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Chapter 241 Clearing The Area With Lightning

After flinging Tiger away, everyone in the Martial Arts Club panicked and looked at Lu Yu with fear.

“Is there anyone else who wants to continue fighting me I remember that there is one of the five of you left.”

Lu Yu looked at a short man with disheveled hair.

“I didnt expect there to be such a diverse species in the Martial Arts Club.

Hes a bird, right”

Bird walked out and looked at Lu Yu.

The others quickly helped Tiger up and started to feed him recovery potions.

“You do have skills, defeating four of us.

Now its my turn.”

“Let me remind you in advance.

Dont think Im weak just because Im the last one up!”

Lu Yu shrugged, “I thought you are the big boss since you are the last one here.”

Birds round eyes stared at Lu Yu.

His eyes were as sharp as an owls.

“It seems that Ill be the one to end this battle.”

“Youre lucky to be able to defeat the first four.

But this is where you stop!”

Lu Yu chuckled, “Luck Defeating one may be luck, but can you chalk it up to luck now that I have defeated four in a row You all sure like to lie to yourselves!”

Bird started walking toward Lu Yu, “Whether were lying to ourselves or not, its not up to you.”

As he headed toward Lu Yu, a pair of wings grew out of his back!

These pairs of wings were like the wings of an eagle.

When fully spread out, it was at least five meters long.

Its huge wingspan was enough to wrap Bird up!

Lu Yu said with interest, “I didnt expect that you really are a bird, even though your code name may be Bird.

This is interesting, and its the first time I have met an enemy like you!”

“Thats right.

I will also be the strongest enemy youve ever met!”

Bird flapped his wings, and the surrounding airflow began to flow.

“Oh, the power of the wind element.

Finally, someone amongst the five of you uses elemental power.”

Bird suddenly flapped his wings hard, and countless birds suddenly rose into the air and flew toward them from the surrounding forest.

Hundreds of different kinds of wild birds quickly occupied the sky above!

The densely packed birds gave off a stifling sensation.

When the Martial Arts Club members saw this, they all shouted in surprise.

“Senior Brother Bird sure is decisive, using his ultimate skill right at the beginning.

This time, we will win!”

“Haha, Lu Yu wont be able to withstand Birds ultimate skill!”

“There are hundreds of wild birds, and many of them are combat-type.

It will be difficult for Lu Yu to hold against all these birds.”

“Lu Yu lost, and theres no need to look further.

He has already used up all his stamina in the previous battles.

Does he even have the energy to defeat these birds”

Everyone was sure Lu Yu was going to lose this time around!

This was a battle of numbers, hundreds against one.

No matter how sharp Lu Yus claws were, no matter how high his attack power was, he would have to strike them down one by one.

Therefore, they deduced that Lu Yu was not winning this time.

Bird looked at Lu Yu and laughed loudly, “Now, time for your defeat!”

He waved his hand and pointed at Lu Yu.

The flock of birds in the sky swooped down on Lu Yu.

The densely packed flock of birds rushed down, giving off a suffocating feeling as if the sky had fallen.

Lu Yu raised his head and looked at the large sea of birds in the sky.

He did not expect someone in the Martial Arts Club to have such a summoning skill.

This was Birds trump card, which was also his strongest skill.

It might not be the same as his usual fighting style.

Lu Yus ultimate skill was his Dragon Fist, but he usually used his claws in regular fights.

Such a large flock of birds attacking in a frenzy was not something easy to deal with.

Lu Yu would definitely need an AOE skill to eliminate this flock of birds.

One of Lu Yus AOE skills was his Raging Inferno Storm.

But his Raging Inferno Storm was not enough to decimate such a large number of birds in an instant.

If he could not get rid of them quickly, these birds would instantly attach themselves to Lu Yu and attack every part of his body.

From the looks of it now, this was the perfect opportunity to test out the effects of his new skill, the Fury Lightning Strike!

This skill was an absolute AOE skill.

Although it was a skill that needed a target, it would still deal lightning strikes to everything within an area.

Naturally, it was considered an AOE skill.

Lu Yus right hand switched to the Thunder Dragon Claw.

He extended his claw and pointed at the flock of birds.

When all the birds were within thirty meters of him, Lu Yus palm began to spark with electricity!

A thick lightning pillar shot out instantly and then split into countless smaller lightning arcs.

These countless lightning arcs spread out and attacked every single bird there was.

The lightning arcs connected to each bird, surging in and wreaking havoc inside the birds.

The crackling sound of these lightning arcs could be heard.

The birds diving down from the sky were frozen in the air by the lightning strike, twitching in the air.

Lu Yu was surprised to find that if the birds that were struck by his lightning arcs were close enough, they would chain together and deal more damage.

This effect made the power of these lightning strikes even more domineering.

Hundreds of lightning arcs produced a dazzling light that illuminated his surroundings.

However, this light show soon ended.

Hundreds of birds fell to the ground.

In an instant, the surroundings were covered with countless bird corpses.

Seeing this, everyone was so shocked that they were speechless.

“This… this is the thunder element!”

“How is this possible Hes already proficient in the fire and earth elements; how is his thunder element still this strong This is too ridiculous!”

“Is this guy an elemental mage He is just so skillful in all three elements!”

“Fuck, all the birds were killed in an instant!”

“Im speechless.

In the video of Lu Yus battle, he never displayed him using his thunder element.

I would never expect him to be so strong in this too!”


At that moment, the wings on Birds back contracted.

Looking at the birds corpses around him, he was shocked and angry at the same time.

“You bastard, you killed all of the birds!”

Lu Yu spread his hands and was speechless.

“Cant you just let them stay in their nest and take care of their fledglings You are the one who commanded them to attack me, so what right do you have to be angry now that I killed them”

Bird spread his wings and walked toward Lu Yu.


“You bastard, you will pay the price for doing that!”

The next moment, wind elements surged behind him and carried him to the sky.

He looked down at Lu Yu.

“Youll lose, without a doubt! I will make you atone for your sins!”

He then flapped his wings and swooped down toward Lu Yu.


Almost in an instant, Bird was right before Lu Yu.

This speed and agility matched his position in his five-person team.

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