

“Hello, Captain Zhao Shan, I am Fang Qi from the Martial Arts Club…”

“Im applying for the flying shuttle battle suit.

The applicant is Lu Yu from Clanorth University…”

He sent out the email after he finished writing.

“Lets wait a while.

If hes free, well get a reply soon.

After all, this equipment isnt important to the military.”

Fang Qi turned around and looked at everyone.

“You can go and pack your things.

Once thats done, we can leave this place.”

When the members of the stronghold heard this, they dispersed in disappointment.

Todays tragic defeat was deeply etched in their hearts.

The wordsFeatherwing Club andLu Yu had been carved into them.

Fang Qi looked at Tiger and said, “The same goes for the five of you.

Pack your things and leave quickly.

Dont let the members of the Featherwing Club see your shameful looks!”

Tiger lowered his head in shame and didnt dare retort.

He, who had always been proud and arrogant, was utterly defeated by Lu Yu.

The five also entered the dojo and returned to their rooms to pack their things.

After the surrounding people dispersed, only Fang Qi and Lu Yu were left.


Lu Yu, out of the five major clubs, theres only the Battle Pets Club that you havent made a move on, right”

Lu Yu glanced at him and asked, “Why are you asking this”

Fang Qi smiled awkwardly.

“Im just curious.

I dont have any other intentions.”

“It doesnt matter whether I tell you this or not, its meaningless.

Those people from the Batlle Pet Club must have already received the news here, and theyre probably already making preparations.”

Fang Qi nodded slightly and then picked up his phone.

“Theres news.

Captain Zhao has replied, and his reply is yes!”

Lu Yu nodded slightly, and the weight in his heart was lifted.

Fang Qi continued, “Not only that, Captain Zhao also said that he thinks highly of you and hopes that you can rely on this equipment to cultivate well.”

“This is probably just him making an investment in me.

The people in the military seem to be quite easygoing.”

Fang Qi shrugged.

“They are lenient towards you, but toward others, Im afraid its different…”

The two stood at the entrance, waiting for the Martial Arts Club members to finish packing.

At that moment, the Featherwing Club members who had received Lu Yus message rushed over, ready to complete the handover.

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