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Chapter 229 Bear, Strengthened

When Bear heard that Lu Yus attack power was similar to Tigers, he got uneasy.

Tiger believed that Lu Yus claw attack power was similar to his, but in reality, he didnt understand it clearly.

Lu Yus Explosive Dragon Claws power was no longer something a bystander could feel.

One had to face these dragon claws personally to know the pressure that these dragon claws brought.

A pair of sharp claws that could slice through anything.

Anyone facing them would be so frightened that their hearts would shake.

“Come on, let me see how strong your attack power is.

I doubt you are anywhere near Tigers attack power!”

These five often sparred with each other, so Bear was very clear about Tigers prowess.

That was why he started concentrating and did not dare slack off in the slightest when facing Lu Yu.

The next moment, Lu Yu flashed and appeared before Bear.

Lu Yus speed made Bears eyes widen.

This speed was so quick that he could not track and react in time.

However, he still defended himself.

He had a pair of bracers on his arms; they had a metallic luster to them and looked solid.

Lu Yu instantly flashed to Bear.

He could flash behind Bear and end the battle faster if he wanted to.

However, Lu Yu wanted to see how strong Bears defense was.

Hence, Lu Yu swung his claws and slashed down viciously from above!


Lu Yus claws clashed against Bears bracers with a ringing sound.

The moment they collided, the bears pair of metal bracers shattered into countless pieces.

Following that, Lu Yus claws slashed down, leaving several smooth cuts on Bears arms.

Fresh blood spurted out instantly, and a cold sweat broke out on Bears forehead.

The intense pain made him clench his teeth.

What he could not understand was how his bracers got shattered by Lu Yu!

His common sense told him that his equipment was difficult to shatter.

Typically, when someone wore their equipment, it would only be replaced when it was time to change to something better.

Normal combat would never destroy their pieces of equipment.

But here, Lu Yus claws slashed down and broke through his pair of bracers.

This was simply unbelievable!

“My equipment is actually broken, just like that”

He widened his eyes.

When the crowd saw this, they were also shocked.

“This is impossible; he destroyed Senior Bears equipment!”

“Amazing, his attack power is that strong.”

“Damn, with this destructive power, Brother Bear is in danger.”

Lu Yus Explosive Dragon Claws exuded extremely high temperatures and focused on the claws tips.

The temperature was so high that it was comparable to the temperature of molten iron when forging equipment.

Coupled with the sharp claws, it was not difficult to cut through most equipment.

However, the effect of high temperatures on the human body wasnt as deadly as one would imagine.

After all, slicing someone was a quick action.

The high temperature released in that instant would, at most, cauterize the wound.

At that moment, Bear was staring at Lu Yu with a face full of anger.

This successive defeat filled his heart full of anger, and he could no longer hold it in.

“You bastard, I sure underestimated you.

Since thats the case, then I wont hold back anymore.

Prepare to receive my true strength!”

He shouted angrily.

The next moment, he activated his skill, Wild Bears Strength!

The active effect of Wild Bears Strength was to transform the user into a half-bear.

The users defense and attack power would be increased by 50%.

For example, Bears current attack was only 300.

After the increase, his attack power would be 450.

Similarly, his defense would be increased to 1225 points.

With over 1000 points in defense and impressive attack power, Bear was definitely on par with Lu Yu.

At that moment, Bears body constantly expanded.

His body was already large enough, but now, it was as if he was inflated like a hot air balloon.

His arms, shoulders, and thighs were all thicker than before.

His height had also increased, and soon he was over 195 cm tall, almost a head taller than Lu Yu.

Thick fur began to grow all over his body.

Other than his head, his other parts had basically morphed into a bear.

His fists had also turned into thick bear paws.

“Youre dead meat, Lu Yu! Youll regret provoking us today!”

The bear let out a deep and booming voice.

Lu Yu looked at him and said, “Dont tell me you think that you can beat me just because youve turned into a bear”

“Ill let you know that the difference in strength between us isnt something that you can make up with just a transformation!”

Lu Yus claws then transformed into the Thunder Dragon Claws!

The crackling sounds of electric current appeared, and lightning arcs appeared, illuminating the surroundings.

When the onlookers saw this, they were all astonished.

“He has his claws in the form of a thunder element.

Thats crazy!”

“Thunder element would be very effective against Bear.”

“Isnt that obvious The effect of the electrical shock cant be blocked by defense.

The electric current can directly penetrate through unless Bear is wearing equipment with the anti-thunder element.”

“Its over.

Boss Bear doesnt have any equipment with anti-thunder elements.

How is he going to win this”

“Then, we can only see if Bear can find an opportunity…”

Everyone started to get nervous.

After all, the battle between the two was almost at its finale.

In reality, this wasnt much of a battle.

It was just Lu Yus one-sided show.

No matter which angle one looked at it from, it was impossible for Lu Yu to lose to Bear.

Defense, speed, strength, or attack

After completing three evolutions, Lu Yu had already made up for many of his shortcomings and significantly increased his overall strength.

The colossal bear stomped toward Lu Yu.

“You are only going to take a beating from now on.

Do you understand!”

He stomped over arrogantly as if he was invincible after undergoing his transformation.

Lu Yu was planning to make his move to deal with this stubborn guy.

There was no need to say anything else.

Hence, Lu Yu raised his hand and pointed at Bear.

He condensed his energy into a bolt of lightning.

When Bear saw Lu Yu was gathering power, he did not back down.

His speed was way slower than lightning, so he couldnt dodge that.

He could only brace himself and continue to attack!


A lightning arc shot out from Lu Yus palm, hitting Bear with the powerful high-voltage lightning arc.

Bears entire body was struck by lightning, causing him to feel pain all over.

His feet started to twitch, ignoring his commands.

“You… Youre dreaming of stopping me with a mere lightning bolt! Its impossible, dream on!”

Bear continued to walk forward despite the lightning attack.

As long as he landed a hit on Lu Yu, he would definitely be able to win!

“How troublesome.

Then Ill hurry up and end the battle.”

Lu Yu decided to end the battle between him and Bear with his Thunder Dragon Claws.

There was no longer any suspense in this battle, and there was no point in wasting his time any longer.

Lu Yu was too lazy to break through Bears armor.

He continued using the lightning attack to damage Bear.

Although the effect wasnt stellar, it was decent as he wouldnt need to be close to Bear and prevent himself from getting injured.

Moreover, breaking through Bears armor was risky.

Lightning bolts continued to surge out, and Bears steps became heavier and heavier.

Every step he took was getting more difficult than the last.

“I… I want to defeat you! I will not lose, I will not lose to you!” Bear roared!

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