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Chapter 220 Fighting Against The Water Element Soul-Devouring Wind

Lu Yu did not dare to lose his concentration as the water pillar immediately crashed over.

He used both his hands to block the water pillar from directly hitting his body!

The water pillar rushed over extremely fast, and Lu Yu had no way of dodging it.

If he switched to his Thunder Dragon Claw to dodge it, he would still suffer an attack on his soul once any of these water elements come into contact with his body.

Therefore, he could only use his Diamond Dragon Claws to block it head-on.

Although Lu Yu could counter the water element with his Diamond Dragon Claws, he might still suffer damage due to the difference in quantity.

However, Lu Yu estimated the difference between his earth element and this pillar of water and judged it wouldnt be too huge.

After all, his Diamond Dragon Claw was very strong.

Lu Yu probably wouldnt have the same confidence if he were still in his Rock Crushing Dragon Claw evolution.

The water came crashing down on Lu Yus arms.

Under the protection of the Diamond Dragon Claws, the water column split into two and deflected to both sides.

The diamond armor on Lu Yus arms resisted the corrosion of the soul-devouring wind.

The originally hard and smooth diamond armor was now riddled with holes.

At that moment, Gu Feng stared at Lu Yu with serious concentration and got nervous.

Gu Feng initially thought that it would be able to reduce Lu Yu to nothing and deal serious damage to his soul when he saw the water pillar breaking through the Golden Wall.

However, Lu Yu blocked the impact of the water pillar with just his arms.

The impact of that much water rushing down was terrifying.

The fact that Lu Yu avoided getting washed away by the rushing water was enough to prove Lu Yus strength, not to mention that Lu Yu deflected the water away.

“This guy can sure take a beating, still holding on against the pressure!”

“Let him block it.

I want to see how long he can take it!”

“Hes just struggling on the brink of death.

Its only a matter of time before he dies.”

“Lu Yus earth element is a little too strong.

Look at the armor on his arm; its made of diamond, a step above the normal earth element.”

“No matter what kind of gem it is, it wont be able to block the attack of the soul-devouring wind!”

“Everyone, the array mages are about to collapse!”

A cry of surprise made everyone turn their attention to the array mages on the mountain pass wall.

All of these array mages were already spent.

Their faces were pale, and their bodies were weak.

Some of them couldnt even stand properly, as they had already been drained of mana by this array.

Seeing this, Gu Fengs brows immediately furrowed.

If they couldnt continue channeling more mana, they would lose!

The main issue was that Lu Yu was still holding on.

If they continued this drawn-out battle, it was hard to say who would win!

Without any hesitation, Gu Feng hurriedly ordered, “Release all the water element soul-devouring wind! Its time to end the battle!”

After this order, he began to operate the formation while the other array mages continued to channel mana into the formation.

At that moment, the water pillar shot out from the huge water ball inside the array formation gradually slowed down.

But suddenly, this big water ball dispersed and split into several water balls floating in the air.

These water balls acted like a windy breeze, floating in the air and not restricted by gravity.

Lu Yu saw that the surroundings were filled with water balls from the corner of his eye and immediately turned wary.

These water balls formed an encirclement, and Lu Yu was worried that he might be unable to deflect them all.

These water balls floating in the air could attack Lu Yu from any angle, and Lu Yus defense strat would lose its effect.

Lu Yus Golden Wall might be able to cover all his blind spots, but it would be hard to defend against the combined might of all these water balls with just one defensive skill.

At that moment, the water pillar in front of Lu Yu had stopped, and there were 50 to 60 separate water balls floating around him.

These water balls floated in the air, and they were all rotating clockwise while continuously contracting.

These water balls formed a tornado and swept toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu clenched his Diamond Dragon Claws, and his two fists collided.

“Guess its time for boxing practice!”

The next moment, Lu Yu rushed toward the incoming water balls and threw a punch at one of the water balls floating in the air!


The water ball hit by this violent punch instantly exploded into a cloud of mist scattered on the ground.

The water element in the air was completely absorbed by Lu Yu, which strengthened the water element power in his body.

Then, Lu Yu threw another punch at the next incoming water ball.

With another bang, that water ball exploded and turned into mist too.

Like a professional boxer, Lu Yu threw one punch after another at a breakneck speed.

Seeing this, Gu Feng started to fret and quickly gave another order.

“Attack him! Dont take your sweet time! Dont play with him anymore; just kill him!”

As soon as Gu Feng finished his sentence, more water element soul-devouring wind rushed toward Lu Yu.

The strong wind, mixed with water droplets, swarmed Lu Yu from all directions.

The soul-devouring winds came from every angle and direction, increasing the moisture in the air.

Wind and water were two elements that could attack without any blind spots, present everywhere and anywhere.

The wind was omnipresent, and so was water.

Lu Yu had to ensure he had an airtight defense to block them.

At that moment, Lu Yu used his Golden Wall skill again.

A layer of golden shield instantly covered Lu Yus body, enveloping him tightly.

The water balls crashed into the Golden Barrier, deteriorating Lu Yus shield at all angles.

A strong wind blew, accelerating the erosion process.

Countless water droplets wrapped tightly around Lu Yu, trying to penetrate him from every angle.

While his shield was being eroded, the water droplets also dissipated, and the violent winds gradually weakened.

As long as Lu Yu continued to persevere, he would definitely be able to wait it out.

Lu Yu did not want to experience soul damage again.

Lu Yu had never experienced such intense pain ever since he was born.

Slowly but surely, the water droplets gradually dissipated.

Coincidentally, Lu Yus shield still had a trace left.

At most, it could withstand another 100 points of damage.

The water element soul-devouring wind was also weakened; barely any of it left.

It was now the weakest of these four soul-devouring winds.

Lu Yu heaved a sigh of relief after ending the Golden Warrier.

He turned around to look at Gu Feng and grinned, “What Are you out of moves Come on!”

Gu Fengs body trembled, and he nervously gulped.

He knew that if he were to lose now, Lu Yu would definitely not let him off easily.

Therefore, he could not lose.

He had to fight to the death.

He looked left and right and discovered that the hundred array mages were already exhausted.

They had just poured all their mana into the water element soul-devouring wind and had drained all their mana.

Barely any of them have any mana, with some of them totally dried out.

It would be problematic if he wanted to launch another attack on Lu Yu again.

Gu Feng gritted his teeth.

He made up his mind painfully and decided to pour all of his mana into the array formation.

The price of doing so was that if Lu Yu attacked, he would not even have the chance to escape.

But Gu Feng did not care about that.

He must not fail or lose this stronghold.

He must give it his all!

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