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Chapter 221 The Terror Of Damage The Soul

Gu Feng stretched out his hands toward the center of the formation and released a large portion of his mana.

His mana was rapidly depleting, pouring into the formation to provide energy to continue operating it.

At that moment, the fire element soul-devouring wind started enlarging before Lu Yu.

The scorching flames made the surroundings dry up.

The fire element soul-devouring wind was probably the most difficult for Lu Yu to deal with.

Although Lu Yu had already mastered the fire element, it was useless no matter how high of a resistance he possessed.

The fire element soul-devouring wind wasnt burning others with its high temperature.

The typical burning deals physical damage, while the soul-devouring wind attacks the soul.

If these flames attacked Lu Yu, his soul would be badly damaged.

As such, this fire element soul-devouring wind was the most troublesome one of all.

The reason was simple.

Lu Yus water element was too weak.

His water element came from an ordinary piece of water element equipment, the Water Wrist Guard.

Lu Yu felt that relying on this minuscule amount of water element was unrealistic to resist this powerful fire element soul-devouring wind.

However, the lucky thing was that the previous water balls had allowed Lu Yu to absorb a large amount of water elemental energy.

Lu Yus body was unprecedentedly filled with abundant water elemental energy.

Perhaps it was not completely impossible to win this fight.

Although Lu Yu did not have much confidence in his water elemental energy, he could only give it a try.

Unfortunately, he had evolved three different routes, but none of them was water elemental.

Lu Yu looked at the Water Wrist Guard on his wrist, knowing his next step would depend on it.

As long as he could defend against this last attack, Lu Yu would basically declare victory.

Most of these array mages were already exhausted and had been drained dry by this hungry energy-consuming array.

Gu Feng and a few array mages around him were the only ones standing.

But now, they were releasing their last bit of energy to power the array.

They had no way out and had to take down Lu Yu here.

So, they could only go all out and release their mana, even if it depleted the mana in their bodies.

A fireball was getting bigger and bigger in front of Lu Yus eyes.

This fireball spun quickly, and the accumulating energy could attack Lu Yu at any moment.

Suddenly, the ball of fire stopped growing and rushed toward Lu Yu!

This huge ball of fire, as big as a car, was coming at Lu Yu and forced him to retreat.

However, this ball of fire chased after him relentlessly.

It was flying fast, and Lu Yus speed was no match for it.

The ball of fire immediately caught up with Lu Yu and reached him, roasting Lu Yu with its scorching fire.

Seeing that the fireball was here, Lu Yu had no choice but to stop and block.

All of Lu Yus defensive skills, such as Strong Wall and Golden Wall, had no effect.

Only water element skills could block this fireball.

This array formation was indeed powerful, containing the four overpowering soul-devouring winds.

To deal with this array formation, the person had to have a strong mastery of all four elements.

Without a doubt, even one of them would kill the person in it!

Lu Yu used his left wrist to block his front.

He released a clear stream of water from the wrist guard and condensed it into the shape of a shield to block the incoming fireball.

The water shield continuously evaporated.

The surrounding water vapor gradually filled the air, and a thick fog formed.

Lu Yu gritted his teeth and released as much water as quickly as possible to confront the fireball.

The size of the fireball continued to shrink, and the water element energy in Lu Yus body also continued to decrease.

If this continued, Lu Yu did not know if he could withstand this fireball any longer.

However, he could feel that the water element in his body was still sufficient.

When he fought against the water element soul-devouring wind just now, he absorbed a lot of water element energy.

After all, that ball of water was created by hundreds of array mages pouring their mana into it.

Although Lu Yu had only absorbed some residual energy, it was still a huge amount.

Gu Feng stared at Lu Yu from the mountain pass wall at that moment.

He had never concentrated as hard as at this moment.

He had already used up all his mana.

All hope would be lost if this final fireball he created could not defeat Lu Yu!

Without any more mana, these array mages were left with nothing.

They would no longer have the strength to resist the intruders.

The array mages up the wall were all weak, but they were all holding on while looking at Lu Yu below.

They did not dare to relax as long as Lu Yu did not fall.

Yun Zirou, standing at the side of the array formation, clenched her fists and looked at Lu Yu nervously.

She was cheering silently for Lu Yu, knowing the battle between the two sides had reached its finale.

At this final moment, every minute and second mattered.

If Lu Yu won, the Featherwing Club would be reborn.If Lu Yu lost, the Featherwing Club would be dead.

The members of the Featherwing Club were all nervous.

They prayed silently, hoping that Lu Yu would win.

In the formation, Lu Yus water element energy gradually weakened, and the fireball pressed closer and closer.

The Water Spirit Guard finally released the last bit of water element energy.

However, the fireball before Lu Yu was still half the size of a human.

When the water element disappeared, the fireball instantly burst into Lu Yus chest with a violent gust.

The raging flame burned, but it was not Lu Yus clothes that were burning.

It was his soul.

The pain in his soul caused Lu Yu to clench his teeth instantly, trying to stop himself from screaming out in pain.

The pain in Lu Yus body intensified more and more as the flames burned where it was.

The intense pain caused beads of sweat on Lu Yus forehead, causing his face to distort from the pain.

He stretched out his hands to extinguish the flames in his chest.

However, his hands were completely ineffective against the flames.

The flames burned brightly, and Lu Yus brain gradually lost consciousness.

He squatted and then sat on the ground.

Finally, he lay on the ground.

The pain made him lose his strength and the ability to continue fighting.

He lay on the ground and looked up at the sky, trying his best to suppress the pain in his body.

The pain in his soul made him helpless.

Standing on the wall, Gu Feng laughed out loud when he saw this.

“We won.

The victory belongs to us.

Hes dead for sure!”

“Haha, the Featherwing Club is going to be finished.

Serves you guys right for being this arrogant!”

“Our Array Formation Club is number one, and the Featherwing Club is nothing but trash!”

“Lu Yu was the one courting death.

Now that hes dead, it brings me such great satisfaction!”

“Awesome! Didnt he still lose in the end, being as strong as he was”

This group of array mages excitedly celebrated.

Defeating Lu Yu gave them a rush of victory and lifted their spirits.

By the array formation, the members of the Featherwing Club looked depressed.

They werent sad about their clubs demise, but they were sad that a genius was going to die today…

In the formation, the fire element soul-devouring wind gradually burned out.

There were no signs of burning on Lu Yus body, but the damage had been done.

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