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Chapter 238 Strength Of Tigers Claw

Deer hurriedly returned to the team.

The people beside him looked at him as they sighed helplessly.

They were looking forward to Deers performance in the beginning, as such an annoying-type fighting style was rare.

However, Lu Yu defeated Deer within just a few rounds.

Lu Yu grabbed Deer with his claw and controlled him tightly, slowing his damage output.

He had a thorough understanding of Deers talent.

“For some reason, that guy understood my talent very well.

It hasnt been long since the battle, but he has already grasped the specifics of my talent!” Deer explained helplessly.

Bear patted his shoulder and said, “He is something else.

But this battle is practically over since Tiger decided to make his move.”

Deer nodded.

“I know.

Lu Yu will definitely lose now that its Tigers turn.

But he has consecutively defeated three of us, embarrassing us.”

In his feeble state, Ape echoed, “Its more than just embarrassing as Lu Yus a freshman.

I really never dreamed that one day, I would be beaten to such a state by a freshman.”

The three sighed helplessly and raised their heads to look at Tiger.

Tigers sturdy back was facing them as he walked toward Lu Yu.

His ten fingers had become a pair of claws.

However, it was different from Lu Yu.

In Lu Yus case, his entire arm had undergone a change, and it was as if a dragons arm had been transplanted into his arm.

From this point of view, there was no way Lu Yus dragon claws could not be Tigers match.

“Lu Yu, your performance was outstanding, forcing me to step up.

But now that Im here, it can only end with your defeat, get it”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“When the previous two came out, they also said the same thing.

But it seems no one can say for sure what the result will be.”

Tiger clenched his teeth and glared at Lu Yu with anger.

“Im not joking with you.

You will lose!”

With a roar, Tiger charged toward Lu Yu.

With a swoosh, he instantly appeared before Lu Yu.

Tigers speed was much faster than Lu Yus.

The most important thing was that Tiger did not use any skills; this was just his base speed stats manifesting.

Immediately after, he swung his right claw and tried to grab onto Lu Yu.

Lu Yu countered with his left fist.

He clenched his Diamond Dragon Claw and swung it into Tigers fist.

The hard diamond and immense strength hit Tigers fist, turning it numb.

He retreated repeatedly and shook his right hand.

“Your strength is decent, but its a pity that youre still inferior to me.”

As Tiger said that, he clawed over once again.

Lu Yu punched out again, hitting Tigers fist just like before.

However, Tigers right claw withstood Lu Yus punch and continued to push forward.

When the Martial Arts Club members saw this, they all got excited.

“Senior Brother Tigers strength is above Lu Yus!”

“This is him showing the oppressiveness of his strength.

What does Lu Yu have left to fight against Brother Tiger”

“Whether its speed, strength, or attack, Brother Tiger is stronger than Lu Yu.

This time, its a sealed deal for our victory.”

“We lost because we underestimated our opponent in the previous two battles.

This time, Senior Brother Tiger definitely won.”

“Indeed, Bear and Ape arent weak, especially when their battle experience is much richer than Lu Yus.

Lu Yu defeated them because they had underestimated their opponent too much.”

While everyone was commenting excitedly, Tiger was locked in an intense fight with Lu Yu.

Lu Yus fist was tightly grabbed by Tiger, unable to move even an inch forward.

“It looks like your strength is indeed inferior to mine.

But it seems you still have this hard layer of armor.”

“I know that my strength is inferior to yours, but the outcome of a battle does not depend on strength alone!”

Lu Yu replied as his entire left arm began to transform.

The layer of diamond armor turned into dark purple armor.

Its thickness and hardness decreased slightly.

However, thunder elements began to surge.

Crackle! Crackle!

The sound of electricity sparking rang out.

Several bright lightning arcs suddenly appeared from Lu Yus arm and connected themselves to Tigers arm.

The electric current rushed into Tigers body crazily, destroying his body from the inside quickly.

When these electric currents struck Tiger, his whole body twitched, and he was in unbearable pain.

“Damn it, I forgot that you have this ability!”

He resisted the numbness from the electricity and let go of the claw holding Lu Yus fist.

After that, he retreated quickly and increased the distance between himself and Lu Yu.

“Hmph, you have more up your sleeve.

Now that your strength cant compare to mine, you quickly change to something else.”


Tiger commented with an angry tone.

But in reality, he was a little envious.

After all, as strong as the five were, their battle techniques were simple.

Some relied on their fists, strength, defense, healing, and endurance, respectively.

Tiger relied on his pair of claws.

This was also the weapon he was most proud of.

“Lu Yu, your talent gave you your claws, and mine gave me my tiger claws.

We are the same.

Since thats the case, lets not get distracted and only use our claws to fight.

How about it”

Tiger stared at Lu Yu seriously, hoping to get Lu Yus agreement.

Lu Yu thought for a moment and knew Tiger was afraid of his lightning strikes.

He wanted to restrain Lu Yu to only use his claws for attacking.

Lu Yu planned to agree.

If he were to refuse this fight of claws, then Lu Yu might as well give up on his talent.

“Since you want to have a pure claw fight, then come!”

As he said that, Lu Yu switched his claws to the Explosive Dragon Claw.

The Explosive Dragon Claw was the dragon claw Lu Yu used the most.

After all, it was the first dragon claw that evolved.

Therefore, Lu Yu was the most familiar with the Explosive Dragon Claw, giving him the most comfort when using it.

As for Tiger, his pair of tiger claws began to extend slowly.

His entire forearm was expanding.

After it expanded, fur started growing on his arm.

The fur was golden yellow and covered Tigers entire forearm.

After this series of changes, Tigers two forearms became like a tigers actual limbs.

Golden yellow fur, sharp claws, and strong muscles.

Anyone who saw it would say it was a real tigers limbs.

Tiger raised his pair of sharp claws and was proud of it.

“Have you seen my claws They are incomparably sharp, cruel, cold-blooded, and ruthless!”

“I have used these claws to kill countless ferocious beasts!”

Lu Yu raised his Explosive Dragon Claws too.

The claws were sharp but not quite the same as Tigers.

Lu Yus fingers had all turned into claws, and blades grew where his fingernails should be.

“In terms of destructive and attack power, yours are way inferior to mine.

If you dont believe me, then come and give it a try!” Lu Yu commented.

Tiger looked at the confident Lu Yu and laughed loudly, “You must be dreaming, to compare your destructive power with mine!”

“Its your defeat, Lu Yu! Today, you will lose, and I will show you how my Tiger Claws will crush you!”

Tiger roared and rushed at Lu Yu.

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