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Chapter 244 Precious Equipment

With a hand on his shoulder, Apes body instantly froze.

Lu Yus voice rang out, “What are you doing”

He stiffly turned around and placed the flying shuttle battle suit behind him.

“Nothing, nothing…”

Lu Yu glanced beside the display cabinet and asked, “I seem to remember that there was something in this display cabinet, right”

Ape hurriedly shook his head, “Nah, there is absolutely nothing!”

Lu Yu smiled faintly.

“I think I saw that you took something out of this cabinet, and it seems to be equipment!”

Apes heart constricted, and he panicked.

“You must have seen it wrongly.

I have no reason to come here to take a piece of equipment away, as its not like I have any use for it.”

Lu Yu was even more convinced after hearing this.

Ape must have taken a piece of equipment away.

Lu Yu tightened his grip on Apes shoulder and spun him around.

Then, Lu Yu saw the flying shuttle battle suit in his hand.

Lu Yu snatched it over and looked at it carefully.

Ape quickly explained, “This is an obsolete piece of equipment.

I want to take it away to deal with it, and it wouldnt be suitable for you anyways.”

“Haha, I dont think thats the case.

This equipment must be very important, so you came here secretly to take it away.

Since thats the case, this equipment is mine.”

Upon hearing this, Ape immediately panicked and shouted, “No, you cant use this equipment.

Its useless to you.”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“It doesnt matter.

Since I know this equipment is the best one here, it doesnt matter if I can use it or not.”

“If I cant use it, I can still sell it for money.”

Hearing this, Ape was utterly speechless.

He knew he wouldnt be able to save this equipment.

Just then, Tiger and his men walked in.

Ape saw his savior, and he hurriedly ran over.

“Brother Tiger, what should we do He got the equipment!”

Tiger slapped his forehead and berated, “Oh my god, you cant even handle such a small task!”

Ape complained, “Ive already tried my best.

His observational ability is just too sharp.”

After hearing the conversation between the two, Lu Yu was even more confident that this equipment was special.

“Tiger, Ill take this equipment.

The others are not worthy of my attention!”

Lu Yu used his Eye of the Dragon God to scan this equipment and knew it belonged to the military.

Moreover, he also knew that it was called the flying shuttle battle suit, as he read the function of this piece of equipment.

Lu Yu naturally wouldnt let go of such powerful equipment that increased mobility.

Otherwise, it would be such a loss.

The other pieces of equipment here were all too mediocre…

Lu Yu kept the flying shuttle battle suit in his storage ring.

“I want this equipment.

Remember the bet I won, so I can choose anything.”

Tiger gritted his teeth and said, “I know, but this equipment is not part of it!”

“You guys arent keeping your promises, huh.

But no matter what, I want this piece of equipment.


Tiger was enraged, staring at Lu Yu with his tiger-like eyes.

At that moment, Lu Yu walked out of the Weapons Hall, intending to experiment with his new equipment.

The five of them gathered together and discussed something in a low voice.

“This guy is over the top, taking that equipment away!” Ape angrily complained.

“Its useless to him anyway.

Its impossible for him to have the strength of a gold rank 10.” Bear was sure of that.

“No **.

He definitely isnt one now, but what about the future He will reach that level sooner or later, allowing him to equip it.”

“We have been training hard in this stronghold for so long.

Isnt our goal this equipment”

“Now that he takes away this equipment, wont all our hard work in the past be in vain”

Deers emotions were stirred.

The scenes of the hard training in the past began to resurface in his mind.

Tiger clenched his fists and growled, “We absolutely can not let this guy take that away.

Otherwise, this will be a huge loss for us!”

“Ive decided that we will take this equipment back!”

The other four looked at each other and nodded heavily.

“Good! Then, lets do it! We cant let him leave with that equipment!”

“Thats right.

If the five of us attack together, he cant win then!”

“The five of us have been training together all this time and developed an excellent tacit understanding when we practiced our combination of moves.

If the five of us work together, our strength is more than just one plus one! Our abilities will have a great leap in strength!”

The five of them nodded and began to walk out one by one.

They were full of confidence, even when they lost in a one-on-one battle.

It would be impossible for the five to fail as a team!

The level of cooperation between the five exceeded most normal teams!

Moreover, they were all experts in their own fields.

They complemented each others weaknesses perfectly!

The five team members walked out together and faced Lu Yu.

At that moment, Lu Yu was holding his pocket watch and was about to take out the battle suit when he saw the five walking out.

Thus, Lu Yu turned around and looked at them.

“Its the five of you, is there anything else”

Lu Yu suddenly felt something was wrong with these five.

It was clear they were pumped with fighting spirit.

Tiger took the lead and faced Lu Yu.

His gaze was unkind, as if he was about to pounce on Lu Yu immediately, tearing him apart.

The other four also looked restless.

They gritted their teeth as they stared at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu was puzzled.

These five were willing to admit defeat just a moment ago, so why were they angry now

He thought of the battle suit, realizing that maybe it was the battle suit that made the five this agitated.

Lu Yu was even more certain of this battle suits preciousness, and it was something that could make these five go crazy over losing it.

Since that was the case, Lu Yu wasnt planning on letting go of this battle suit!

Of course, he wanted to keep such an important piece of equipment.

“Is there anything else Why are you staring at me with these fierce looks”

Tiger extended his hand toward Lu Yu.

“Hand over the equipment, or else, dont even think about walking out of here alive!”

Lu Yu chuckled, “Then give it a try.

I would love to see just what else you can do to stop me!”

“Guess we are doing this the hard way!”

With an angry roar, Tiger headed toward Lu Yu.

Tiger suddenly started sprinting, increasing his speed quickly.

In an instant, he arrived in front of Lu Yu.

He threw a fist at Lu Yu.

Tigers sudden attack was entirely within Lu Yus expectation.

Lu Yu changed to his Diamond Dragon Claws and clenched them, striking back at Tiger.


The fists of both sides collided.

The next moment, the other four rushed at Lu Yu from behind!

At that moment, Lu Yu knew this was a bad situation, and it would be difficult for Lu Yu to deal with five simultaneously.

Hence, he hurriedly retreated to avoid their attack.

But the five moved quickly and surrounded Lu Yu, trapping him inside their encirclement!

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