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Chapter 243 Victory, Cashing In The Bet

Bird used his wings to wrap himself up, forming an absolute defense.

If Lu Yu wanted to continue attacking Bird, he had to break his wings first!

Bird was replenishing his health with a life potion or sorts under the protection of his wings.

Therefore, Lu Yu could not wait any longer.

He had to break through Birds defense as soon as possible!

Lu Yu raised his claws.

The claws were covered in flames, turning them red hot.

Lu Yus claws were insanely hot after four consecutive stacks of Flaming Claws.

The surrounding air currents blew around, with the high temperature even causing steam to rise from the damp ground.

“You cant continue dodging forever! Youre done for!”

At that moment, Tiger and the others gulped when they saw this.

They were unsure if Bird could defend against Lu Yus attack, as they were shocked by the temperature of his claws.

“To reach such a high temperature, the abundance of fire elements that he controls is crazy!” Tiger couldnt help but exclaim.

The other three were anxious too.

They had all fought Lu Yu before, so they naturally knew the power of Lu Yus Explosive Dragon Claws.

“The main problem is those flames will burn Birds feathers,” Deer said with a worried look.

Tiger also frowned.

“Thats right.

However, Birds outer feathers cant be ignited, only his insides.”

“In other words, if his defense is broken through, really over…”

Lu Yus claws slashed down fiercely.

When his claws came into contact with Birds feathers, dazzling sparks flew.

However, Lu Yus sharp claws dug into his outer feathers and reached the interior after a moment.

The outer layer was a layer of steel-like feathers, but inside, there was a thick layer of fur.

The moment the high-temperature dragon claw touched Birds feathers, it instantly ignited.

With a boom!

A huge ball of flame engulfed Birds wings.

His feathers were burning quickly, spreading fire across his entire wings!

Bird was in severe pain from the intense burning flames.

He quickly spread his wings and flapped them wildly, trying to extinguish the flames.

However, the flames stuck to him like gum, and it was impossible to shake them off or extinguish them.

He screamed wildly, flapping his wings as hard as he could.

“Damn it, my wings!”

“You bastard, I wont let you off!”

As he screamed, he tried to rush toward Lu Yu to continue the fight.

He only took two steps forward before staggering, almost falling to the ground.

“Youve lost.

Its useless to continue your struggles.”

At that moment, Bird was kneeling on the ground with his brows tightly knitted, and he racked his brain for a way out.

He was the last member of his five-person team.

If he lost, it meant that they had lost the bet.

Lu Yu could take anything he wanted from their Martial Arts Club then.

He would never let such a thing happen!

Bird clenched his fist and punched the ground.

He looked up at Lu Yu and said, “I will never lose.

I will never let you succeed!”

He stood up and rushed again toward Lu Yu.

Then, he suddenly realized that his speed was much slower than before.

He panicked and quickly turned around to realize that his pair of wings had been completely charred!

The feathers on them were singed, turning his wings bald like a roasted chicken wing.

He fell into despair.

Without wings, how could he fight Hes a “Bird”, after all!

A bird without wings was even worse than a walking chicken!

Lu Yu looked at his burnt wings and commented, “It seems you cant use them anymore.

Do you have any other ways to fight”

Bird gritted his teeth and said with frustration, “You bastard, youll pay for this!”

Lu Yu quickly grabbed him by the neck, pressing his thumb on his throat.

“You still have so much nonsense after losing.

How about I press down and break your throat”

Bird swallowed and nervously apologized, “I… I was wrong.

I shouldnt have been so arrogant…”

“Ive already lost.

I admit defeat.

All five of us have lost, and you win the bet.

Let me go.”

Lu Yu choked Bird as he flung him onto the ground.

He looked at the four others and said, “If any of you still want to say something, do continue.

I can go along with whatever you have!”

Tiger and the others looked at each other and gulped, not daring to say anything else.

“The competition is over, and we have lost.

We will not go back on our bet.

If you want to take anything from the stronghold, take it.”

Tiger said helplessly.

Lu Yu took a few steps forward and arrived in front of Hu.

“Then lets go and see what good stuff the Martial Arts Club has.”

Lu Yu walked into the Martial Arts Club stronghold after saying that.

After passing through the main gate, Lu Yu came to the front yard.

It was spacious and had some training equipment lying around.

Then, he pushed open an old red door and walked into a hall.

Tiger, standing at the door, suddenly widened his eyes when he saw Lu Yu walk in!

“Damn it, damn it! Its over; its all over!”

Ape asked in confusion, “Tiger, what do you mean its over Arent we already done for”

Bear nodded, “Brother Tiger, you are reacting to it a little too late.”

Tiger patted Bears shoulder and scolded, “What are you talking about Im talking about the flying shuttle battle suit placed in the display cabinet!”

At that moment, the five of them were stunned before panicking.

It would be troublesome if Lu Yu saw this flying shuttle battle suit.

“Birds injuries have not recovered.

Among the four of us, Ape is the fastest.

Ape, go in and quickly retrieve the flying shuttle battle suit!”

Upon hearing this, Ape nodded and quickly sneaked in quietly.

Lu Yu was walking in the Weapon Hall of the stronghold.

All kinds of equipment and weapons were here.

Some cheap and lower-grade ones were hung on the wall, while the more special and higher-quality ones were placed in the display cabinets.

Lu Yu walked among them and looked at the dazzling pieces of equipment.

He wanted to choose a suitable one for himself.

This was the Martial Arts Club.

It should be easy to get an excellent piece of equipment.

Lu Yu strolled, occasionally stopping to look at any equipment he was interested in.

He read the attributes and skills of various pieces of equipment.

Just as Lu Yu was focusing on a piece of equipment, he suddenly heard faint footsteps.

He frowned slightly and raised his head, carefully listening to the movements around him.

At that moment, Ape had already sneaked near the flying shuttle battle suits display cabinet.

He opened the cabinet door and gently took out the suit inside.

A happy smile appeared on his face.

He hunched his body and was about to leave when suddenly, a hand was placed on his shoulder.

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