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Chapter 250 Flowing Water Dragon Claw, New Armor-Piercing Skill

The five were frustrated when they saw Lu Yu had successfully activated the flying shuttle battle suit.

“He… he really has the qualifications to use this battle suit…”

“He is truly of gold rank 10, this… is just unbelievable.”

“Sigh, weve been cultivating here for so long and still havent reached gold rank 10.”

“This freshman is not someone we can mess with, it seems.”

Tiger took a deep breath.

“Theres no other way.

We cant get this equipment back.”

Deer asked nervously, “Brother Tiger, if he still wants to take away our stronghold, then what should we do”

“His original goal was to take down our stronghold.

Before he came, he had already taken down two strongholds.”

“What can we do if he wants to take away our stronghold After all, the five of us combined are no match for him!”

The five lowered their heads, feeling uncomfortable when they realized this.

“Brother, can our stronghold captain, Fang Qi, stop Lu Yu”

“Forget it; Fang Qis strength is about the same as ours.

If the five of us combined cant take him down, its impossible for Fang Qi alone.”

The five felt helpless and sighed, waiting for Lu Yus next move.

At that moment, Lu Yu dropped from the sky with his cloak spread.

He smiled excitedly, as this was a powerful piece of equipment.

With this, it would definitely be like adding wings to a tiger!

After landing on the ground, Lu Yu felt the surrounding water elemental energy.

He suddenly remembered that he had absorbed a tremendous amount of water elemental energy.

Moreover, his water elemental proficiency improved greatly after learning his Flowing Water Rock Shattering skill.

He opened his evolution panel and was surprised to discover that his water elemental dragon claw was already evolution ready!

“Great, theres finally another one I can evolve into!”

Lu Yu hurriedly confirmed the evolution.

Following that, several light blue rays emerged from his body.

These light rays were all water elemental energy, and they all surged toward Lu Yus two claws as they shone brightly.

The energy gathered on Lu Yus two claws began to condense continuously, remolding Lu Yus pair of dragon claws.

Lu Yus bare dragon claws were ordinary, giant dragon claws without unique characteristics.

The usual scales and claws were on them, just like a giant dragons claws fixed on Lu Yus hands.

Lu Yus two claws began to change as the water element surged into them to complete its evolution.

The thick scales that were initially large have shrunk, changing to something similar to a lizards scales.

The color of the claws turned dark blue, and the sharp claws turned into a mixture of sapphire.

[ Congratulations on completing the evolution: Flowing Water Dragon Claw ]


[ Second evolution: Ice Dragon Claw ]

[ Acquired skill: Armor-piercing Water Spear ]

[ Armor-piercing Water Spear: A spear made from water condensed in the palm of your hand.

After shooting, it will deal 130% of your basic attack damage.

At the same time, it reduces the enemys armor by 40%.


The description of this skill made Lu Yu a little excited.

A new armor-penetrating skill had appeared, and its damage was more than decent.

If Lu Yu dealt 100 points of damage usually, the damage of this Armor-piercing Water Spear would be 130.

Lu Yus armour-piercing ability had greatly improved.

Although the effect was only 10% higher than his existing Armor Penetration skill, this skill was also a long-range attack.

His older Armor Penetration skill required Lu Yus two claws to hit the enemy.

As for the Armor-piercing Water Spear, it could be thrown from a long distance to activate its armor-piercing effect.

The added benefit from this effect was definitely huge!

Following that, Lu Yu extended his two claws and exerted force from his muscles.

A ball of water appeared in his palm.

He successfully released his water element power, displaying its might.

Finally, another elemental power was added to Lu Yus arsenal, covering more bases with his overall strength.

Lu Yu swung his right claw, and the water gathered in his palm shot out like a cannonball.

The water ball hit the surface of the river, crashing into it with a considerable impact that created a pillar of water several meters high.

Lu Yu withdrew his right hand and morphed it into his normal arm.

He turned around, looked at Tiger, and asked, “Where is your captain”

Tiger was standing there in shock, watching what was undoubtedly a scene that Lu Yu had completed yet another evolution.

He was muttering and gauging how much Lu Yus strength had increased.

Lu Yu impatiently asked again, “Im asking you a question.

Where is your captain”

Tiger finally returned to his senses and quickly explained, “Our captain is in the stronghold, and he should be in his office.

He is relaxing there as he expects the five of us here to solve his problem.”

“In that case, I will take your captain away today,” Lu Yu said with a slight nod.

Tiger walked forward in confusion.

“Why Why are you taking our captain away”

“Because your Martial Arts Club took the lead in attacking my Featherwing Club.

I am now shedding all pretense of cordiality with you, so did you ever think I would let you leave safely”

“Either the captain comes with me, or it will be the five of you!”

Once these words were said, the five trembled and did not dare to say anything more.

Then, Lu Yu began to walk toward the stronghold.

At that moment, at the entrance of the Martial Arts Club stronghold.

Fang Qi was already standing at the entrance, quietly waiting.

He had already listened to the members narration of what had just happened.

He was now waiting for the five of them to return, bringing him the good news of defeating Lu Yu.

“Captain, dont worry.

With the five seniors attacking together, Lu Yu is absolutely no match for them.”

“Thats right, he definitely wont be able to escape.

Hell be captured soon!”

“The strength of the five seniors is at a whole different level from fighting individually.

Lu Yu is strong and can win against five seniors individually, but its absolutely impossible for him to win against them as a team.”

The members on the side were all confident that Lu Yu would be defeated.

Fang Qi was calmly waiting for the result.

Suddenly, one of them saw a figure in the distance.

“Look, someone is back!”

“Who is it”

“Somethings wrong.

One of them is leading the five behind him…

“Has Lu Yu been captured and they returned together”

At that moment, Fang Qis eyes were wide open as he looked over carefully.

When he saw the person leading the way, he was stunned.

The person leading the way was Lu Yu.

The five people behind him all had their heads lowered, and each had wounds on their bodies as they hung their heads dejectedly.

This scene was self-evident.

Fang Qi sighed, “The five of them actually… lost.”

The other club members beside him all had looks of disbelief on their faces.

“This is impossible.

With them attacking Lu Yu at the same time, how did they lose”

“This is weird.

When they were fighting in the courtyard, Lu Yu didnt have the upper hand.”

“Damn it, it seems like they lost.

What should we do about our stronghold”

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