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Chapter 231 Boxers, Ape

Tiger looked into Lu Yus eyes and was getting increasingly irritated as his anger rose.

“You just defeated Bear and suddenly think you are hot stuff”

Tiger twisted his wrist and stared at Lu Yu with unfriendly eyes.

Lu Yu didnt think much of it.

“Why Are you up next”

Tiger clenched his fists and shouted angrily, “Let me show you what true strength is, and I will give you your defeat.

Just prepare to receive your punishment!”

As he said that, he walked toward Lu Yu with an incredibly aggressive aura.

At that moment, a figure stood in front of Tiger.

“Tiger, leave this guy to me.”

Tiger looked at the figure in front of him and asked, “Ape, are you serious You confident”

Standing before Tiger was a slender young man with strong muscles.

His arms were long, and there were quite some muscles on them.

He looked fit to be a boxer.

“Cheh, of course, Im confident dealing with this guy.”

“The reason why he can defeat Bear is just because of his gimmick.

Bears speed is poor, and his mobility too.

Its easy to see through his attacks, so hes easily taken out by a quick combo.”

“It was precisely because of this that this fellow could defeat Bear.

If Bears speed was just a little faster, Lu Yus combos would not have been able to defeat Bear!”

After listening to Apes analysis, everyone felt that it made sense.

They all contributed Bears loss to his poor mobility and slow speed.

Lu Yu knew that he had relied on his speed advantage to continuously deal a series of damage to Bear, rendering him unable to fight.

However, it was not as if he had never faced Bear head-on before.

In a head-on confrontation, Bear was no longer a match for Lu Yus strength, which was why Lu Yu ended the fight quickly.

But it seemed that these people from the Martial Arts Club did not analyze to this extent.

They still thought Lu Yus strength was inferior to Bears.

Ape took a step forward and looked at Lu Yu.

“Next, Ill be your opponent.

Im similar to you.

My speed, strength, defense, and attack power are balanced.”

“You like to use your fists, and I also like to use my fists.

Of course, your main weapon is your claws rather than your fists.”

“Here, I will use my fists to show you what it means to be overpowered!”

Ape clenched his fists and looked at Lu Yu arrogantly, not taking Lu Yu seriously.

Lu Yu also clenched his fists.

He planned to use his Diamond Dragon Claws to fight Ape.

“Come on, let me see how strong you are!”

As soon as Lu Yu finished his sentence, Ape flashed and appeared before Lu Yu the very next second.

This guys speed was something else, but it was still a little lacking compared to Lu Yus Dragon Shadow skill.

Ape instantly jumped in front of Lu Yu.

He used his ferocious momentum and swung his iron fist toward Lu Yus face!

Apes fist was about the same size as Lu Yus.

The speed at which he swung his fist was as fast as lightning, striking Lu Yu with a snapping sound.

Lu Yus reaction speed wasnt to be underestimated as he hurriedly raised his arm to block Apes fist.


Apes fist landed on Lu Yus Diamond Dragon Claws armor, producing a loud bang.

The friction between Apes fist and Lu Yus armor produced bright sparks!

This intense clash made the blood of the onlookers boil.

The ensuing battle was like watching two top boxers in a boxing match.

It was a free show of an intense battle.

When Apes fist landed, he noticed that something was wrong.

The hardness of Lu Yus diamond armor was harder than most materials he had seen.

It was basically harder than a diamond!

The tremor from his punch forced him to step back and hurt his knuckles.

He looked at Lu Yu, and the superiority in his eyes lessened, getting serious.

However, his attitude was still arrogant.

“This punch showed me your strength, the mediocrity of it.

Its a done deal that I can defeat you!”

The short exchange gave him a feel of Lu Yus strength.

He still felt Lu Yu only had the prowess to spar with him, and it would be difficult for Lu Yu to win this match.

Apes words made many members of the Martial Arts Club excited.

“Senior Brother Ape is just so awesome! Destroy this fellow!”

“I knew you could do it.

Ape will definitely win!”

“Senior brother, I believe you can win!”

“You must avenge Senior Brother Bear!”

Behind Ape, everyone was cheering for him.

Whereas on Lu Yus side, he was alone.

However, Lu Yu did not care.

He simply wanted to take down this stronghold as soon as possible.

Lu Yu said casually, “You are decently strong; I guess its worth it for me to get serious.”

Upon hearing these words, Apes face turned red with anger.

These words were clearly meant to insult him and Bear.

If Lu Yu was only getting serious now, then what was he doing before Playing house

“Good, good! Well, eat my raining iron fist!”

The next moment, Apes figure instantly flashed to Lu Yu.

“Haha, in terms of boxing and fists, the difference between us is that you are still at entry-level while I am someone who has cultivated for a thousand years.

Do you understand”

Lu Yu did not listen to Apes metaphor.

He only raised his fist, preparing to defend and counterattack.

Ape originally wanted to divert Lu Yus attention, but seeing that he had failed, he swung his fists with all his might and smashed them down at Lu Yu.

Apes fists were like a violent storm, forming countless afterimages.

Like a machine gun, they swept towards Lu Yu.

Such terrifying speed made it seem like he had punched dozens of times, all simultaneously!

Lu Yu did not dodge any of them.

Faced with this terrifying fist barrage, Lu Yu clenched his and retaliated!

The Martial Arts Club members were stunned and excited by Apes performance.

“The speed of Senior Brother Apes fist is simply terrifying.

It looks like a machine gun, and who can withstand it”

“Hehe, even Senior Brother Bear cant take it head-on.

Do you expect Lu Yu to last this out Not realistic.”

“Haha, Senior Brother Ape, beat him into meat paste!”

The clamor from the others did not affect the twos focused battle.

Lu Yu swung his fist to counterattack.

His speed, strength, and attack power were not inferior to that of Ape!

Lu Yus Diamond Dragon Claws balled up into a fist and struck Ape.

His speed was on par with Apes!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Continuous collision sounds rang out.

Lu Yus fist turned into streaks of golden afterimages as it collided with Apes fist.

The ear-splitting collision dumbfounded everyone.

This was the first time they had seen such an intense battle.

Lu Yu accurately countered every fist that Ape threw out!

Their fists continued to swing and collide.

The brutal battle between the two parties caused the surrounding air to surge rapidly, along with the speed of their fists.

Amidst the afterimages of the fists, one could vaguely see blood oozing out from Apes fists.

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