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Chapter 222 A Strong Soul, Destroying The Formation

Gu Feng nodded when he saw Lu Yu inside the array formation, motionlessly on the ground.

“It seems that his soul has been completely burned out.

If thats the case, he lost his vital signs.”

“This guy is dead for sure.

After all, the soul-devouring wind has burned his soul.”

“Go down and collect the corpse.

Remember to deal with it.

Also, capture all the members of the Featherwing Club who witnessed it!”

After Gu Feng gave the order, the few array mages beside him prepared to go down and deal with Lu Yu.

At that moment, Yun Zirou and Su Qing walked near the array formation together.

Both of them couldnt believe that Lu Yu would fall here.

“I, I cant believe this.

He will stand up soon, right” Yun Zirou stared at Lu Yu in the formation, stating her hopes.

Su Qing placed her hands on the wall of the formation, her eyes brimming with tears.

Most of them assumed that Lu Yus soul had been burned to ashes and that he had lost his life.

However, at that moment, Lu Yu, who was lying on the ground, suddenly raised his arm and scratched his head.

Then, he naturally sat up straight.

“It hurts.

These array mages sure didnt take it lightly.

Theyre certainly courting death!”

Lu Yu mumbled as he stood up straight.

Everyone witnessed this scene, causing the entire place to fall into silence.

On the mountain pass wall, Gu Feng watched as Lu Yu stood up, his mind completely blank.

He couldnt believe that the soul attack didnt kill Lu Yu.

“This… This is impossible.

Its absolutely impossible!” Gu Feng shouted in panic.

He knew what would happen next.

Lu Yu broke through the array formation easily now that all the array mages had exhausted their mana.

They were in big trouble now…

The array mages at the side were also shocked and started murmuring.

“This is the first time Ive seen something like this.

How is he fine”

“That was an attack on his soul.

How did he manage to withstand it Could it be that his soul is stronger than ours”

“This is just ridiculous.

Is there even someone whose soul is stronger than others Ive never heard of that before.”

“But, he survived.

What should we do now”

“Its over; its all over.

Now that we dont have any means to retaliate, Lu Yu will take care of us!”

“Were **ed.

Our stronghold is really going to be gone…”

The array mages on the mountain pass wall all had miserable looks on their faces while being dumbfounded.

They didnt know what else they could do as they were without their mana.

They could only watch helplessly as Lu Yu made his next move.

At that moment, Lu Yu, who was in the array formation, clenched his fists.

Four types of elemental energy surged from him at the same time.

Following that, Lu Yus fists smashed fiercely onto the ground.

With a loud boom, the four elements beside Lu Yu exploded instantly and bombarded the remaining soul-devouring winds in his surroundings.


The air shook as the four balls of soul-devouring wind were instantly destroyed.

Following that, the barrier of the formation was also broken.

Without the mana from those array mages, breaking the formation was only a matter of time.

The array formation was broken, and the cage that imprisoned Lu Yu completely disappeared.

Lu Yu turned around and glanced at Gu Feng, causing Gu Fengs entire body to tremble.

An unprecedented fear rose in his heart.

The next moment, Lu Yu suddenly rushed out and did a double jump, allowing Lu Yu to instantly reach the mountain pass wall and arrive before Gu Feng.

Seeing Lu Yu rushing over aggressively, Gu Feng tried to retreat but couldnt back up far.

“You… What are you doing…” Gu Feng asked in a panic.

The array mages beside him didnt dare raise their heads.

Lu Yu grabbed his neck with one hand.


You had the intention to kill, right”

Gu Fengs face instantly turned pale, and a bottomless feeling of fear rose in his heart.

“No… I didnt.

I really didnt.”

He tried to argue, but Lu Yu didnt listen at all.

Lu Yu punched out, hitting Gu Fengs left cheek.

The heavy punch shattered the left half portion of his teeth, and he accidentally swallowed those broken teeth, and blood mixed.

The intense pain made him let out a mournful wail.

At that moment, Lu Yu roared angrily, “Everyone, kneel!”

With that furious roar, all the array mages legs went weak, and they knelt down with a plop.

They all knelt in unison and submitted to Lu Yu with a smooth and natural movement.

When Lu Yu fell, they were the ones shouting and cheering.

Those same people were all kneeling on the ground, lowering their heads, and didnt dare look at Lu Yu directly.

Lu Yu exuded a domineering aura.

Everyone didnt dare meet his eyes or resist his orders.

“From today onwards, this stronghold will belong to the Featherwing Club.

If anyone resists, they will die.

Do you all understand”

Everyone nodded and replied, “We understand.”

“We definitely wont be coming back.

Well leave immediately.”

“This stronghold will belong to the Featherwing Club from now on, and we dont deserve to stay here.”

Lu Yu grabbed Gu Fengs neck and threw him out from the mountain pass wall, causing him to fall.

With a thud, Gu Feng fell heavily to the ground and spat a mouthful of blood.

Then, Lu Yu looked at the members of the Featherwing Club.


Gu Feng is willing to be a punching bag for all of you.

So, cherish this training opportunity!”

Hearing this, the Featherwing Club members immediately understood Lu Yus intention and rushed up to surround Gu Feng, beating and kicking him.

In just a short while, Gu Feng was beaten until all his bones were broken and his entire body bruised.

It was as if his body had fallen apart, and it was difficult for him even to move.

Seeing that Gu Feng was on the verge of death, Lu Yu hurriedly shouted for them to stop.

He did not intend to kill this guy.

It would be too easy for him if he died.

“Lock this guy up together with the two captains.

It will be a warning to the others.”

Thus, two members of the Featherwing Club obediently took out some ropes and began to tie Gu Feng up.

Yun Zirou raised her head to look at Lu Yu with her face full of excitement.

“I knew you would definitely win.

Youve really defeated them!”

Su Qings face was still full of worry, “Lu Yu, are your injuries serious Why dont you go and rest up Leave the rest to us.”

It was indeed painful previously, nearly unbearable for Lu Yu.

However, after enduring it, he realized his body was not injured.

Although there was supposed to be an injury to his soul, Lu Yu felt there was nothing wrong with his soul.

Of course, he did not fully understand his soul.

“I am not injured, but the next task is up to you guys.

Take care of these array mages and kick them out.

After that, this stronghold will be ours.”

The Featherwing Club members got excited when they heard this.

It would be fun, with so many array mages being their punching bags for today.

“Big Brother, well go up now.

Tell those array mages to wait for us!”

“Boss, well take care of these punching bags!”

“Those people from the Array Formation Club need to suffer!”

Soon, the Featherwing Club members rushed into the stronghold.

Finally, this stronghold belonged to the Featherwing Club.

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