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Chapter 235 Deers Battle Style

Tiger angrily walked toward Lu Yu and revealed both of his hands at the same time.

“Youre going to lose for sure.

Im shocked that Bear and Ape couldnt defeat you, but you will never win against me!”

He was confident because he knew his overall strength was stronger than Bear and Apes.

Therefore, when Tiger stood up, he knew he could defeat Lu Yu.

Lu Yu looked at him and sized him up.

Tigers muscles were bulging, just like a bodybuilders.

Lu Yus muscles were much smaller than his.

The difference was similar to that between a professional bodybuilder and a casual gym goer.

“Very good.

Im looking forward to fighting with you the most among the five of you.”

The reason why Lu Yu was looking forward to it was mainly that Tigers fighting style was similar to Lu Yus.

He also used claws in a fight.

Of course, if Tiger could transform into a ferocious beast like Bear and Ape, then he should have a pair of sharp tiger fangs that he could use.

In short, Lu Yu and the Tiger had some similarities.

Fighting with Tiger would allow Lu Yu to understand the true strength of the Martial Arts Clubs stronghold.

Just as Tiger was getting ready for the oncoming battle, Deer stood out.

“Tiger, let me go next!” said Deer firmly.

Tiger looked at him with a puzzled expression and asked, “Why I can end him immediately if I go up next.

If its you, what if something happens”

Deer looked at Tiger with a serious expression.

“Dont worry.

My combat strength isnt weak, either.

Although I dont have 100% confidence in dealing with Lu Yu, youll definitely win the next battle with me making the first move!”

Tiger was unhappy.

“Do you think I need you to exhaust him first to win Theres no need for that.

Just let me go up, and I will take him down.”

Deer still shook his head.

“Let me do it.

My continuous combat ability is strong, and I can exhaust his stamina.

When my battle is over, no matter if you or Bird go up, we will definitely win!”

Tiger looked at Deer solemnly and finally nodded his head.

“Since you are so determined, I wont say anything more.

Next, its up to you.”

Tiger took a step back and handed over the battlefield to Deer as he said this.

Deer took a step forward and walked toward Lu Yu.

The guy walking to Lu Yu was thin, even thinner than he was.

However, Deer was quite tall.

On the whole, he looked like a weak, scholarly type of guy.

Lu Yu found it hard to imagine that this guy could enter the Martial Arts Club, as this place was full of muscular men.

Students with Deers appearance would usually appear in the Array Formation Club and Pharmaceutical Club, so he felt out of place here.

However, Lu Yu still concentrated on the upcoming battle.

He wouldnt be careless.

At that moment, Deer walked up to Lu Yu and looked straight into his eyes.

“From these two battles, I can tell that your strength is extraordinary.

But from now on, you have no hope of winning when we get serious.”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“You dont think that just by saying these words, you can make me give up on the battle, right”

Deer shook his head and replied, “Of course not, I dont think so.

Lets just start the fight and let the results speak for themselves!”

Lu Yu carefully sized him up.

Something was off about how Deer was acting; he was too easygoing!

Unlike Bear or Ape, filled with gunpowder the moment they started fighting, this fellow in front of Lu Yu did not seem like he was here to fight.

Lu Yu hurriedly activated his Eye of the Dragon God and looked at Deer.

There was definitely something wrong with him!

[ Lu Xin ]

[ Talent: Deer Spirit, S-Level.

The user will enter a Deer Spirit State when receiving 10% damage in a shot.

The user will be unable to be attacked or touched in this state.

Healing effect increased by 30% ]

[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 320 ]

[ Speed: 450 ]

[ Health: 850 ]

[ Mana: 720 ]

[ Defense: 210 ]

Deers attributes were very unusual.

Deer was the first to have such low defense and attack stats among the Martial Arts Club members.

Both Bear and Apes stats were way stronger than his.

However, Lu Yu was surprised that Deers mana was exceptionally outstanding.

Having cultivated such a mana value, it must be of great use.

It seemed that Deer relied on his talent mostly in battle.

After all, this was an S-level talent.

Hence, Lu Yu took the initiative to launch an attack.

His hands changed into Explosive Dragon Claws as he charged at Deer.

Lu Yu appeared in front of Deer and swiped his claws over him.

The sharp tip of his claws instantly cut through Deers chest, and blood started flowing from the wounds!

Deer clenched his teeth, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

It seemed that the damage from this claw attack was not pleasant for him.

Lu Yu was surprised that Deer stood on the spot and didnt even dodge.

Could it be that he intended to use his talent skill, the Deer Spirit State, right from the start

The Martial Arts Club members at the side were the same, calm as Deer as if this was a typical battle.

At that moment, Lu Yu noticed something unusual.

He saw Deers entire body suffused with a layer of light green light.

The light enveloped Deer, changing his entire body into gradual transparency.

At the same time, a pair of deer antlers appeared on his forehead.

The antlers were also semi-transparent, as if they were nothing but a shadow projecting over his head.

Lu Yu swung his claws once again.

However, this time, the claws phased through Deers body.

It seemed that Deer had indeed entered his Deer Spirit State.

He could neither be attacked nor touched.

Lu Yu was somewhat speechless.

Was this dudes fighting style like this

Under Lu Yus gaze, Deers health began to recover.

It seemed that he had used a healing skill to recover his health.

Soon, his health returned to its peak, and the wound on his chest disappeared.

Deer walked toward Lu Yu.

Deer was still translucent.

He directly stepped through Lu Yus body and reached behind him.

Before Lu Yu could react, Deers skill ended, and he transformed back to his physical body.

Then, he punched Lu Yu hard in the back.

With a dull thud, Lu Yu staggered two steps and almost fell to the ground.

Lu Yu quickly turned around and looked at Deer.

He saw a faint smile on Deers face.

That smile was serene like he hadnt done anything.

His injuries disappeared, and it was as if nothing had happened.

Such calm made Lu Yu doubt himself.

Was this a real fight

Of course, he was definitely in a fight.

However, the enemy before him had incredible recovery and evasion abilities!

It seemed like this fellow was going to fight a battle of endurance!

As long as Lu Yu launched an attack, Deer would enter his Deer Spirit State.

In this state, even if Deer were next to Lu Yu, Lu Yu wouldnt be able to do anything to him.

Moreover, Deers recovery skills were crazy strong.

With just a tiny recovery skill and the support of his talent, he could instantly recover to total health!

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