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Chapter 249 Gold Rank 10, Flying Shuttle Battle Suit

Just as the five were about to escape from the river, they were struck back by individual water pillars.

Tiger sat in the river and coughed painfully.

The attack had dealt him a lot of damage.

He supported his body and slowly stood up, turning around to look at Lu Yu.

“You… you asshole, lets fight on the shore if you have the balls.

How cowardly you have to be to fight us in the water!”

Ape jumped up and shouted, “Thats right! You being inside the river to fight with us is simply unfair!”


Lu Yu was speechless at the words of these two people.

“You guys are five against one, and you are saying Im the one being unfair.

How interesting.”

Deer lowered his head in shame, not knowing what to say.

As for the others, they continued to complain.

“You have the upper hand because of the geological advantage.

If it werent for the abundance of water elements here, you wouldnt be our match!”

“Thats right! You will never run out of mana by relying on the water elements here; this place also increases the power of your skills! Youll never win a fight with us if you leave this place!”

Tiger took a step forward and revealed his true intentions.

“Lu Yu, if you want us to be convinced of our defeat, come to the shore and continue this fight.

If you win there, we will gladly give up this entire stronghold.

How about that”

Lu Yu wanted to laugh.

These guys had been talking gibberish all this time, and it turned out that their goal was this.

They wanted to lure Lu Yu to land so they could take that opportunity to defeat Lu Yu.

Lu Yus condition had already recovered to its peak.

So, even if he went to the shore to fight, he would still win.

However, he didnt need to heed their trickery.

Otherwise, these people would think their convincing skills worked.

“The winner decides everything anyway.

If I defeat all of you now, will this stronghold still be mine”

Lu Yus words made the few of them look at each other, and they couldnt come up with a reasonable answer.

“No, are you that cowardly You dont dare to fight us fair and square, right” Tiger continued to holler.

“If you defeat us on the shore, well move out of this stronghold and guarantee that we wont disturb you anymore.”

Lu Yu raised his hands.

“No need to continue your nonsense.

Youll lose, and Ill take this stronghold.”

The next moment, Lu Yu waved his hands at the five.

Several water pillars shot out from behind him and lashed out at them.

The pressure and speed of these water pillars were even stronger than a high-pressure water gun.

The rushing water was over them in almost a blink of an eye.

Tiger took the lead and used his hands to defend himself.

In terms of speed, he could not outrun this attack.

The five could only stand where they were and block Lu Yus attack.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of collision bangs rang out.

All five of them were sent flying at the same time!

They were sent flying in the air more than ten meters before they crashed heavily into the river, hitting the rocks at the bottom of the river.

Among them, Deer and Bird were knocked unconscious.

The other three, who were slightly stronger, were barely able to remain conscious.

However, the pain of their bones breaking twisted their facial expressions, and they did not even have the strength to stand up.

The water surging around Lu Yu began to return to normal and became quiet again.

He walked toward the shore and prepared to take out his flying shuttle battle suit to try it on.

After he walked ashore, Lu Yu shook his hand to fling off the water before picking up his spacial pocket watch.

Very soon, a black and gray battle suit appeared in Lu Yus hand.

This battle suit looked similar to a skintight suit.

A few pieces of armor were attached to it, but they were all relatively thin and had a nice texture when touching them.

Behind the skintight suit was also a cape.

Lu Yu began taking off his armor as this equipment could be worn as inner armor.

Therefore, there was no need for any other body armor when wearing this equipment.

After Lu Yu removed his armor, he put on this armor.

At that moment, Tiger stood up from the river and walked toward the river shore.

“Lu Yu, even if you wear this piece of equipment, you wont be able to use it!”

“There are requirements for wearing this piece of equipment.

If your overall strength isnt at gold rank 10, this piece of equipment wont be effective!”

Lu Yu glanced at him and asked, “Why are you assuming that I dont have the strength of a gold rank 10”

Tiger snorted coldly, “Do you know how demanding it is to reach gold rank 10 Weve been training here for a long time but havent reached this level yet, being only at rank 7 or 8.”

“Did you mention that you might have the overall strength of a rank 10 Are you looking down on us”

“Weve been cultivating here for many years.

Some of us have been here for five years, if not ten years!”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“How long youve been training here has nothing to do with me.

If your strength increases too slowly, then its your problem.”

These words enraged Tiger, but he could only clench his fists and did not dare to do anything else.

He stared at Lu Yu with a fierce expression.

His heart was wavering, as he knew Lu Yu might be a gold rank 10.

After all, Lu Yu had fought all five of them as a team!

However, each gold rank cultivators strength differed from one another, and each rank was a huge leap.

If Lu Yu was a gold rank 9 fighter, he should be able to defeat them one by one.

Even a rank 8 fighter with rich battle experience should be able to win.

Tiger began to comfort himself.

He persuaded himself to believe that Lu Yu definitely hadnt reached gold rank 10 yet.

Beside him, Deer and the others slowly stood up.

They became nervous when they saw that Lu Yu had already put on the battle suit.

If Lu Yu could use this equipment, wouldnt they have to say goodbye to this battle suit

The five stared at Lu Yu, hoping that Lu Yu would not be able to activate this piece of equipment.

At that moment, after Lu Yu put on the equipment, he immediately heard his system notification.

[ Congratulations! You have obtained a piece of equipment.

Flying Shuttle Battle Suit ]

[ Flying Shuttle Battle Suit: Mobility Equipment.

Increase speed by 130 and defense by 100 ]

[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 520 ]

[ Speed: 380 ]

[ Health: 550 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 340 ]

Lu Yus speed and defense both increased with a massive jump after putting on this equipment.

His attribute increase was much more significant than any blue-quality equipment could ever give.

It was, at the very least, a piece of purple-quality equipment!

Lu Yu began to try out the three-dimensional movement effect.

He raised his head to look at the sky and used his feet to jump into the air with all his might.

The cloak on Lu Yus back began to morph and close up, and it covered Lu Yus entire body, except for his head.

Then, Lu Yu began to move horizontally in the air.

With a swoosh, an afterimage streaked across the sky.

After flashing to a distance, Lu Yus body would remain in the air abruptly, allowing him to choose the next angle he wanted to move.

It could be said that this equipment allowed Lu Yu to move 360 degrees without any blind spots.

Lu Yus mobility would significantly increase with this piece of equipment in the future.

His Double Jump skill would be less useful in the future.

The five sighed as they watched Lu Yu move in the air.

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