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Chapter 230 Smooth Combo, Victory

The electrical currents surged into Bears body, damaging his physical body from the inside out.

However, Bear forcefully withstood it.

He continued to walk toward Lu Yu with heavy steps.

His lightning resistance was average, but fortunately, his thick blood allowed him to withstand it for a while longer.

He slowly edged toward Lu Yu.

Every step he took made the people around him feel anxious.

They only realized how difficult it was for Bear to fight against Lu Yu.

In fact, they had already wavered in their firm belief that Bear could defeat Lu Yu.

At that moment, Lu Yus palms continuously released lightning.

He had just evolved the Thunder Dragon Claw not long ago and was not very proficient at controlling it.

Very quickly, these continuous lightning bolts had used up about half of Lu Yus mana.

Hence, Lu Yu withdrew and prepared to engage in close combat with Bear.

Bears speed had clearly become much faster without the obstruction of those lightning strikes.

However, there were still electrical currents in his body, tormenting him.

He charged toward Lu Yu while gritting his teeth.

His colossal body immediately charged over.

Bears defense was extremely high and came with a long health bar.

However, his attack power was average, inferior to Lu Yu.

Therefore, Lu Yu switched to the Diamond Dragon Claws.

His strength suddenly soared, and his muscles bulged!

Following that, Bears paws struck Lu Yu.

His paws were thick, sturdy, and about the same size as Lu Yus head.

If this slap hit Lu Yu, the damage he would receive wouldnt be minor.

Lu Yu clenched his fist tightly and struck Bears paw.

When the other four saw this, they felt slightly more relieved.

“Lu Yu is actually fighting Bear in close combat, such insolence!”

“Hehe, if he continues to release lightning, I might still think he has a chance of winning.

But now, he has no chance at all!”

“Does he think Bear with his activated Wild Bears Strength isnt strong enough to crush him”

“Hah, hes up against Bear that has activated his Wild Bears Strength in close combat.

Such boldness.

Today, he will definitely lose!”

For a moment, almost everyone believed Lu Yu would lose.

The amplification of the Wild Bears Strength was crazy, giving Bear a leap in strength!

However, Lu Yu had already seen clearly through his Eye of the Dragon God.

The Wild Bears Strength increased Bears defense and attack power, but not his strength, speed, mana, and other attributes.

Therefore, Lu Yu wasnt afraid of confronting Bear head-on in a direct fight!

Lu Yus iron fist struck out and collided with the Bears huge paw, producing a dull sound.


Bears paw was blocked by Lu Yu.

Bears paw was unable to move another inch forward again, and the strength from Bears paw was neutralized entirely.

Bears eyes widened.

He had activated his Wild Bears Strength, yet why was he still unable to contest Lu Yu in terms of strength

Just as he was deep in thought, Lu Yu swung out another fist, ruthlessly smashing toward Bears abdomen!

There was another dull thud.

Lu Yus fist contained a terrifying power, and Bear was forced to retreat with one punch.

Bear staggered two steps and lost his balance, falling to the ground.

Getting knocked down during the battle was something dangerous.

Bear did not have time to think.

He quickly supported himself and tried to stand up.

Lu Yu wouldnt give him this opportunity.

He didnt pause and immediately rushed forward again.


Lu Yus figure flashed.

He activated his Dragon Shadow skill and instantly arrived before Bear.

Bear raised his arm in a panic to block himself.

Lu Yu did not hesitate and immediately activated his skill, Uppercut!

From the contest of strength previously, Lu Yu had estimated that if he used Uppercut, he could totally send this guy flying into the air.

By then, this clumsy fellow wouldnt have any strength left to resist.

It would allow Lu Yu to launch a series of attacks.

The Uppercut was fiercely launched, striking Bears chin.


The punch landed on Bears chin, causing his jaw to fracture and distort his face instantly.

After that, this punch sent his entire body flying into the air, nearly ten meters high!

This height and terrifying strength made everyone around them dumbfounded.

After the punch sent Bear flying, Lu Yu followed closely behind.

He also jumped into the air and arrived beside Bear.

At that moment, Bear, who was sent flying into the air, was about to lose consciousness.

A heavy blow to the chin was fatal.

In professional fighters competitions, nine out of ten KOs were completed with a blow to the chin.

Fortunately, Bears hide was rough and thick.

This punch had only made his head dizzy and hadnt caused him to lose consciousness.

However, he felt despair when he saw Lu Yu.

In mid-air, he was utterly unable to move his body with his poor mobility.

The only thing he could do now was to defend this beating.

When Tiger, Ape, Deer, And Birds saw this, they couldnt help but gulp.

This was the crucial moment, the moment to decide the outcome.

At that moment, Lu Yu activated his Armor Penetration skill.

The sharpness of Lu Yus Diamond Dragon Claws increased, hardening with this skill.

The next moment, Lu Yu stretched out both his claws and clawed at Bears shoulder!

The Diamond Dragon Claws provided Lu Yu with a lot of strength.

With the Armor Penetration skill, which could reduce one-third of Bears armor, Lu Yu could pierce through Bears shoulder hide.

Bear would not be able to withstand Lu Yus claws anymore.

Lu Yus claws tore through Bear with a “Pfft” sound.

Lu Yus ten claw tips pierced into Bears shoulder, creating ten bloody holes.

Fresh blood poured out from Bears shoulder, making him twist his expression.

This pain was unbearable.

Just as Bear let out a blood-curdling scream…

Lu Yus hands pressed down fiercely on Bear.


The immense force caused Bears body to fall rapidly, like an arrow leaving the bow.

He crashed heavily onto the ground, creating a huge crater.

Following that, Lu Yu landed lightly on the ground as if nothing had happened.

Bears entire body crashed, and the violent impact made him feel like his spine had snapped.

He coughed twice, blood seeping out of the corner of his mouth.

His eyes were absent-minded.

At the same time, his body began to shrink, returning to its normal appearance.

His Wild Bears Strength had disappeared.

It was stopped by Lu Yu and not himself.

Lu Yu walked up to Bear and stepped on his chest, twisting his legs on Bears chest.

These twists made Bear howl in pain.

“Victory and defeat should be obvious, right This Bear fellow has already lost thoroughly.

Who is next”

Lu Yu glanced at Tiger and the others indifferently, as if he wasnt taking them seriously.

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