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Chapter 219 Hundred Array Mages Gathering Their Might

The fire elemental energy flared up in Lu Yus body and quickly countered the wind elemental soul-devouring wind.

The flames burned brighter and brighter until they merged with the violent blowing wind, completely absorbing the energy of the wind elemental soul-devouring wind.

In front of Lu Yu was a massive fireball burning intensely, illuminating his surroundings.

The extremely high temperature blew a wave of heat onto the onlookers standing far away.

However, this temperature was nothing new to Lu Yu.

After the fireball in front of him absorbed the wind element, it suddenly shrank and returned to Lu Yus palm.

Instantly, an unprecedented amount of energy was absorbed into Lu Yus body.

This elemental energy caused Lu Yus dragon claw to become even more superheated.

Lu Yu stretched out both claws, which seemed to be covered with a layer of charred rocks.

In some of the cracks, blood-like magma flowed.

The heat on his arms made the surrounding air twist and distort.

The absorption of this elemental energy caused the fire elemental energy in Lu Yus body to almost overflow.

He needed to find an opportunity to release it.

The happenings inside the array formation made Gu Feng and the others nervous.

They didnt expect Lu Yu to block another wave of attacks.

“He, he actually blocked another wave of soul-devouring wind.

How is this possible He blocked it accurately with his fire elemental energy!”

“What should we do Our array formation shouldnt be ineffective against him, right”

“All of you, put in more effort! Take this guy down quickly, or else well all be in trouble!”

They got anxious and started panicking.

However, Gu Feng only smiled coldly.

“It seems that this guy understands the relationship between these winds.

What happened during the first wave could be attributed to luck, but the second wave is enough to prove that he knows the pattern.”

“But what surprised me is that his fire element power is so powerful that he can cancel out our wind element soul-devouring wind!”

An array master walked over and asked with a serious face, “Boss, do we still have a chance of winning He has already seen through our weakness.”

Gu Feng glanced at him and scolded, “What are you talking about We have an absolute chance of winning.

After all, he just blocked two attacks.”

“Although this guy has the wind and fire elements, could he have any other elements”

“Even if he does, would all four elements of his be so strong that he could counter all four soul-devouring winds”

The array mage beside him was at a loss for words momentarily.

Then, an excited and happy smile appeared on his face.

“If thats the case, then we will win! I dont believe for a second his water element and earth element can be equally as strong as his previous two!”

“Yeah, we still have the fire element soul-devouring wind and the water element soul-devouring wind!”

Gu Feng nodded and stated, “Thats right.

He is bound to lose, with his current struggle being his final act.

Next, we just need to strengthen the water element soul-devouring wind, and he will die!”

The array mage quickly shouted at the crowd, “Everyone, inject all your mana into the water element soul-devouring wind and drown this guy, leaving him no way to escape!”

When everyone heard the order, they quickly began to pour all their mana into the water element soul-devouring wind!

At that moment, the light blue water element soul-devouring wind gradually expanded around Lu Yu.

This soul-devouring wind quickly expanded to the size of a hot air balloon.

The main problem was that this “wind” was not really a wind.

It was more like a water ball floating in the air, visually in the form of a ball of wind.

Lu Yu could not avoid the water element soul-devouring wind.

Water was different from other elements as it was everywhere.

Once the water element came into contact with Lu Yu, it would deal a heavy blow to his soul.

Lu Yu was ready for battle, and his eyes were fixed on the vast water ball in front of him.

Gu Fengs eyes were staring at Lu Yu.

He smiled lightly and said, “You will lose.

With such an abundance of water element power, you will not be able to counter it, no matter how strong your earth elemental proficiency is.

Do you really think that you can defeat this array formation”

Lu Yu didnt listen to his words, concentrating on confronting the soul-devouring wind in front of him.

In the eyes of Gu Feng and the others, the formation they had set up was an invincible array formation created by hundreds of array mages pouring their mana into it.

How could Lu Yu, just one person, compete with hundreds of array mages


Gu Feng gave the order, and a huge hole appeared on the side of the enormous water ball inside the formation.

Once that happened, a large pillar of water rushed at Lu Yu!

The movement of this water pillar was as swift as the wind, sweeping over in an instant.

Lu Yu didnt dare make any mistakes while looking at the rushing pillar of water.

Once he was swept into the water, it would be impossible for him to escape.

At that moment, he hurriedly crossed his arms and activated his skill, Golden Wall!

A layer of golden transparent cuboid appeared over Lu Yus body, enveloping him in the shield.

At the same time, Lu Yus hands were still crossed with his pair of Diamond Dragon Claws.

Its armor was thick, blocking most of Lu Yus upper body.


The water crashed and collided against Lu Yus Golden Wall.

Due to his Golden Walls element being the counter to the water element, it blocked the impact of the crashing water.

The water pillar collided with his Golden Wall and was immediately split into two streams by the impact, both shooting outward from his sides.

At that moment, Lu Yu saw that the Golden Wall shield was thinning.

The 1,000 damage point limit was rapidly decreasing.

From 1,000 to 900, then from 900 to 800, 700, 600..

The damage that the shield could block was decreasing rapidly.

Sooner or later, the shield would break.

Lu Yu would then come face-to-face with the crashing water pillar.

He did not know if his pair of dragon claws could block them.

Outside the array formation, Yun Zirou was initially overjoyed when she saw Lu Yu blocking the attack of the water pillar.

However, she quickly became nervous.

She saw that the shield surrounding Lu Yu was thinning.

The initially bright golden color of the wall gradually dimmed.

At the same time, some cracks were forming on the shield.

She exclaimed, “The attack power of this water pillar is too strong! The shield is about to shatter!”

Su Qing and the others could also see that Lu Yus shield was about to be shattered.

“Fuck! The presidents shield is about to go out!”

“What should we do If the water current hits him directly, it will injure him severely.”

“Its not just the injuries.

All those array mages have poured their mana into this water elemental ball.

If it were to break the presidents shield, it would immediately wash him away!”

“Damn it, daring to fight only after outnumbering the president.

Bloody coward! It sucks that we cant help the president!”

“When the president breaks through this barrier, we must give these guys a good beating.

Let them know how powerful we are!”

At that moment, the shield enveloping Lu Yu finally gave in and shattered into countless pieces.

The pillar of water immediately rushed toward Lu Yu!

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