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Chapter 236 Exhausting The Deer Spirit

Deer, before Lu Yu, had unexpectedly become his most troublesome enemy.

When he was fighting Bear and Ape, Lu Yu did not feel as powerless.

But now that he was facing Deer, Lu Yu actually felt a little helpless.

Lu Yu charged forward once more, reaching out and swiping his Exploding Dragon Claws at Deer!

Deer only had 200 defense left, while Lu Yus base attack stats were 500.

In other words, Lu Yus claws were guaranteed to deal 300 damage.

Although Deers health was high, the damage dealt by Lu Yus claw attack would still be huge.

Lu Yus claws once again slashed at Deers chest, leaving several wounds.

Blood continuously spurts out of his bloody wounds, giving him a gory look.

However, this had already happened once, and Deer recovered instantly.

After taking this claw attack, Deer entered his Deer Spirit State again.

His body shifted to a spiritual state.

It had no substance, could not attack, and could not be attacked.

His entire body was covered in a green light, and a pair of spirit antlers appeared on his head.

Then, Deer used his healing skill again and immediately recovered his health.

This scene was witnessed by the members of the Martial Arts Club, which reassured them.

Although Deers battle was boring, it was a battle of endurance and who would be the last man standing!

It was boring to watch, but it was effective.

It was good enough for them as long as it was effective against Lu Yu!

Even if Deer could not win in the end, Lu Yu would at least be spent.

His stamina and mana would be exhausted, and what else would Lu Yu have left to fight

He could only surrender at that time.

Tiger looked at Deer with a smile.

“Hold on a little longer, and play with him!”

Deer only smiled faintly and engaged with Lu Yu.

Lu Yu retreated.

In terms of speed, Deer was slower than Lu Yu.

Therefore, as long as Lu Yu did not take the initiative, Deer would definitely not be able to get close.

After Deer took two steps forward, his body was no longer translucent and turned back into its solid state.

Lu Yu shook his claws and was ready to attack again.

Deer smiled and said, “Let me remind you, my Deer Spirit skill has no cooldown time.

As long as I receive damage, I will enter my spirit state, and nothing will be able to come into contact with me.”

Lu Yu frowned slightly.

It seemed that this guy was determined to draw this battle out!

Lu Yu thought to himself.

Would he be able to cripple his enemy if he could deal enough explosive damage in one shot


From the looks of it, it would take five seconds for Deer to return to his physical form from his Deer Spirit State.

These five seconds were enough for him to recover fully.

If Deer could not recover within that time, Lu Yu would have a chance to defeat him.

However, if Lu Yus explosive damage was high enough, he might just be able to cripple Deer instantly.

Lu Yu thought about it.

His Dragon Fists explosive damage was definitely the best option here.

However, Deer would die if Lu Yu used his Dragon Fist.

He wouldnt even be able to enter his Deer Spirit State.

After all, the trigger condition for this skill was that he had to receive damage to enter his spirit state.

If the damage from the first attack killed him, then his skill would be useless.

Nonetheless, Lu Yu didnt plan to use his Dragon Fist on this guy.

Thus, flames started to rise from his Exploding Dragon Claws.

He activated his Flaming Claw, allowing Lu Yus next attack to have the bonus damage from the burning effect.

He activated the Flaming Claw for the second, third, and fourth time.

The stacked four Flaming Claws caused Lu Yus claws to burn white-red.

The temperature was so high that even Lu Yus armor and pants started burning red.

Seeing the air around Lu Yus claws distort, Deer frowned.

He was now nearly ten meters from Lu Yu, but he could still feel the terrifying heat Lu Yu was giving off!

He looked at Lu Yus pair of claws and could not help but gulp.

If this pair of sharp claws were to attack him, it would be difficult for him even to take a hit.

Tiger, who was beside him, also saw something was wrong.

“Shit, this guys claws can get that hot.

This isnt good!”

“Deer, hold on well.

As long as you are not defeated by one attack, you will have more chances!”

Deer nodded, “Dont worry, Ill use the Deer Spirit Skill to deal as much damage as possible!”

From the beginning, he had no intention of winning.

As long as he could drain Lu Yus stamina, mana, and also cause some damage, it would be enough.

After all, there were still two more fighters after him.

This method was effective, but it was also shameless.

At that moment, Lu Yu walked toward Deer.

Deer, who was not in his Deer Spirit State, got anxious when he saw Lu Yu coming at him.

He did not know if he could take on this claw attack, so he cast a defensive skill.

A thin layer of shield wrapped around Deers entire body like a thin film.

This shield could only withstand 300 points of damage, and Deer was a little worried that this shield would be useless.

Just as Deer was worried, Lu Yu instantly flashed to Deer.

This speed was beyond Deers vision could follow.

It would be impossible if he wanted to catch up to Lu Yus movement speed.

Once Lu Yu rushed over, he raised his claws and slashed at Deer.

Lu Yus claws slashed through the air and created two huge plumes of flames.

The flames danced along with Lu Yus claws.

It was obvious that the heat from this claw attack was ridiculously high!

Deer panicked.

He quickly used his hands to block Lu Yus attack, wanting to increase the chances of him surviving Lu Yus attack.

Lu Yus claws came and chopped down at Deers arms!


With a ringing sound, Lu Yus claws clashed with Deers shield, instantly breaking it.

Deer was distraught.

He moved his hands away and allowed Lu Yus claws to hit his body, believing he could still take one hit from Lu Yu.

Even if it was a serious injury, he had to bear it.

As long as he was not instant-killed, he still had a chance to enter his Deer Spirit State to recover.

Lu Yus claws stabbed into Deers chest, dragging down and leaving two huge gashes on his chest.

A burning effect accompanied these wounds.

The pain of the burning wounds made Deer clench his teeth!

Lu Yu chuckled, “Looks like you plan to challenge my damage output limit.

Since thats the case, Ill let you experience it!”

Lu Yu knew that Deer was here to consume his energy, so he had to do his best to incapacitate Deer quickly.

Only then would he have a chance to defeat the remaining two fighters.

At that moment, Deer had entered his Deer Spirit State weakly.

He hurriedly used a healing skill to recover.


Before he could fully recover, his Deer Spirit State had already ended.

Deer only had slightly over half of his health after recovering.

This amount was not enough…

Lu Yu was already grinding his claws together as he walked to Deer.


“Prepare to receive my second burst of attacks!”

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