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Chapter 218 Weakness, Absorbing Elemental Energy

The description of the four-symbol soul-devouring formation made Lu Yu reread it to analyze it.

In the end, he focused on the last sentence.

The four soul-devouring winds would repel each other, and this was a characteristic that could be used against them.

Lu Yu pondered for a while and understood why they had such a characteristic.

The reason was that these four elemental powers were opposite to each other.

For example, the water element countered the fire element, the fire element countered the wind element, the wind element countered the earth element, and the earth element countered the water element.

It was because of these opposing effects that these four wind balls could not collide together.

Lu Yu looked at the four balls of wind and realized he could take advantage of this effect.

After all, Lu Yu possessed all four elements.

The fire element, the wind element, and the earth element went without saying.

Unfortunately, Lu Yus water element proficiency was slightly inferior.

However, Lu Yu had the Water Wrist Guard on him, which could unleash the power of the water element and would be helpful here.

Therefore, Lu Yu began to carefully observe the surrounding wind balls, staring at them to see which element the next ball of wind attacking him would be.

Gu Feng and the others looked at Lu Yu with confidence.

From their judgment, Lu Yu was just struggling before his death.

No matter what he did, it would be useless.

His futile struggle was their show to enjoy.

On Yun Zirous side, everyones hearts were in their throats as they nervously looked at Lu Yu.

Suddenly, Lu Yus eyes darted to a spot as he saw a ball of wind heading toward him.

Judging from the color, it was an earth elemental wind ball attacking Lu Yu.

Within the earthen yellow wind, there was some golden-yellow mineral powder.

If this powder were to land on a persons face, it would definitely disfigure them.

Moreover, the speed of this wind ball was fast.

Its speed was even being suppressed as it wasnt attacking him yet.

Once the attack was launched, the violent wind would blow over instantly!

At that moment, Lu Yu hurriedly changed into the Thunder Dragon Claw!

Although the Thunder Dragon Claw gave him the thunder element, it did not mean that the wind element from his previous evolution had disappeared!

Lu Yu raised his Thunder Dragon Claw and aimed his palm at the incoming wind ball.

The next moment, a strong gust of wind was released from his palm.

It formed a perfect wind shield and blocked Lu Yu!

The earth element soul-devouring wind blew over with its mixed sand and metal fragments and was blown away by Lu Yus gust of wind in an instant.

As this earthen wind was mixed with these heavy objects, it was destined that it couldnt blow strongly enough.

It could not be compared to the pure wind element from Lu Yu!

The wind wall in front of Lu Yu whistled strongly and surprised everyone.

“Lu Yu blocked the attack of the wind ball”

“He knows how to create a wind wall.

Thats something Ive never seen before.”

Yun Zirou replied, “I guess maybe he didnt need to do it before, but it doesnt mean he doesnt have the capability.”

She and Su Qing were the only two who understood Lu Yu the most.

They had witnessed most of Lu Yus journey.

The two girls remembered when Lu Yu had evolved his Gale Dragon Claw, which was why they werent surprised Lu Yu could control the power of the wind element.

After blocking the first ball of wind, there seemed to be hope for the future.

Yun Zirou looked at Lu Yu with relief.

She believed that Lu Yu could defeat the enemies.

At that moment, Gu Feng started panicking about the mountain pass wall.

He put his hands on the fence before him and stared at Lu Yu.

“He… He really blocked it This is impossible.

How did he know to use the wind element to block it”

“Oh **.

Please tell me he wont be able to break the formation, please The array mages cant hold on for too long!”

“Damn it, he actually managed to block this attack!”

The array mages were all panicking and didnt know what to do.

Gu Feng took a few deep breaths and wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead.to

“Weve maybe jumped to a conclusion too quickly.

Theres no way that Lu Yu knew about this 5-star array formation!”

“The reason why he used a wind wall to block it is probably because he thought that the soul-devouring wind was formed by actual wind.

Thats why he thought that he could block it with a wind wall.”

“But hes wrong.

He must be wrong!”

“He blocked it now.

But this will be the judgement leading to his death.

If he continues using the same wind wall to block the next wave of attack, it wont have any effect!”

The few array mages beside him nodded in agreement.

“I reckon that this guy cant even tell what this array is.

If he can break through this array formation without even knowing, then thats a strange thing.”

“Haha, he escaped once due to his cheekyness, but so what His death will still happen to him!”

“Let him continue to use his wind wall, and then that will be his end!”

Everyone excitedly gave their comments, hyping themselves with confidence.

Inside the array, Lu Yu blocked the first wave of attacks and continued to scan his surroundings, staring at the next ball of wind that was about to attack.

Lu Yu did not want to experience the pain that hit his soul a second time, so he had to get serious.

He could not afford to make any more mistakes!

Suddenly, Lu Yu, who was focused, was attracted by some elemental lights floating in front of him.

Lu Yu scanned his surroundings and found many residual elemental powers around him.

These elemental powers were all the power of the earth element.

Could it be that its elemental powers would be left behind after blocking the attack of the soul-devouring wind

Lu Yu was pleasantly surprised.

He quickly reached out and absorbed these elemental powers.

[ Congratulations on obtaining elemental energy ]

[ Absorbing elemental energy will strengthen the corresponding elemental dragon claws and elemental skills ]

The systems reminder made Lu Yu excited.

His Diamond Dragon Claws could be strengthened, even the Golden Wall!

Most importantly, this elemental energy was offered to Lu Yu for free.

Lu Yu only needed to block the soul-devouring winds, and he would be able to absorb the excess elemental energy.

It seemed pretty worthwhile.

Lu Yu knew that the soul-devouring winds were created by these array mages.

In other words, he was absorbing the mana and energy from those array mages.

In an instant, Lu Yu went from being besieged by hundreds of people to absorbing the energy from hundreds of array mages!

This change made Lu Yu smile faintly, and he was a little reluctant to leave this array.

Of course, the prerequisite was that these array mages had enough mana.

If that were the case, Lu Yu would enjoy staying here to cultivate.

At that moment, the wind element soul-devouring wind attacked.

When the wind ball flew toward Lu Yu, the speed of the wind ball suddenly increased as it whistled.

The wind ball compressed and became as sharp as a knife, stabbing toward Lu Yu!

These sharp wind knives could pierce straight into the soul, giving someone so much pain that they wished they were dead.

Lu Yu did not hesitate at all.

He hurriedly switched to his Explosive Dragon Claw, and flames started to rise on his two arms.

When the wind knives attacked, Lu Yu threw a punch, and a ball of dazzling flames shot out.

Under the effect of the attacking wind knives, the giant ball of flames burned vigorously until it finally swallowed the incoming wind attack!

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