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Chapter 226 Military Battle Suit

Fang Qi looked at the five people in front of him and sighed, “I have seen the strength of the five of you.

I hope you can one day join the military like your seniors and become a military officer to repay the club.”

The five people nodded repeatedly.

“Dont worry.

If I join the military one day, I will definitely not forget the kindness the Martial Arts Club has shown me,” Tiger said earnestly.

“Its human nature to repay a kindness.

I believe the five of us will do the same, just like Senior Zhao Hang.

We will learn from him,” Deer said calmly.

Fang Qi nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Mm, you all must learn from Senior Zhao Hang.

Not only is he gifted, but he is also very hardworking.”

“Not only did he comprehend a powerful water elemental palm technique, Flowing Water Rock Shattering Palm, but he also donated a battle suit to our Martial Arts Club after joining the military.

Such kindness.”

Bear scratched his beard and asked in puzzlement, “Battle suit Is that the flying shuttle battle suit that is treasured in our stronghold”

Fang Qi nodded.

“Yes, thats it.

In the military, this equipment is called a battle suit.

Its a special term in the military martial arts world.”

“This equipment is an obsolete military product, but its quality is enough to make it a treasure for our Martial Arts Club.”

“Then boss, since such powerful equipment is already obsolete, how mighty is the equipment they are using now” Bear asked in confusion.

“I dont know.

Its top secret, so how can we possibly have access to that information If you can join the military in the future, you will naturally have the opportunity to come into contact with them.”

“This battle suit, even if its already obsolete, is rare and precious enough for everyone else!”

Hearing this, the five people looked at Fang Qi curiously.

“Boss, this battle suit has been placed in the display booth ever since it was donated.

Who knows how strong this equipment is” Tiger said.

Fang Qi continued, “Im not sure about the attributes of this equipment, but its effect alone is enough to drive people crazy.”

“In the military, this equipment will be called three-dimensional mobility equipment.”

“Once equipped, it will greatly enhance the users three-dimensional mobility.”

“The flying shuttle battle suit can allow you to sprint in any direction in the air, giving you no blind spots at 360 degrees of mobility at an extremely fast speed.

Once equipped, your mobility will have a noticeable, qualitative improvement!”

Hearing this, the eyes of the five people lit up.

This effect was indeed something special, giving them the desire to obtain such equipment.

These five people were all experienced cultivators.

Naturally, they knew how important three-dimensional mobility was.

Their future battles would be much easier if they had this battle suit.

In future battles, they could use this equipment to escape even if they couldnt win.

After all, there were not many cultivators who could fly.

“Boss, so who can wear this battle suit Its boring to lock it in the display cabinet,” Tiger said unhappily.

Such a treasure locked in the display cabinet is simply a waste!

Fang Qi fanned his hands and said helplessly, “If you want to wear this equipment, there is a level requirement.

To qualify, your overall strength must be at least gold rank 10.”

Hearing this, the five of them were dumbfounded.

Gold rank 10 was a goal they had worked hard for many years.

However, they have been lingering around the strength of gold rank 7 or 8 for a long time.

They kept on cultivating, but their progress was slow.

Therefore, they felt shame that they wouldnt be able to wear this battle suit anytime soon.

Tiger sighed, “It seems we wont be able to touch this equipment for a while.

If I can wear this equipment, it will be like adding wings to a tiger!”

The other four were displeased after hearing that.

“What do you mean, like adding wings to a tiger This suit can also give us amazing effects!” Ape bared its teeth and glared at Tiger.

Bear patted its chest.

“If this equipment is paired with me, it will be for the best.

It will increase my mobility greatly, seeing as Im so slow and heavy.

Then, I will have no flaw!”

They were recommending themselves, all thinking they were the best inheritors of the flying shuttle battle suit.

Fang Qi quickly opened his mouth, interrupting their argument.

“Stop arguing.

The main issue now is not this equipment but the enemy about to attack us.

We need to prepare for that freshmans incoming challenge!”

The five of them all smiled disdainfully.

In their eyes, this was not a problem at all.

The so-called strong freshman could be quickly shooed away.

“Boss, theres no need to pay too much attention to this guy.

Theres really no need.

I alone can defeat him!” Tiger boasted arrogantly.

Bear slammed the table, causing the entire table to shake.

“Let me go first.

I want to crush that guy into meat paste!”

“Calm down.

Dont look down on the enemy.

Otherwise, youll be at a disadvantage from the start.

Never be careless when dealing with any enemy,” the gentle and elegant Deer reminded.

Bird added, “I just hope that he can come over as soon as possible, allowing us to end the battle quickly so we can continue cultivating.

Otherwise, itll be a waste of our time.

Also, I dont want to make any preparations as theres no need for that.”

Fang Qi looked at the five people who were not giving way to each other and sighed helplessly.

“Anyway, Ive already given you an order.

Take this fight seriously, and dont look down on that guy just because hes a rookie.

Otherwise, youll suffer.”

After Fang Qi said so, these people looked at him a little more thoughtfully and sat upright.

“Then let him come.

As a member of the Martial Arts Club, it is painful to be unable to find a suitable opponent.

What a nice thing that this guy is here, allowing me to have a warm-up.” Tigers face was full of excitement as he clenched his fists.

The five of them were basically undefeatable in their surroundings.

No one in the club could beat them, not even the other club members in this wild forest.

Therefore, they were all eager to meet a powerhouse with similar strength so that they could fight to their hearts content!

“Okay, then, lets start planning.

If he comes alone tomorrow, leads a team to attack, or even sneaks attacks, we have to devise a perfect plan to deal with them and minimize the losses!”

Hearing that, Tiger laughed disdainfully.

“What a joke.

Does he even dare to come alone Even if he has the guts, is there a need for us to plan when he comes alone Wouldnt it be an easy victory then”

In his opinion, Lu Yu would definitely lose if he dared come alone.

There was no other possibility.

At that moment, the meeting room door was pushed open.

A Martial Arts Club member was panting heavily.

He said word by word, “That… that… that Lu Yu is here.

He is now at the entrance of our stronghold!”

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