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Chapter 225 The Military, The Ministry of War, And The Martial Arts Club

The captain of the stronghold stared fixedly at the cultivator who had entered the room.

“The stronghold of the Array Formation Club has been taken down How is this possible!”

He found it hard to believe that it happened to the stronghold of the Array Formation Club, the strongest stronghold of the five major clubs in this wild forest!

The Weapon Refining Club, Pharmaceutical Club, Battle Pet Club, and Martial Arts Clubs defenses were weaker than the Array Formation Clubs.

The news of the Array Formation Club being taken over sure shocked him.

From the beginning, he did not think the Featherwing Club could ever take down the Array Formation Clubs stronghold!

Even if the Featherwing Clubs President, Lu Yu, was crazy strong, he never presumed Lu Yu could defeat the Array Formation Club.

He even assumed that Lu Yus rash decision might even cost him his life!


“This… This is insane.

Is he really that strong”

The captain of the Martial Arts Club had always been calm and collected.

However, after hearing this news, he couldnt sit still anymore and got nervous.

He knew Lu Yus next target would be the Martial Arts Clubs stronghold!

“His next target will definitely be us.

I need to make preparations.”

He was so anxious that he had no more mood to drink his tea.

“Although Lu Yu is strong, this is the Martial Arts Club.”

“If he dares to come, this place will be his grave!”

The cultivator asked with some confusion, “Boss, is there a need to be afraid of him We are all strong enough.

Moreover, he will be attacking here tomorrow at the soonest.

He must be busy managing his new stronghold today.”

“I am not afraid of him but am preparing to kill him once and for all.

Hes not weak.

So if he cant defeat us, he will escape.”

“In my eyes, his strength is nothing special, and I can easily win against him!”

“The soonest he can come is tomorrow, so I still have time to prepare.

This will be his grave when he comes!”

After saying that, he quickly got up and walked toward the meeting room.

He pushed open the door and walked into the meeting room.

The meeting room was empty.

He took out his phone and sent a text message.

Then, he sat down on the main seat.

After a short while, five people walked into the meeting room.

They all sat down opposite the captain.

The captain propped up his name tag.

On it were the wordsFang Qi, his name.

The five people in front of him had different physiques and a huge difference in their appearances.

Some had muscles all over their bodies, more muscular than bulls.

Some of them were tall and slender.

One of them was fat and tall, sitting there like a small mountain.

Fang Qi said, “Tiger, I know that you are all eager to face a strong opponent, arent you”

The muscular man replied, “Thats right.

Why Do you want to spar with us”

“What are you thinking I know your strength very well, and I may not even be your opponent.

But now, there is an enemy who is stronger than both of us!”

The muscular man was instantly enraged.

He slammed his hands on the table.

“What Are you saying that theres someone stronger than me Who is it Let me fight him!”

The muscular mans name was Tiger.

It was more like a code name, representing their cultivated martial path.

“That person will be here very soon, so you dont have to be anxious.

What I want to say now is that the five of you better gang up and defeat that guy.

As long as you can win, everything will be fine.”

Tiger was immediately unhappy.

“No, I want to fight that guy one-on-one.

I dont believe anyone is stronger than mein this world!”

Fang Qi immediately retorted, “Do you know Wang Meng The guy thats coming defeated him!”

Hearing this, Tiger lowered his head and pondered for a moment.

His expression no longer had the arrogance from before.

“The one who defeated Wang Meng seems to be a guy called Lu Yu, a freshman.

Are you sure that hes the one whos coming to our stronghold”

Tigers tone was no longer as arrogant as before, as he understood Lu Yus strength well.

Although he did not think that Lu Yu was his match, he would still put up a fight.

“Thats right.

He has already taken down the Array Formation Clubs stronghold.

His next target will definitely be us,” Fang Qi said confidently.

Tiger shook his head slightly.

“What if he doesnt have the courage After all, our strength is much stronger than those other clubs.”

“No, he will definitely come.

His personality is just like that.

We just need to wait and be prepared.”

Tiger shrugged.

“It doesnt matter.

As long as hes someone strong, its fine.

I like to fight with the strong, as fighting the weak is meaningless.

I only hope that this dude wont die after two hits.

That would be boring.”

Tiger was someone similar to Wang Meng.

Both of them were obsessed with fighting.

They were willing to give up everything for a satisfying battle.

It was normal for such a person to overestimate their own strength.

Fang Qi nodded slightly and said earnestly, “Everyone, put in more effort and work hard.”

“This time, we absolutely cannot lose.

If we lose to a freshman, we will lose all dignity.”

“You all know that, out of all the clubs, we are the most valued club by the military.”

“Every year, more than half the new recruits in the military come from the Martial Arts Club.”

“So, you are not only representing yourselves, but also the Martial Arts Club.

If the outside world knows that you lost to a newly formed club, the Featherwing Club, then where will the Martial Arts Club put its dignity in the future”

“Work harder.

Dont ever put down your guard.”

To most people, being able to enter the military was a great honor.

The military is the main department, directly subordinate to the Ministry of War.

However, this was different from the Ministry of Culture with their education systems.

The military and the Ministry of War were two different systems fundamentally.

Joining the military meant going directly to the battlefield and defeating ferocious beasts.

Only after accumulating a sufficient number of merit medals would one be eligible to enter the Ministry of War and retire.

At the mention of the military, Tiger immediately became excited.

He slapped the table and said excitedly, “Dont worry, I will definitely win this battle! That Lu Yu will definitely never return!”

Seeing his confidence, Fang Qi also heaved a sigh of relief.

If these five people attacked together, Lu Yu would definitely not be a match for them.

After all, the five before him represented five different cultivation paths.

They respectively represented Tiger, Deer, Bear, Ape, and Bird!

Each persons characteristics and fighting style were different.

One had the Tigers might, the Deers gentleness, a Bears steadiness, an Apes dexterity, and a Birds agility.

These five people practically covered every aspect of the battle.

No matter which angle they looked from, they were unassailable.

As long as the five of them joined hands and fought together, no one would be able to win!

Unless the difference in strength was too great.

Because of this, they were confident that they would definitely be able to defeat Lu Yu!

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