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Chapter 233 Facing Hard, Head-On

Apes muscles all over his body expanded rapidly.

His height continued to rise from 1.8 meters to more than 2 meters!

The muscles all over his body grew crazily.

His huge muscles started resembling those of a silverback gorilla.

Dark purple fur grew all over his body, and sharp fangs protruded out of his mouth.

He raised his head and let out a roar.

He slammed his hand over his chest and it let out a muffled sound.

He had transformed from a normal human into a giant ape!

Lu Yu could see that Ape had lost his human rationality.

His eyes were filled with viciousness, just like an absolute primordial beast.

Lu Yu glanced at it with his Eye of the Dragon God and obtained the attributes of the Demon Ape.

[ Yuan Yongfei ]

[ Talent: Demon Ape Bloodline, A-Level.

Increases strength, attack power, speed, health, and defense ]

[ Talent Skill: Demon Ape Descends, double attributes ]

[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 700 ]

[ Speed: 350 ]

[ Health: 750 ]

[ Mana: 420 ]

[ Defense: 440 ]

The overall prowess of this guy gave Lu Yu a headache.

His overall attributes were much stronger than Bears.

Bears attributes were heavily biased, so it was relatively easy to fight him.

However, Ape was different, with his overall strength on par with Lu Yus.

His attack was 200 points higher than Lu Yus.

His speed was decent, and his health was also higher than Lu Yus.

Practically every attribute of his was stronger than Lu Yus.

However, he paid the price to obtain these attributes.

That price was that he had utterly lost all rationality.

After defeating the enemy before him, he might even launch an attack on his teammates.

Ape had already become entirely inhuman.

Seeing the huge Demon Ape, Tiger and the others could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“He used the skill at last.

It looks like this battle ends here, and Ape has already won!”

“Next, we must pay attention after the battle ends, as Ape will continue to attack us.

If that happens, it will be troublesome.”

Deer, who was at the side, quickly reminded, “Everyone, take a step back.

If you see that the situation is not right, quickly run away.

The Demon Ape is not a being you can fight against!”

The other members of the Martial Arts Club could not help but take two steps back after hearing Deers advice.

Although they had never seen Ape turn into his Demon Ape form, if it could make Tiger and the others nervous, this form wouldnt be anything ordinary.

Tiger and the other three were still standing in the same spot, watching the battle between the Demon Ape and Lu Yu.

Only the four combined could do it if they wanted to stop the Demon Ape from losing control.

“Lu Yu, youre going to lose for sure.

At least you will be alive if you escape now.” Bird smiled contemptuously, looking at Lu Yu with pity.

After all, facing such a monster would be a miserable experience.

“Hehe, the Demon Apes fist is nicknamed The Mortar.

No one dares to fight head-on with the Demon Ape unless he doesnt want to live anymore!” proclaimed Tiger.

Lu Yu didnt bother himself with these people.

His gaze was fixed on the Demon Ape in front of him.

The strength and weaknesses of this Demon Ape were already clear to him.

In terms of attributes, Lu Yus was definitely inferior, practically crushed in all aspects.

However, this Demon Ape had already lost its rationality.

To obtain great power, he gave up his intelligence, and that was courting death.

Losing his rationality meant that this fellow should not be able to use most of his skills.

It seemed that this battle was not as one-sided as it appeared.

Even if Lu Yus attributes were much lower, he still had chances.

The next moment, the Demon Ape flashed and left an afterimage, charging toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu was shocked as he did not expect him to be this fast.

The 350 points of speed were indeed much more than Lu Yus 200 points.

However, Lu Yu did not mostly rely on his speed attributes to dodge.

His agility was primarily dependent on his skill, Dragon Shadow!

The Demon Ape rushed to Lu Yu in a flash, smashing his huge fist onto Lu Yu like a cannonball falling from the sky.

If Lu Yu were hit, his facial features would probably be disfigured.

However, once the Demon Apes fist smashed down, he hit nothing but air and Lu Yus afterimage.

The Demon Ape snorted angrily and quickly turned his head to look for Lu Yus figure.

At that moment, Lu Yu had already appeared behind the Demon Ape.

Lu Yu swooshed his Diamond Dragon Claw onto the Demon Apes waist.

As if it had sensed Lu Yus aura, the Demon Ape turned around like lightning and punched at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu quickly clenched his claws into a fist and also punched the Demon Ape.


With a loud bang, the fists of both man and beast collided.

The Demon Apes fist was almost as big as Lu Yus head, but when it collided with Lu Yus fist, it was stopped short.

This strength made the Demon Ape grit its teeth as it tried to push forward.

When the onlookers saw this, they all had incredulous expressions on their faces.

“Just how strong is Lu Yu Hes withstanding the Demon Apes fist!”

“Hah, so what if hes strong Can his attack and defense compare to the Demon Apes”

“Thats true.

Look, Lu Yus fist started cracking!”

Everyone looked over and stared at Lu Yus fist.

Indeed, there were a few cracks in Lu Yus diamond fist.

The diamond armor attached to Lu Yus five tough claws started cracking when it clashed with the Demon Apes fist.

Lu Yus lips twitched.

When their fists clashed, he felt a faint, painful sensation.

It looked like this guys attack power was indeed through the roof!

The Demon Ape retracted his fist and swung it at Lu Yu again!

Lu Yu was unwilling to give up and continued to use his fist to meet it!

The fists of both parties collided fiercely and produced an intense bang again.

At the same time, the terrifying force of the collision created an intense airflow in their surroundings.

The Demon Apes fist accelerated, using his left fist to follow his right.

They connected seamlessly and bombarded Lu Yu.

Meanwhile, Lu Yu also swung his fists and blitzed the Demon Ape.

Bang! Bang! Bang…!

Continuous sounds of fists colliding rang out.

This intense fistfight made the onlookers exclaim with fascination.

However, Lu Yu gradually lost his strength as the exchange went on.

The key issue was that Lu Yus defense was not up to par.

If he continued this, his fist would be injured.

Fortunately, the Diamond Dragon Claw was hard enough and could withstand it for a moment longer.

The rapid punches stirred the surrounding air.

This was enough to prove the intense battle between the two sides!

At that moment, Lu Yu suddenly felt he could change his right fist while maintaining his left one.

While continuously punching, Lu Yus right hand transformed into the Thunder Dragon Claw!

The Thunder Dragon Claw also had a layer of armor on it, but its defense was slightly weaker than the Diamond Dragon Claw.

The trade-off was that its lightning strikes were very effective.

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