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Chapter 246 Awakening Under The Waterfall

The five, led by Tiger, continued to chase after Lu Yu.

Even if Lu Yu rushed into the waterfall, they would follow suit!

Tiger shouted, “Everyone, its his grave if he rushes in! We just need to wait to collect his corpse!”

Ape at the side laughed loudly, “This guy sure issmart, actually hiding here of all the possible places!”

“This wrong decision will be his undoing, and we have won,” Deer commented calmly.

The five could already see the outcome of Lu Yu charging into the waterfall.

After all, not one of the five could withstand the waterfalls violent impact, and each couldnt even last more than three seconds before exiting the waterfall.

Furthermore, their bodies would be bruised whenever they exited as if someone had beaten them up.

The powerful impact of the water rushing down was the same as rocks raining on them constantly.

Moreover, the waterfall had an abundance of water elements infused into it, making its impact much stronger than other normal waterfalls!

The five stood in front of the waterfall and watched Lu Yu enter.

“I bet he will come out within three seconds!”

Tiger said with a smile.

“I bet five seconds then.

His physical strength is still decently strong,” Bear said thoughtfully.

“He is now at a dead end.

If he hides in there, hes going to be dead sooner or later.

On the other hand, he will not be able to defeat the five of us when he exits the waterfall.”

“Hes definitely going to lose.

This is the end!”

“How dare he boast shamelessly about wanting to take down our stronghold, what a joke.”

After a round of discussion, the five fell into silence.

They all started to get anxious.

Three seconds, five seconds, and even seven seconds had passed since Lu Yu entered.

The five of them remained silent as their eyes slowly widened.

Ten seconds had passed…

They were utterly dumbfounded.

How was it possible for Lu Yu to hold on for more than ten seconds

“This is impossible.

Bear with his strongest physical body, only managed to hold on for five seconds, and here Lu Yu could withstand it for more than ten seconds This is absurd.”

“Could it be his physical body is really that much stronger than ours It cant be, right”

“Maybe he died in there Maybe we need to go in to collect his corpse…”

At that moment, Lu Yu was standing in the middle of the waterfall with his legs trembling non-stop.

The water rushed down and hit Lu Yus body, assaulting him with intense pain.

The impact of the water was powerful.

Even though Lu Yus defense was decent and his body was strong, it was still difficult for him to hold on.

Lu Yu struggled to stand up straight, trying to resist the impact of the water current.

No matter how he resisted, he seemed helpless against the waterfalls impact.

The water streamed down mercilessly, giving Lu Yu a feeling that his resistance was futile.

The impact of the waterfall was endless, surging down all year round, and it was a pipe dream to oppose it.

Lu Yu felt that he could not fight it anymore.

If this continued, he was going to slip up.

He was about to be washed to death by the waterfall rather than avoid the pursuit of his five attackers.

In the chaotic waterfall, Lu Yu closed his eyes and began to think calmly.

Lu Yus senses were enhanced after he closed his eyes.

He could feel every moment when the water impacted his body.

Lu Yu was in pain, and resistance was futile.

Suddenly, Lu Yu thought of something.

Water can flow and could have an impact.

Learn to be like water…



Lu Yus tightly shut eyes finally opened.

At this moment, he understood one thing — He should not blindly resist the water.

He should follow the flow of the water and become a part of it, be a part of it.

At that moment, Lu Yus initially tense muscles began to relax.

He no longer resisted the impact of the water.

His body began to sink, following the flow of the water.

Suddenly, the intense water falling on Lu Yus body didnt create any more splashes.

Instead, it smoothly flowed down Lu Yus body.

Lu Yu seemed to have merged with the waterfall as if he had become a part of it.

The rushing water did not affect Lu Yu anymore, and the pain disappeared.

Lu Yu continued to relax and follow the flow of the water.

He tried his best to be like water itself.

Very soon, the violent impact of the waterfall did not cause any more harm to Lu Yu.

When the water passed through Lu Yus body, it left behind water elements and was absorbed into Lu Yus body!

Outside the waterfall, the five were still waiting.

They were slowly becoming more and more frustrated as time went by.

“Whats going on He has been in there for so long, why hasnt he come out yet” Tiger asked puzzledly.

“Thats right.

Even if hes dead, his body should be washed out.

Whats going on”

“I want to go in and see whats going on.”

“A minute has passed, but theres still nothing.

What the hell”

“Why doesnt Bear go in and scout it out”

The five looked at each other in confusion.

At that moment, Lu Yu was still standing in the waterfall, receiving its baptism.

At the same time, Lu Yu was crazily absorbing all the water elements around him.

Suddenly, his system gave a notification.

[ Comprehending water elemental skill… ]

[ Water elemental skill (77/100) ]

The progress was slowly increasing, making Lu Yu excited.

As time passed, the water elemental skill Lu Yu was comprehending was finally ready.

[ Congratulations on completing the comprehension of a water elemental skill ]

[ Successfully learned the water elemental skill: Flowing Water Rock Shattering ]

[ Flowing Water Rock Shattering: Controls water element to attack.

Its strength can easily crush rocks ]

Lu Yu was overjoyed when he learned a water elemental skill.

This waterfall was a perfect place to cultivate!

While Lu Yu was pleasantly surprised, Bear had already made preparations outside to enter the waterfall.

Staring at the pressure of the waterfall, he began to walk toward the interior.

He narrowed his eyes and vaguely saw the figure standing before him.

He carefully observed and shockingly discovered that the person standing there was none other than Lu Yu.

He was shocked.

Lu Yu had been standing here the whole time, not dead, and hadnt escaped to another place!

This situation was too confusing for him.

How could someone stay here for so long

However, he did not have time to overthink and could only rush out.

If he stayed here for a few more seconds, he was afraid that all the bones in his body would fall apart from the waterfalls impact.

He hurriedly retreated and returned to the side of his comrades.

“Everyone, Lu Yu is inside.

He has been standing there the whole time and isnt dead!”

Bear said in a panic.

Tiger and the others were at a loss.

They could not accept that Lu Yu was inside there, standing all this while.

At that moment, Lu Yu also turned around and walked out of the waterfall.

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