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Chapter 227 Knocking On The Door, The First Opponent

In the meeting room, a club member suddenly reported a piece of news that shocked everyone.

Tiger immediately stood up and stared at that person with his pair of round tiger-looking eyes.

He asked, “Are you kidding us That guy dared come alone”

“Big Brother, why would I lie What I said is definitely true.

Go out and take a look, and you will see him.”

Tiger and the other four looked at Fang Qi.

At that moment, Fang Qi was also a little surprised.

This was unexpected.

He didnt expect that Lu Yu would really come.

After defeating the Array Formation Club in the morning, he went to the Martial Arts Clubs stronghold in the afternoon.

His speed was simply ridiculous.

“This guy isnt taking us seriously.

He just finished a tough battle in the morning and came here in the afternoon.”

“The most important thing is that this guy didnt bring anyone.

Hes just looking down on us!”

“Hes so arrogant.

It looks like we have to teach him a good lesson!”

Fang Qi slammed the table and stood up with a swoosh.

Tiger quickly said, “Boss, you sit here.

Let us go out and deal with him.

You dont have to dirty your hands to take action against this guy.”

Hearing this, Fang Qi nodded.

“Alright, the five of you go and deal with him.

Remember, you must take him seriously.

Dont be careless, and dont give him a chance.”

Tigger interrupted impatiently, “Stop nagging.

Youre our boss, not my mother!”

As he said that, Tiger took the lead and walked out, leaving Fang Qi standing in the conference room with a dark face.

Lu Yus figure stood alone outside the Martial Arts Clubs stronghold entrance.

He faced more than ten Martial Arts Club members in a tense confrontation.

Soon, five members walked out and came in front of Lu Yu.

“Youre Lu Yu Youre sure bold, not afraid of death!” Tiger walked to Lu Yu and shouted loudly.

Looking at the noisy person in front of him, Lu Yu was displeased.

“Cut the crap.

Hand over your stronghold.

Im here with my unlimited exploration rights!”

Tiger laughed loudly, “Ridiculous, what a joke.

You actually think that this right is almighty.

Its fine if you exercise this unlimited exploration right on the smaller clubs, but youre sure stupid to dare touch our Martial Arts Club.”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“Looks like you guys dont intend to hand it over.

Then lets get to business and start fighting!”

The five people in front of him all seemed to have extraordinary strength, but Lu Yu wasnt wholly unprepared.

His dragon power had already completed its accumulation.

After several consecutive evolutions and the last few battles, he had already completed the accumulation of one dragon power.

Now, he could already unleash his Dragon Fist.

However, Lu Yu would not release his Dragon Fist unless it was a critical moment.

If he did not control it well, it would be a pity if he destroyed the entire dojo.

It would be best if he could occupy such a beautiful dojo as it is.

“Haha, I like that.

I dont like nonsense, either.

Lets fight then!”

“However, just fighting is boring.

Why dont we make a bet”

Tiger announced proudly.

Lu Yu didnt care about this and just agreed.

He was here to win, so it didnt matter if he made a bet.

“Sure, if you want to bet, then come on.”

Tiger shouted happily, “Good! Since thats the case, you will be at our disposal as long as we win.

You must do whatever we ask you to do!”

The intention of this bet was obvious.

He wanted to take control of Lu Yu and make him do something that would lower his dignity.

This way, he would be able to strike down the morale of the Featherwing Club members and destroy their club.

Lu Yu did not care about these conditions, as he did not think he would lose.

“Alright, if I win, I want to take something from your club.

I will pick it myself, and you must not have any objections!”

Tiger generously agreed, “No problem, I agree to your terms!”

Lu Yu was confident that he could win.

Similarly, Tiger also thought so, and the two agreed to the bet without hesitation.

“Then do you guys want to fight me as a team or one at a time”

Lu Yus question made Tiger immediately burst into laughter.

“You really dont have any self-awareness at all.

Why would it need the five of us to fight you alone Youre looking down on us!”

Lu Yu shrugged, “Since thats the case, lets fight one at a time.

Anyway, I dont care.

Theres not much difference between one and five.”

Lu Yu did not say these words carelessly.

If it were a one-on-one, Lu Yu would fight normally.

He would use his Dragon Fist to save time and effort if it turned into a gang fight.

Tiger snorted coldly, “Youre confident.

However, that will soon be broken.

Prepare to receive a crushing defeat!”

After saying that, he turned around to look at the other four and asked, “Do any of you want to go first If not, let me do it.”

Bear took a step forward among the four people and said with a fierce aura, “Ill go first.

Let me see what kind of strength this rookie has.

I just hope he doesnt get killed by one of my slaps!”

Tiger took a step back.

“Bear, be gentle.

I also want to exchange a few moves with this guy.”

“Hehe, Ill try my best.

But, you know how terrifying my strength is.

Sometimes, even I cant control myself.”

Tiger nodded, “I know.

Since thats the case, lets end this fight as soon as possible!”

Bear looked at Lu Yu and walked toward him.

He was 1.85 meters tall and was about the same height as Lu Yu.

However, his physique was much larger than Lu Yus.

Bear was different from Tiger.

Tigers entire body was filled with solid muscles, with the lines of his muscles as smooth as if a knife had carved them out.

Bear was different.

His physique was robust, and he also had lots of muscles on his body.

However, a thick layer of fat was on his muscles, making his entire body look as sturdy as a small hill.

As Bear walked over, he emitted a strong sense of oppression.

Compared to him, Lu Yus figure was more balanced.

In terms of strength, he should be inferior to Bear, with speed being Lu Yus only advantage.

However, Lu Yu had the urge to compete with this fellow in strength.

“My speciality is strength and defense.

I know you well, with your strong attacking power.

But when it comes to my defense, your attack will be useless!”

Lu Yu opened his Eye of the Dragon God and looked at Bear, obtaining his attributes.

[ Bear Soldier ]

[ Talent: Wild Bears Strength, A-Level ]

[ Wild Bears Strength: Greatly increases defense and strength.

Able to transform into a half-bear, increasing attack and defense by 50% ]

[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 300 ]

[ Speed: 150 ]

[ Health: 950 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 850 ]

Lu Yu was a little shocked when he saw Bears defense.

This guys defense was so high, along with his health.

His attack, speed, and Mana were all relatively weak.

It would be a troublesome fight.

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