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Chapter 232 Demon Ape Descends

Lu Yu blocked all of Apes storm-like punches.

There was not a single one that went through.

Moreover, Lu Yus fist was stronger.

While perfectly blocking, it also caused Ape to suffer damage.

Gradually, Apes strength was exhausted, and his speed slowed down.

At the same time, he started to retreat, increasing the distance between him and Lu Yu.

He took a few steps back, trying to back up.

He panted heavily, and his forehead was full of sweat.

Ape looked at Lu Yu, and his eyes went from contempt to exhaustion within a minute.

He did not expect Lu Yus fist to be so hard, fast, accurate, and powerful.

He had no chance of defeating Lu Yu in a fistfight from almost any angle.

However, Ape only knew how to throw his fists…

This was awkward.

He panted and did not know what to do next.

Lu Yu looked at him and asked, “Are we still going to continue Dont tell me you want to call for a halftime break”

The members of the Martial Arts Club were furious.

Their arrogance just a moment ago backfired now that Lu Yu had mocked them, giving them anxiety.

“Senior Brother Ape beat this guy up and smash his boastfulness!”

“Dont give this guy a chance.

End the battle as soon as possible.”

“Senior brother, this guy is just too cocky, not taking you seriously at all.”

“Hurry up and whip this guy and make him get lost.

How dare he be so smug before us!”

At that moment, Apes back was facing everyone, so no one could see the skin on the joints of his fingers.

His fingers were already broken.

Lu Yus diamond armor was so tough that he couldnt even dent it.

“I, I will make this guy pay!”

Ape lost his confidence, but he still had the desire to fight.

He felt that he still had a chance to defeat Lu Yu.

Therefore, he took out a bottle of high-grade life potion from his storage ring, opened the cork, and drank it in one gulp.

This scene puzzled everyone.

“It cant be that bad of a situation that senior brother has to pop a potion this quickly, right”

“The battle has only just begun, and he drank a high-grade life potion.

Can he even continue fighting”

“Its over.

Drinking a life potion now means he will lose room for making mistakes.

After all, a bottle of high-grade life potion has a few minutes of cooldown time.

Even if senior brothers talent can shorten the cooldown time, he still needs to hold on for a minute or two.”

“Look, senior brother is already injured.”

Suddenly, someone realized that the wounds on Apes hands were dripping with blood.

They could even see traces of white bones.

The most important thing was that his finger bones were fractured, making it difficult for him to continue fighting.

“Fuck, senior brother is injured!”

“Did Senior Brother Ape lose the first battle Hes injured so severely.”

“On the other hand, Lu Yu doesnt seem to have any problems.”

“Shit, he has armor on him.

Its no wonder Senior Brother Ape cant compete with him.”

“Bloody shameless.

If you have the ability, use your normal fists to fight with Senior Brother Ape!”


Lu Yu couldnt be bothered to listen to the yappings of the others.

If he had to cancel the Diamond Dragon Claw and use his regular fists to fight Ape, it would mean something was wrong with Lu Yus brain.

At that moment, Ape finished drinking the life potion, and his wounds began to heal.

The wounds on his knuckles quickly healed and formed scabs.

At the same time, the fractures also began to mend themselves.

Lu Yu naturally would not give him another chance.

So, he rushed forward.

When Ape saw Lu Yu rushing over, he panicked.

His fists were still recovering, and he would need at least ten seconds for them to recover fully.

Hence, he had no other choice but to block Lu Yus attack with his hands helplessly.

Lu Yus fists smashed into Ape.

His incomparably hard fists were like a huge, heavy block of diamond smashing down.

Ape used both of his arms to block Lu Yus fists.

However, the first punch twisted Apes face in pain.

When Lu Yus fist landed, Apes forearm let out a cracking sound!


A crisp, cracking sound could be heard, and Apes face distorted.

He backed up, using his left hand to support his fractured right arm.

Before the pain could be alleviated, Lu Yu rushed over again.

His speed was so fast that Ape almost didnt react in time.

“Heh, although boxing is my forte, my speed is not to be underestimated.

I will show you how quick my speed is!”

The muscles on Apes thigh swelled up and became a full circle thicker!

Following that, he quickly dashed and started to distance himself from Lu Yu, buying time to recover.

When Lu Yu saw him displaying the speed he was proud of, Lu Yu could not help but laugh.

This speed was far inferior to Lu Yus.

At the very least, it was far inferior to Lu Yus Dragon Shadow skill.

The next moment, Lu Yus figure flashed and appeared in front of Ape.

Looking at Lu Yu, who appeared out of nowhere, Ape was shocked and stood rooted to the ground.

“This… When”

Before he could react at all, Lu Yu had already arrived before him.

The onlookers were all surprised by Lu Yus speed.

“Holy, that speed is quick!”

“How did he move just now I didnt see it at all!”

“I widened my eyes to the maximum and still couldnt see his trajectory.

Its so strange and so ridiculous!”

“This speed is much faster than Senior Brother Apes.”

For a moment, the arrogant crowd got nervous and held their breath.

From their point of view, Ape was going to lose.

At that moment, Ape watched as Lu Yu raised his dragon claw and slashed at him.

He had a deep recollection of these Diamond Dragon Claws.

Bear was grabbed by this pair of claws and fiercely pressed against the ground.

He still remembered the scene of the sharp claws goring out a bloody hole.

He did not want to be caught by these, as that would be all too miserable.

The next moment, when Lu Yu clawed at him, Ape shouted, “Youre courting death.

Since you want to go all ruthless with me, I dont need to hold back.

Im going to activate the Demon Ape Descent!”

When Ape said this, his eyes, and the hairs on both his head and body, gradually turned dark purple.

Tiger, who was standing at the side, instantly panicked.

“Ape! Didnt you promise us that you wouldnt activate this skill again”

Deer also panicked, “Ape, you have to calm down.

If you lose, then forget it.

We still have Tiger!”

“Thats right, dont activate this skill.

Do you want to lose control again”

However, Ape didnt care less about their warnings.

The anger in his heart boiled and clouded his judgement.

“I dont care about that.

I only know that I cant lose and wont lose! If I cant defeat this fellow, the Demonic Ape can do it for me!”

Ape roared loudly.

Following that, his muscles began to expand explosively.

His height increased, his muscles grew, and his hair lengthened.

Fangs protruded from his jaws, and his nose began to collapse.

At that moment, it was as if Ape had morphed into an entirely different being.

His entire body underwent a complete transformation.

Tiger stood at the side, his eyes absent-minded.

“Its over.

He still did it.

It looks like Lu Yu will definitely die today…”

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