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Chapter 234 Consecutive Punches, Defeating The Demon Ape

Lu Yu was in an intense battle with the Demon Ape, and the two sides were locked in a stalemate.

The Demon Apes frenzied punches gradually overwhelmed Lu Yu.

Lu Yu felt the pain in his fists, but to the Demon Ape, he had already forgotten what pain was.

The only thing on his mind was the word “battle.”

When the crowd saw that Lu Yu was actually fighting evenly with the Demon Ape, they all turned pale with fright.

“This fellow Lu Yu is so bold.

Hes fighting the Demon Ape, is he crazy”

“Those who fought with the Demon Ape were all crippled without exception, and most of them were killed.

The fact that hes fighting the Demon Ape head-on is simply courting death!”

“He might die here or, at the very least, have his entire bodys bones broken!”

“Hehe, hes looking down on the Demon Ape just by being bold enough to fight him!”

Everyone was shocked that Lu Yu dared compete with the Demon Ape in terms of strength!

Logically speaking, Lu Yu should have started kiting the Demon Ape and not had a head-on clash.

However, Lu Yu did not do so.

Instead, he fought fist-to-fist against the Demon Ape.

The fists of both parties had already turned into blurry afterimages.

The speed was so fast that it was difficult for the human eye to distinguish between them.

Tiger, who was at the side, watched seriously and could not help but sigh, “If I were the one fighting here with my fists, I would have most likely lost.

But of course, I should be able to win against the Demon Ape if I were to use my claws…”

At that moment, Lu Yus right hand instantly changed into the Thunder Dragon Claw.

Lu Yus attack had added electrical damage in the next exchange of fists.

Of course, as the Demon Ape had no resistance to lightning, it ignored his defense and directly dealt damage.

Lu Yu also did not need to break through his armor to deal damage to the Demon Ape continuously.

Gradually, the Demon Ape felt that something was wrong with his body.

The electric current was engulfing his entire body and slowly destroying his muscles.

The movements of his punches were no longer nimble.


Lu Yu opened up the Demon Apes defense with one punch.

Taking advantage of the gap, Lu Yu closed in.

Then, he activated his Uppercut skill!

A fierce uppercut punch sent the Demon Ape flying into the air!

When the onlookers saw this, they exclaimed in shock.

“Its this move again.

Hes going to launch another combo!”

“Eh Thats impossible, right How can he send the Demon Ape in the air with his huge body”

“Hah, Bears weight is much heavier than the Demon Ape.

Wasnt Bear thrown to the air as well”

“Lu Yus strength is terrifying.”

Lu Yu threw an uppercut punch and sent the Demon Ape flying higher.

TheDemon Ape was more than ten meters above ground, but at that moment, it was enough for Lu Yu to perform many different maneuvers.

Lu Yus right claw changed from Thunder Dragon Claw to Diamond Dragon Claw!

A pair of Diamond Dragon Claws activated his Armor Penetration skill!

Both claws slashed down fiercely.

The Diamond Dragon Claws were hard, powerful, and sharp.

Therefore, it easily broke through the Demon Apes defense.

Lu Yus armor penetration effect had reached 50% with the enhancement of the Diamond Dragon Claws!

With this claw strike, two rows of wounds were left on the Demon Apes chest.

At the same time, the Demon Apes hide was softened, and his defense was reduced to 220!

From 400 to 200, Lu Yus armor penetration effect was extremely effective!

Lu Yus next attack was going to have a more shocking effect!

The Demon Ape got furious.

He opened his huge mouth and revealed his sharp fangs, about to bite Lu Yu.

This was the characteristic of a wild beast.

Once forced into a corner, he would bite Lu Yu.

However, Lu Yu did not care about his huge jaws and terrifying fangs.

Lu Yu clenched his fists again.

His muscles tensed up as he ruthlessly smashed toward the Demon Apes chest!

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!!

Consecutive punches were thrown out in an instant.

They ruthlessly smashed into the Demon Apes chest.

The next moment, countless dents appeared on the Demon Apes chest, and a few of its ribs were broken!

Following that, the Demon Ape landed heavily on the ground.


With a loud sound, the Demon Ape was smashed into the ground, and a huge crater was formed.

Dust filled the air and instantly spread in all directions.

The members of the Martial Arts Club covered their mouths and noses and waved their hands to disperse the dust.

Tigers eyes were wide open at that moment as he stared intently at the smoke.

He started to get nervous.

He did not expect Lu Yus series of punches to be this ferocious!

Ape might not be able to withstand this series of attacks.

As the smoke gradually dispersed, Tiger and the other three saw Ape.

At that moment, Apes entire body was shrinking.

This continuous shrinking caused him to return to his original size gradually.

This scene stunned Tiger.

“He… he actually returned to his original form This is impossible, impossible!” Tiger shouted agitatedly.

Deer, who had always been calm, started panicking too.

“This is strange.

Isnt Lu Yu a claw user How are his fists this full of power as well”

“Damn it, this fellows strength is not normal.

It looks like we have to give our 100% focus in the next battle,” said Bird.

Everyone saw Ape lying in the crater.

At that moment, Ape was about to pass out.

His body was covered in wounds, and fresh blood dyed his entire body red.

In this state, it seemed he had lost the ability to fight.

In fact, he was about to lose his life.

Lu Yu first penetrated his armor, then a series of punches came down, crippling Ape!

This scene made the members of the Martial Arts Club tremble in fear.

In their opinion, no one could fight head-on with the Demon Ape.

The only outcome of a fight with him was death!

However, Lu Yu had not only fought head-on with the Demon Ape, and he had fought against it toe-to-toe.

At the critical moment, he even switched to the Thunder Dragon Claw and electrocuted the Demon Ape, finding his flaw!

Through this flaw, Lu Yu could execute an exciting series of attacks and beat the Demon Ape back to his original form!

Tiger looked at Lu Yus figure and could not help but swallow his saliva.

He originally thought Lu Yu would have to avoid the battle and not fight head-on against the Demon Ape.

Lu Yu would have to use all kinds of skills to skirt around the Demon Ape.

Lu Yu would have a chance of winning only with this fighting style.

But Lu Yu knew that the Demon Apes strength was its fists, yet he still used his fists to defeat the Demon Ape!

It was as if he was telling everyone that Ape was no match for him!

At that moment, everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

The Demon Apes defeat had hit them hard in the face.

Only Deer ran over and dragged Ape back to heal him.

Lu Yu turned around, looked at Tiger, and said, “Whos going to fight me next Stop wasting time and stand out!”

Tiger was enraged and walked toward Lu Yu.

“The guts you have to say this before us! Ill end you today by letting you know what true strength is!”

“From today onwards, the Featherwing Club will never be able to stand again!”

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