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Chapter 237 Capturing Deer, Taking Down The Enemy

At that moment, Deer was panting heavily.

He could not help but feel nervous looking at Lu Yu, who was walking towards him.

Deer began to step back slowly.

Right now, he had not fully recovered his health, but his Deer Spirit State was almost over.

“Didnt you want to fight with me Come on then!”

Lu Yu strode in Deers direction.

At the same time, his claws began to burn with dazzling flames.

The scorching flames made Deer frown.

“Haha, dont worry, its just the beginning!”

After saying that, Deers translucent body, which was covered with a layer of a green shield, slowly faded.

His Deer Spirit Status disappeared, and he returned to his solid body.

Lu Yu charged at Deer and raised his claws at the same time, aiming at his enemy!


Lu Yu was extremely fast and was right next to Deer in an instant.

His claws slashed down, cutting his shield.

In almost an instant, the shield shattered!

After breaking the shield, Lu Yus claws immediately slashed again at Deers chest, creating more bloody wounds instantly.

Deer was injured again, but he was still as calm and indifferent as if nothing had happened.

Then, he activated his passive skill again, Deer Spirit State.

Lu Yu sighed, “I thought your Martial Arts Club was just a bunch of muscular men who liked to bang their heads against the wall.

I didnt expect there would be such a rogue-like skill from one of you.”

“I cant waste too much time on you.

Otherwise, things will turn out as you planned.”

Lu Yus mana was almost drained, and he took out a bottle of high-grade mana potion and drank it in one gulp.

After recovering his mana, Lu Yu continued to stare at Deer.

Once he exited his Deer Spirit State, Lu Yu would immediately make another move.

This time, Lu Yu decided to stack a few more skills to deal a more proper burst of damage.

Suddenly, Deer started running swiftly toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu questioned, “You actually dare approach me Dont tell me you think you can beat me!”

After saying that, Deer was already right in front of Lu Yu.

Following that, Deer Spirit State ended.

After returning to his solid form, he swung his fists and punched at Lu Yu.

Although Deers talent only allowed him to reduce damage and increase healing effects, his attack was still strong.

After all, he was also a member of the Martial Arts Club, a higher-up nonetheless.

Naturally, his strength wouldnt be too bad.

Deers fists were like cannonballs, raining down on Lu Yu.

So, Lu Yu took a few steps back to dodge Deers attack.

Lu Yu was miles ahead of Deer in terms of speed.

The effect from his Dragon Shadow skill was unique and could completely make up for the difference in their base speed stats.

Suddenly, Lu Yu remembered that he could have different dragon claws in both hands.

He raised his right hand and switched to the Diamond Dragon Claw while his left hand was still the Explosive Dragon Claw.

Deer charged once again at Lu Yu.

He knew that his goal was to exhaust Lu Yu, but if he could find a moment of weakness in Lu Yu, he wouldnt mind trying to defeat him.

Deer charged repeatedly, and Lu Yu retreated continuously to avoid his attacks.

The continuous dodging act from Lu Yu gave excitement to the members of the Martial Arts Club.

“Quick, look! I think Senior Brother Deer can win!”

“Did offense and defense switch places It looks like Senior Brother Deer has the upper hand.

Perhaps, the battle with Lu Yu might end with Deer.”

“Haha, it does seem like Lu Yus stamina is almost exhausted.

Brother Tiger probably doesnt even need to go on stage.”

Everyone was discussing the state of the fight.

They felt that Deer was going to win after seeing his momentum.

Lu Yus ferocious attack at the beginning turned into a continuous retreat, giving everyone else the assumption that he couldnt take it anymore.

It could be that Lu Yu was out of stamina, or it could be that his mana was exhausted.

Regardless, Lu Yu seemed like he couldnt fight anymore.

Tiger and the others concentrated on the fight and didnt conclude too early.

Suddenly, Lu Yu made an abrupt move that shocked everyone.


Lu Yus right hand instantly shot out.

The hard and sharp dragon claws immediately grabbed onto Deers body, making him unable to move or struggle.

The Diamond Dragon Claws were strong and incomparably hard.

Once these diamond claws grabbed anyone, it would be nearly impossible to break free unless they tore off their flesh…

Lu Yu grabbed Deers shoulder with one hand and dug into it, creating five bloody holes.

This death grip turned Deers face pale with fright.

He couldnt enter his Deer Spirit State, but he was held in place by Lu Yu…

This time, he was doomed.

Deer hurriedly raised his fist and smashed it into Lu Yus face.

Lu Yu stretched out his left hand and placed the tip of his claw on Deers chest.

“Do you want me to stab in”

Deers movements froze as he stared fixedly into Lu Yus eyes.

“Go ahead and stab.

If you stab in, Ill be able to break free!”

Lu Yu shook his head slightly.

“Ill control my strength and ensure Im always dealing damage under the Deer Spirit State activation threshold range.

How about that”

“Ive caught you now, and I have plenty of time.

Ill accompany you slowly so that you can use your healing arts.

It really doesnt matter.”

Hearing this, Deers face turned pale.

He… had lost…

Now that he was under captivity, everything he could do was within Lu Yus range of control.

Lu Yu only needed to use weaker attacks to wear him down slowly and gradually.

Even if Deer had healing buffs and spells, he would not be able to use them after a while.

Lu Yu looked at him and continued to ask, “Didnt you want to fight a battle of endurance with me Lets do it.

How about it”

Deers entire body trembled.

The pain in his shoulder was still racking his brain, and he got anxious.

“I know Ive already lost.

The difference between my strength and yours is too big, not just strength alone.”

“If it werent for this Deer Spirit talent, I probably wouldnt even have the qualifications to stand before you.

Since thats the case, it seems that you can continue to challenge the next of us.”

When Deer said this, the members of the Martial Arts Club were in disbelief.

“Brother Deer, why Theres still a chance to fight!”

“Thats right.

Beat yourself up! Gather enough damage to trigger Deer Spirit.”

“Are you admitting defeat just like that Arent you here to fight a battle of endurance This is just lame.”

“It seems the most useless of the five senior brothers has shown itself.”

The Martial Arts Club members were all somewhat disappointed.

Not only did Deer not buy enough time to exhaust Lu Yu, but he also destroyed their clubs morale.

After all, he was the only one who surrendered.

However, Deer had no other choice.

If he did not surrender now, it was equivalent to being tortured.

What was the point of only ending the battle after getting tortured

Lu Yu put Deer down and let him stand straight.

Then, Lu Yu turned around and looked at Tiger.

“Hurry up and come over here.

Let me see what kind of strength you have.

Judging by your confidence, your strength must be something special, right”

Tiger rolled up his sleeves, revealing his thick and strong forearm.

Immediately after, his ten fingernails turned black and began to grow, turning into sharp tiger claws.

The length of the claws alone was as long as an index finger.

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