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Chapter 245 Five Against One, Not A Match

With Tiger as the leader, the five surrounded Lu Yu, not intending to let him leave this place in one piece.

The Martial Arts Club members peeked in from the door frame at the entrance and immediately looked toward the courtyard.

When they saw the five seniors ganging up together, everyone was in a buzz.

“The five seniors are attacking Lu Yu together.

This is a rare happening!”

“Hahaha, Lu Yu is done for.

The strength of five seniors fighting separately is worlds apart compared to them fighting as a team!”

“The strength of the five seniors working together is a whole different beast altogether.

Lu Yu would never be able to handle that.”

“The level of cooperation these five have is smooth beyond comprehension, and its as if they have merged into one.

This isnt just a difference of one to five people, but something else entirely!”

Everyone was excited as this was the first time most of them had seen the five seniors fighting as a team against one person.

This scene was all too rare!

At that moment, Tiger stood on the opposite side of Lu Yu.

He looked at Lu Yu and persuaded, “You still have a chance.

Hand over that battle suit, and I will let you choose another one.

Otherwise, you will be left with nothing!”

Lu Yu wanted to laugh.

“Weve already agreed on this bet.

Dont you feel the shamelessness of suddenly changing your mind all of a sudden”

The corner of Tigers lips twitched, unhappy as Lu Yus words stabbed him.

“We didnt think you could win at all, and that was why we agreed to the bet.

At that time, even if you wanted to be the President of the Martial Arts Club, we would have agreed to it!”

“How ridiculous.

How can this be considered an excuse”

Tiger spread his hands and said helplessly, “It seems you dont intend to hand it over.

Since thats the case, we are done talking.”

Lu Yu was already prepared to fight the scoundrel before him.

He knew he wouldnt be able to leave this place peacefully today.

Tiger took the lead and stepped forward, swinging his claws at Lu Yu.

Just as Lu Yu was about to strike back with his right claw, Deer on the right followed suit.

His two fists lashed out at Lu Yus ribs.

On the left, Ape clenched his fists and punched Lu Yu.

Behind him, Bears huge body stood there, waving his thick bear paws, about to strike at Lu Yu.

On top of Lu Yu, Bird propelled himself in the air with his wind element to attack Lu Yu with his newly grown layer of tiny feathers.

At that moment, Lu Yu was surrounded, and it was impossible for him to defend himself against all of them.

His two fists were not enough to fight against all five of them.

Lu Yu was helpless against the combined attack from the five Martial Arts Club members.

These five attacked at the same time without any delay.

It was near-perfect timing that needed a good level of tacit understanding between them.

Lu Yu couldnt take them head-on, so he switched to his Thunder Dragon Claws and activated Dragon Shadow!


Lu Yu flashed out of the encirclement.

The five ended up pouncing on each other.

But soon, they stood back up and continued preparing for another wave of attack.

Lu Yu hurriedly retreated, dodging the combined attacks.

As Lu Yu retreated, the five were closing in on him as they tried to get a hit.

Suddenly, Lu Yu saw a gap between the five attackers and immediately clawed at Apes chest.

At that moment, Bear suddenly appeared and stood before Ape.

The fur on Bears chest began to harden, and a layer of shield appeared on his body.

He was acting as a tank, a meat shield, for his team.

Lu Yus claw broke Bears shield but only scratched the layer of his hide.

Immediately after, Ape flashed to Bears side and punched Lu Yu.

Apes fierce punches carried waves of air currents, hitting Lu Yus shoulder.

The huge impact forced Lu Yu to retreat, and his shoulder began to hurt.

These five people before him were getting a little difficult to deal with…

The attacks did not allow Lu Yu to catch his breath.

Tiger once again took the lead and charged at Lu Yu, waving his tiger claws as he smashed at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu raised his arm and blocked the attack.

Once blocking that, Lu Yu quickly began to counterattack.

His Thunder Dragon Claws carried bright lightning bolts as they assaulted Tiger in the chest.

However, when Lu Yu attacked, someone beside Tiger immediately followed up and counterattacked.

Following that, Lu Yu could only continuously block as he retreated.

Every time Lu Yu wanted to counterattack, there would always be someone who could quickly find an opportunity to fill in the gap, catching Lu Yu off guard.

Lu Yu was getting tired as the battle went on.

If this continued, he would definitely lose.

The cooperation of these five attackers was flawless and airtight.

There was no chance for Lu Yu to counterattack.

If these attackers were five random people, Lu Yu could definitely pull off a counterattack successfully.

However, their seamless cooperation made it impossible for Lu Yu to do anything.

Lu Yu was in danger of losing as this went on.

He couldnt just sit around and wait for his death.

Thus, he had to make a choice.

He could use his Dragon Fist and smush these five guys with one punch!

Or, he could run away and find another chance to do this again!

Lu Yu thought for a moment and decided it was better to avoid them for now.

After all, using his Dragon Fist also carried risks.

These people had seen his previous battle records on the Internet, so they naturally knew he had his sure-kill skill, the Dragon Fist.

They would never let Lu Yu use this ultimate skill.

Therefore, there was a possibility that using it would not have much of an effect, and his Dragon Fist might even destroy this stronghold.

If this beautiful stronghold were destroyed, it would be a pity even if Lu Yu successfully took it over.

Lu Yu had just fought five battles between the five, so he had used up much of his mana, stamina, and health.

He needed to recover badly.

If Lu Yu were at his peak condition, it would still be possible for him to fight against these five simultaneously.

Therefore, after some consideration, Lu Yu decided to temporarily back off and leave this place first!

Lu Yu leaped into the air and jumped twice in the air.

Following that, Lu Yu repeatedly used his Dragon Shadow, leaving several afterimages in the air.

After quickly escaping from the stronghold, Lu Yu scanned his surroundings, looking for a place to hide.

Lu Yus stamina and mana were greatly depleted, making it impossible for him to use many of his skills.

If he could find a place to hide and rest, that would be the best.

After scanning his surroundings, Lu Yus gaze finally landed on a waterfall.

The swift waterfalls current poured along with torrential raging water.

It wouldnt be an easy feat if he wanted to hide within the waterfall.

However, Lu Yu decided to try it and rushed toward the waterfall.

At that moment, the five attackers also rushed out.

When they saw Lu Yu in the distance, they quickly followed him.

However, after a few steps, they were stunned when they saw Lu Yu rushing toward that waterfall.

They froze on the spot, not knowing what to do.

“Are we still going to chase after him”

“Yes! Of course, were going to chase after him!”

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