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Chapter 248 The Power Of Flowing Water Rock Shattering

When Lu Yu swished his palms, the five before him were dumbfounded.

They had not expected Lu Yu to have mastered the water elemental skill their senior had once learned.

“This… this is just absurd.

Its the Flowing Water Rock Shattering Palm.

I always thought that only Zhao Hang could learn such a skill.”

“I never thought Lu Yu could have the same talent as him to grasp this skill!”

Tigers face was shocked as he looked at Lu Yu in disbelief.

“It cant be that he really learned this skill just by being under this waterfall! We have worked so hard for so long, chasing after our goal, and he achieved it just like that”

Ape refused to believe this was happening.

He had rushed into the waterfall countless times to cultivate, hoping he could be like Senior Zhao Hang one day.

He had hoped that his strength would greatly increase through training inside the waterfall and learning a water elemental skill or two.

But now, a freshman who had just entered Clanorth University had fulfilled his dream that he had not completed all these years.

He could not accept it, nor the others either.

Bear, Bird, and Deers faces were filled with disbelief.

They, too, could not accept this.

“You… how did you do it This is impossible!”

“You dont even have a strong water element in you! Logically, you should be ripped apart when you step into this waterfall! ”

“Damn it.

I couldnt even last ten seconds in this waterfall!” Bird furiously retorted.

At that moment, Lu Yu was focused on his hands.

He followed the flow of water in his hands, which was sometimes gentle and sometimes harsh.


Suddenly, Lu Yus arms stretched out toward the five people in front of him.


The next moment, the water followed Lu Yus movements and lashed out violently.

The turbulent water flowed like a high-pressure water gun shooting out explosively, instantly creating a powerful force!

Seeing this, Beard rushed forward in panic, acting as a meat shield for his teammates.

He stood before the other four, raising his thick arms to block the impact of the water.


The water hit Bears arms, and the powerful impact pushed him back.

He gritted his teeth and resisted the force brought by the rushing water, but his arms were shaken so much that his bones started trembling.

“Damn it! His Flowing Water Rock Shattering attack isnt weak!”

Bear gritted his teeth and shouted.

After all, he had experience fighting with Senior Zhao Hang before.

The Flowing Water Rock Shattering attack that Lu Yu learned wasnt inferior to Senior Zhao Hangs.

Tiger and the others were surprised when they heard that.

Lu Yu had just learned the Flowing Water Rock Shattering skill, and he could already display it with such prowess.

This was simply out of this world!

“His talent isnt much inferior to our Senior Zhao Hang!”

Tiger shouted, “Everyone, do your best! We must stop him here and cannot allow him to continue growing.

Otherwise, we will be oppressed by him in the near future!”

The others followed closely behind Tiger as they engaged Lu Yu.

Tiger took the lead, rushing at Lu Yu.

He raised his tiger claws and was about to grab onto Lu Yu.

However, the next moment, two water pillars suddenly gushed out of the river the next moment under Lu Yus feet.

With a swoosh, they slammed into Tigers chest!


Almost immediately, Tiger was sent flying and fell heavily into the river!

The others beside him witnessed this power, and they could not help but gulp.

This was the might of the Flowing Water Rock Shattering technique.

Sometimes it was gentle; sometimes so intense that it could easily shatter rocks.

Such a powerful skill was something they had all wanted to learn.

However, they needed to become one with the waterfall if they wanted to learn this skill.

Until now, none of them could comprehend a technique at this level.

Following that, Ape charged forward.

He lifted his fist and was about to throw it at Lu Yu.

Lu Yus right hand moved, and another stream of water whipped over!

Ape immediately threw his fist at the water pillar!


Apes fist and the whip of water collided, but the stream of water was still intact.

It condensed back into a whip and lashed over Apes fist.

Apes right fist began to tremble as he felt his bones about to break.

This unstoppable force was unbearable for him.

His fist was utterly powerless before this.

Ultimately, the stream of water hit him in the chest and sent him flying.

With a plop, Ape fell into the river.

Deer and Bird panicked, as their fighting strength wasnt their most outstanding aspect.

Moreover, Bird was still recovering from the earlier battle, so he was still weak.

If they continued the fighting, the two of them would be sent flying like Tiger and Ape.

At that moment, Bear finally couldnt continue holding up against the impact of the water pillar.

He keeled over from the water current, falling into the river.

The five were defeated, seemingly to have lost their fighting strength.

Tiger struggled to get up and shook the water off his body as he stared at Lu Yu.

“You piece of **, do you really think you can defeat us with your Flowing Water Rock Shattering”

“You just have the upper hand because of this geographical advantage!”

Tigers words reminded the others.

Thats right; Lu Yu was in a place containing abnormally rich water elements.

This location could provide Lu Yu with a significant boost in his water elemental abilities.

Lu Yu was using the Flowing Water Rock Shattering skill under a waterfall.

The effect of using this skill here was much better than in any other place.

“Everyone, run toward the shore.

We will have the advantage if we head back to land, and he wont be our match then!”

Tiger shouted, causing the other four to come to the same realization.

“Thats right, and we will surround him on both sides of the river, overwhelming him!” Bird exclaimed excitedly.

Bear hurriedly struggled to get up.

“Hurry up, and lets go.

Once we surround him, its his loss!”

“Hah, you wouldnt be our match once you couldnt rely on your advantage in the surrounding environment!” Ape spat angrily.

The next moment, the five began to split up and ran toward the river shore.

Tiger was in the lead.

Relying on his thick muscles, he burst forward with astonishing speed instantly.

He dashed as crazily as possible, pulling apart the distance between him and Lu Yu.


Suddenly, a curtain of water rose before Tiger and blocked his path.

He raised his head and stared at the water curtain with wide-open eyes.

He gritted his teeth and shouted, “You bastard! Do you think you can stop me with just a thin wall of water You must be dreaming!”

As he shouted, he rushed into the curtain of water.

However, the water curtain was controlled by Lu Yus will and began to wrap into a water column, slamming into Tigers chest.


The water column hit Tiger in his chest and slammed him back.

It wasnt just Tiger.

The other four were also in the same situation.

Before they could escape, they were pushed back by a rising water column.

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