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Chapter 224 Advance To The Next Target, Martial Arts Club


It was noon when they took down the Array Formation Clubs stronghold.

After having a simple lunch, the Featherwing Club members went to the square and began their cultivation journey.

This was the stronghold that Lu Yu had taken down for them, creating a cultivation opportunity for them.

Naturally, they did not dare waste or even delay it another minute.

Lu Yu sat in a conference room and discussed how to attack the next stronghold.

Lu Yu already knew the exact location and the rough terrain.

The Martial Arts Club publicly released these pieces of information.

After all, no one was stupid enough to provoke the mighty Martial Arts Club.

“The specific information is still a little lacking.

However, theres no backing out now.

I will go over in the afternoon and catch them off guard!”

Yun Zirou was a little surprised.

“Youre going to fight over this afternoon You should take a rest.”

Su Qing also quickly advised, “You should take a good rest first.

Youve fought too hard today.

If you continue, Im afraid your body wont be able to take it.”

Lu Yu only smiled at the concern of the two beauties.

“Dont worry; Ill definitely take down this stronghold.

Even if I cant beat them, I still have a chance to escape.

After all, this is the Martial Arts Club, not the Array Formation Club.”

“Now, the news of the Array Formation Clubs stronghold being taken down has definitely reached them.

They must be making preparations.”

“So, if I delay any longer, the next battle will be even more troublesome.”

Yun Zirou nodded helplessly.

“It looks like you have to catch them off guard; only then will we be able to achieve good results…”

“Oh right, how are the first two strongholds” Lu Yu asked.

“The mine has already entered the usual mining process.

Under Lin Kangs leadership, many have been recruited from outside to mine.”

“As for the herb garden, they have already sown the seeds.

We can harvest them in another month or so.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“You must supervise them well to work hard for me.

Dont let them be lazy!”

Yun Zirou nodded and affirmed, “Of course…”

The harvests from these strongholds would be sold, and the profits obtained would be distributed to the members working in these strongholds.

The other half would be handed over to the club and serve as its budget.

As the President, Lu Yu could control half of the resources completely.

If Lu Yu wanted to, he could take all half of the profits from these strongholds.

It seemed that he would not be short of money in the future.

“Okay, let them work hard.

I will go to the next stronghold.”

Lu Yu stood up and walked out of the room.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing quickly followed.

“We want to go too!”

Lu Yu immediately retorted, “Dont.

The members of the Martial Arts Club are all crazy strong.

Whats the use of you two girls going over there Moreover, one of you is a controller, while the other is a light element user.

Both your combat strength is weak, alright!”

“When we get into a fight, I cant split my attention to you two.”

Yun Zirou was unhappy and asked, “Are you looking down on us”

Lu Yu quickly explained, “Dont misunderstand me.

Its just that when the entire Martial Arts Club gets into the fight, I really cant protect the two of you.

Just forget about it.”

“Humph, fine, we arent coming.

Do you think we really want to follow you”

Yun Zirou crossed her arms in front of her chest and snorted lightly.

Su Qing suggested, “Then well bring some people to wait by the side.

If you take down the stronghold, well immediately go in to clean up and finish the follow-up work.”

Lu Yu nodded in agreement.

“This is a good idea, as taking over the stronghold is very troublesome.

You guys should prepare in advance.”

After saying that, Lu Yu turned around and left.

Yun Zirou looked at Lu Yus back and couldnt help but sigh, “Sigh.

His fearless personality will harm him sooner or later.”

Su Qing helplessly replied, “From his speed of doing things, he will either reach the peak or fall to the bottom soon, and I believe in the former.”

Lu Yu quickly left the mountain stronghold and continued north.

To the north was a tall mountain that towered into the sky.

It wouldnt be easy to get over it.

When he began to climb up the mountain, Lu Yu realized that with the power of his dragon muscles, he could climb the mountain as if walking on flat ground.

It was difficult to breathe on the plateau, but with the blessing of the Dragon God Breathing Technique, his breathing wasnt affected at all.

Lu Yu began to scale the mountain quickly.

Once he crossed this mountain, he could reach the Martial Arts Clubs stronghold.

At the same time, on the other side of the mountain, a huge white waterfall was formed by a broken cliff not far from the foot of the mountain.

The waterfall flowed down and turned into a river that continued downstream.

Besides the waterfall, there was an ancient-looking dojo.

The traditionally styled dojo was made entirely of mahogany wood.

A young man was sitting cross-legged at the entrance of the dojo beside the river.

His eyes were tightly shut as if he was cultivating.

Suddenly, a figure came closer from afar and reached his side.

“Big Brother, Ive returned from the Array Formation Clubs stronghold.

Theyve fallen.

This matter is important, and we must report this to the captain as soon as possible.”

That person opened his eyes slightly.

“Cant you see that Im cultivating”

The messenger smiled disdainfully.

“Stop bull**ting.

If you have the ability, go and cultivate under the waterfall.”

The cultivator turned his head and looked at the nearly hundred-meter-tall waterfall.

He could not help but gulp.

“Forget it.

Those who can cultivate under this waterfall are special.”

“In the past, a senior of the Martial Arts Club cultivated under this waterfall.

His comprehension ability was already sky-high, yet he still worked extremely hard.

He could sit under the waterfall for a day.”

“Because of cultivating under this waterfall, he devised a powerful martial technique, the Flowing Water Rock Shattering Palm.

Because of this, he was selected by the Ministry of War and eventually entered the military.”

“When it comes to that senior, I think envy is the only thing left for us.”

“I dream that one day, Ill be able to last an hour under this waterfall.

Its that simple.”

After the messenger heard him mumble, he said unhappily, “Hurry up and send the news to the captain.

This news is too important and will affect our strongholds life and death!”

“If you dont hurry, youll have no chance to cultivate under this waterfall in the future!”

The cultivator stood up unhappily and walked into the dojo.

Soon, he arrived at the door of the captains office.

He knocked on the door, and a steady voice sounded.

“Come in!”

He pushed the door open and entered.

Inside was a small office with a well-built man sitting behind a desk.

On the desk was an exquisite dragon-shaped wooden sculpture.

The captain poured a cup of tea, picked it up, and blew on it.

“What do you want Tell me.”

“Captain, I just received word that the stronghold of the Array Formation Club has been taken down.

It is now the stronghold of the Featherwing Club!”

The captains hand trembled slightly as he held on to the teacup, then slammed it hard on the table.

He didnt care if the tea spilled out.

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