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Chapter 240 Breaking Tigers Claw

Tiger hurriedly raised his hand and looked at his sharp claws carefully.

He was shocked to find that his sharp and hard claws had cracks.

This was hard for him to accept.

“This… how is this possible”

His right hand was trembling violently.

Then, he looked at Lu Yus two claws.

Lu Yus claws were still as sharp and pristine as before.

They were perfect, without any damage at all!

Compared to his tiger claws, this was absolutely crushing.

His tiger claws were actually inferior to Lu Yus claws

This was a hard pill for Tiger to swallow, as his claws were the thing he was most proud of!

In his entire life, the thing he was most proud of was the pair of sharp claws on his hands!

He had relied on this pair of sharp claws to defeat countless enemies.

Over his long battle experience, he had never gotten his tiger claws damaged like today.

He gritted his teeth.

Although his tiger claws were in danger of getting broken, he could not admit defeat.

If he admitted defeat here, it would be too embarrassing.

Not only would he embarrass himself, but he would also embarrass the entire Martial Arts Club.

Countless other people were looking at him.

He could not surrender so quickly.

Even if his most precious tiger claw breaks, he still had to continue fighting.

“Your claws are sharp, huh Unfortunately, your ability to use your claws is still far inferior to mine.

Even if your claws are sharper than mine, I can still defeat you!”

Tiger shouted as he rushed toward Lu Yu.

His speed was extremely fast, and he arrived before Lu Yu instantly.

Like before, he used all his strength to claw at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu did not retreat, instead slashing his claws to resist!

However, just as the claws of both sides were about to collide, Tigers right claw suddenly changed direction and slashed at Lu Yus lower abdomen.

He wanted to avoid a direct confrontation with Lu Yus claws.

Lu Yu saw through his thoughts.

It was evident that Tiger did not dare engage in a claw-to-claw confrontation with Lu Yu anymore.

“This is your so-called battle technique Relying on sneak attacks What a joke!”

The next moment, Lu Yus left hand transformed into his Thunder Dragon Claw.

His entire arm was like a bolt of lightning as it countered Tigers claw attack!

Intense lightning arcs accompanied the Thunder Dragon Claw as it grabbed onto Tigers claw.

Tigers eyes immediately widened.

At this speed, he could not see with his naked eye nor react to it.

One of his tiger claws was firmly grabbed onto in just an instant.

Just as he wanted to pull back, Lu Yus Explosive Dragon Claw came.

The moment Lu Yu attacked, Tiger wanted to raise his arm to defend himself.

However, Lu Yus speed was too fast for Tiger to protect himself.

Lu Yus Explosive Dragon Claw suddenly slashed down at Tigers chest with a “Pfft” sound, and five bloody streaks were created.

Each wound was as long as an arm.

Moreover, the wounds were cut deep, making it difficult for him to recover quickly.

Tiger was immediately enraged.

The wounds created by this attack assaulted him with incomparable pain.

He gritted his teeth and stared at Lu Yu.

“Bastard, youve angered me! Youre done for!”

He raised his tiger claw and was about to attack Lu Yus chest.

At the moment when both sides were fighting, the Martial Arts Club members by the side were all nervous.

“This is the first time Ive seen Senior Brother Tiger so furious…”

“Lu Yu is done for now that he angered Tiger!”

“Haha, Im afraid Lu Yu wont be able to recover from this claw attack.”

“Thats right, the battle is over…”

“Hes the first to be able to enrage Senior Brother Tiger this badly.

It looks like he has the strength, but just not enough of it.”

At that moment, Tigers claws slashed toward Lu Yus chest.

Lu Yus eyes stared at Tigers claws.

The sharp claws were crazy sharp, carrying a glinting aura as they almost reached his chest.

If this claw hit him, Lu Yu would probably suffer heavy injuries.

Lu Yu lifted his Exploding Dragon Claw and met Tigers claws at lightning speed.


The claws of both sides collided, creating intense sparks!

The sharp claws scraped against each other, scoring each other!

However, Tigers claws were obviously weaker than Lu Yus dragon claws.

When their claws collided, both of them exerted all of their strength!

After Lu Yu swung all he could, he heard clattering sounds.

Everyone clearly saw Tigers claws breaking off.

A section of the Tigers claws was cut off and fell to the ground.

The cross-section of the cut was smooth and neat, without a trace of coarseness.

Tiger lowered his head.

His eyes widened as he stared at his broken claws.

Then, he raised his head to look at Lu Yu.

His face revealed an angry, twisted expression.

“Bastard, you… you actually cut off my tigers claws.

You deserve to die!”

He roared angrily.

His eyes were filled with fury as if he was about to combust in flames.

When the Martial Arts Club members at the side saw this, they were all so shocked that they started getting distressed.

This was the first time they had seen Tigers hysterical anger, and they did not know what the outcome would be.

Tiger walked towards Lu Yu step by step.

At the same time, he clenched his fists and cracked his knuckles.

Seeing the well-built Tiger walking over, Lu Yu did not panic and just faced him calmly.

“Tiger, are you still not admitting defeat Im all for it if you really want to continue fighting.”

Tiger growled in a low voice, “You have to pay the price for my broken claws, get it”

Lu Yu spread out his hands.

“Are you joking We are in a fight, and why are you assuming that I have the duty to care whether your tiger claws will break or not”

Tiger was a little ashamed, but he still maintained his anger inside him as he remembered his broken tiger claws.

This precious pair of claws he was most proud of!

Naturally, he would not let Lu Yu off so easily.

“I dont care.

You broke my claws, so you must pay the price.”

Lu Yu took two steps forward and looked into Tigers eyes, saying, “How is breaking the rest of your claws as the price How about it”

Hearing this, Tiger instantly woke up.

He had already lost one claw, so he could not lose a second one.

“You, if you dare to move, I wont let you off!” Tiger threatened.

Lu Yu walked over, lifted his right hand, and grabbed Tiger by the neck.

Tiger immediately stretched out his left hand and tried to claw at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu raised his Explosive Dragon Claw in his left hand.

He stared at Tiger and said, “Do you still want to fight head-on with me If both your claws are broken, your battle potential will be greatly reduced.

At that time, even your little juniors by your side will be able to beat you up!”

Hearing this, Tiger gulped and nodded helplessly.

“I… I lost.

You won.

I admit defeat…”

He said with difficulty.

Lu Yu exerted force on his right arm and sent Tiger flying.

With a thud, Tiger crashed heavily to the ground and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Lu Yu looked at everyone in the Martial Arts Club and asked loudly, “Who else”

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