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Chapter 228 Strong Defense

The guy in front of him, codenamed Bear, had an astonishing 850 stats in defense.

Lu Yus attack power was only around 500.

Bear would not lose any health, even if Lu Yu attacked him!

Lu Yu had to break his armor at least twice before he could deal any damage.

Otherwise, Lu Yu would be the only one getting destroyed.

The ridiculous thing was that Bear had an active skill that could increase his defense and attack power by 50%.

Once this skill was activated, it would be a lot harder to deal any damage to him.

This dude before him was an absolute meat shield.

Bear would probably be the tank position on their five-man team.

“It looks like your defense is pretty high.

This is the first time Ive encountered an enemy with such a strong defense.

This will be interesting.”

Bear snorted coldly, “Hmph, you just know how to talk big.

But you wont be able to say anything soon!”

“Eat my punch!”

Bear rushed toward Lu Yu.

His speed was painfully slow, similar to that of an ordinary junior high school student running.

However, the weight behind this attack was hefty.

Every step he took would cause the ground to tremble.

From this, it seemed that Bears strength was ridiculously strong.

Lu Yus interest was piqued after noticing this.

He wanted to know if his strength could be comparable to Bears under the enhancement of his dragon muscles.

Strength was different from offensive strength.

Ones offensive strength might not necessarily be strong, even if they had great strength.

For example, Lu Yus dragon claws were sharp and could cut through iron like paper.

However, unleashing such a destructive attack did not require much strength.

“I heard that your strength is strong.

Dont mind if Im going to test the goods!” Lu Yu said with some excitement.

Bear rushed over and threw a punch at Lu Yu.

“You arent my match in terms of strength.

If you want to compete with me in strength, youre simply courting death!”

With Bears speed, Lu Yu could escape at any time.

It didnt matter if he was right in front of Lu Yu, as he could still dodge in an instant.

He stood still because he wanted to have a head-on clash with Bear in terms of strength!

Lu Yu saw a huge fist coming down on his head.

The thick arm brought the whistling sound of the wind as it attacked Lu Yu.

Lu Yu did not hesitate as he stretched out his fist and clashed against Bears attack.


The two fists collided, and the terrifying force of the collision caused a shockwave!

Bears fist was suspended in mid-air, unable to move another inch forward.

Lu Yus fist was firmly pressed against his, preventing him from even moving another step forward.

This stunned everyone else.

“Is this for real This is Senior Bear! How could his attack be blocked this easily”

“With the strength of the five seniors, shouldnt any one of them be able to instant-kill Lu Yu”

“Goddamn! Is this really a freshman The world sure changes quickly.”

“Brother, dont hold back.

Quickly defeat him!”

The members of the Martial Arts Club started to discuss what was happening.

They were indifferent initially, as this kind of dojo challenge was all too common.

Once the five seniors made their move, it would always be resolved in an instant.

Therefore, they did not even cheer on their seniors.

But now, Bears attack was easily blocked, and it made all of them unable to sit still.

Tiger began to concentrate on the fight.

He stared at Lu Yus fist and could not help but gulp.

His strength was inferior to Bears, but he had a pair of tiger claws that gave him exceptionally high attack power.

He did not expect Lu Yus strength to be on par with Bears.

Deer, Ape, and Bird also started to get nervous at that moment.

The fight had just started, and Lu Yus performance had already surprised them.

Bear stared at Lu Yu in disbelief.

Lu Yu was much thinner than he was, and their fists werent even the same size.

In Bears eyes, Lu Yu was the kind of guy he could send flying with a slap.

However, Lu Yu stopped his fist with a casual strike.

What made Bear the most anxious was that he couldnt move even one step forward, even as he clenched his teeth and exerted.

In other words, Lu Yus strength was higher than his!

Bear was nervous after coming to this conclusion.

He quickly withdrew his fist, clenched it again, and threw it at Lu Yu once more.

The speed of this punch was like a slow-motion playback in Lu Yus eyes.

Lu Yu could have dodged this punch while having a drink.

However, Lu Yu planned to take this punch head-on.

Since Bear was most proud of his defense, Lu Yu planned to show off his.

Hence, Lu Yus claws were suddenly covered with a layer of diamond armor!

As long as the armor holds, it could block all the damage Lu Yu suffers.

It acted like a shield, like his Golden Wall.

However, this shield was only on his arms, so it could not wholly block his body.

Lu Yu placed his arms in front of his chest to block Bears punch.

This punch landed solidly on Lu Yus arms.

However, other than making Lu Yus arms tremble a little, there were no other results.

“Your attack power and strength are too weak.

What a disappointment.”

Hearing this, Bear was instantly enraged.

These words were simply humiliating for him.

“Youre courting death! I just didnt use my full strength, and you still dont deserve to mock me yet!”

As he said this, he retracted his fist and continued to attack Lu Yu.

However, Lu Yu still easily blocked all of Bears punches.

When the people from the Martial Arts Club saw this, they all felt awkward.

It was as if Lu Yu was toying with Bear.

After blocking a few more punches, Lu Yu took a few steps back to increase the distance between them.

“Looks like your fists only amount to that much.

Since thats the case, I dont need to waste any more time with you.”

“Its my turn to attack!”

After saying that, the diamond armor on Lu Yus arms retracted.

Then, a ball of flames rose.

Both of his claws became charred black, flowing with hot lava.

His claws became sharper as the tips of his claws burned red, distorting the air with their high temperature.

Bear could not help but gulp when he saw this.

He was no longer as arrogant as before.

However, he still refused to admit his defeat.

“I dont believe you have a higher attack power than me, with your already strong defense!”

From Bears point of view, Lu Yu should be the same as him.

He was a cultivator who focused on defense, so he did not think Lu Yus attack power would also be strong.

However, Tiger that was watching from the side did not think so.

He had seen Lu Yus video and knew that this Explosive Dragon Claw was the form Lu Yu used the most.

He had his Tiger Claw, so he could naturally see the difference between him and Lu Yus Explosive Dragon Claw.

“Bear, his claw attack will be strong, and I think that his attack power is about the same as mine.

You have to be careful.”

Hearing this, Bears brows were tightly knit together.

“Tiger, you better not lie about this.

It will be a difficult battle for me if he really has your strength.”

“Youve got to find his weakness.

Although his attack power is strong, your defense is not to be underestimated either.”

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