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Chapter 217 Damage To The Soul

Gu Feng chuckled as he watched Yun Zirou and the others arrive.

“Arent they all worthless What can they do now that theyre here”

“Hehe, its just to cheer Lu Yu up.

What else can they do besides being cheerleaders”

“What if, I mean, what if Lu Yu breaks through the formation and these people rush in We array mages wont be able to do anything then.”

These words made all the array mages dumbfounded.

They couldnt refute these words.

If Lu Yu really broke through the array formation, they would be helpless before him.

After all, they had already used up all their mana for this array formation.

They even consume many bottles of mana potion just to replenish their mana.

In terms of strength, they never dared underestimate these freshmen.

Moreover, these freshmen have Lu Yu backing them up if Lu Yu breaks through.

Which array mage would dare to resist if they charged in and got control of this stronghold

With basically a Demon King standing behind them, who would attack these members of the Featherwings Club

Gu Feng firmly replied, “Impossible.

This assumption is meaningless as Lu Yu cant break this formation!”

“Its impossible for Lu Yu to free himself, and so its impossible for those people to charge in.

We will win this battle!”

“Thats right, and we will win! We must take down the Featherwing Club!”

“A mere freshman trying to overturn the situation at Clanorth University is just a pipe dream! Hes courting death!”

A few array mages shouted arrogantly.

At the same time, four balls of soul-devouring wind started to attack Lu Yu from within the formation.

The first ball of soul-devouring wind was of the fire element, blowing straight at Lu Yu!

Due to the heat in front of him, Lu Yu had to close his eyes.

The high temperature of the fire element gave Lu Yu a heatstroke.

He was also a fire element user, but why was he suffering damage from this ball of fire wind

Moreover, the shield on his body was utterly useless.

It didnt block the soul-devouring wind from attacking him!

When the scorching fire elemental ball of wind arrived, it blew over Lu Yus body.

In an instant, Lu Yu felt an unbearable pain all over his body.

Lu Yu felt as if the heat had melted his entire bodys skin.

Every hair and pore sent out pain signals, bombarding Lu Yus brain.

The intense pain struck repeatedly.

Lu Yus eyes widened, and he clenched his teeth.

His face began to distort as the muscles in his face twitched from time to time.

This pain was the most severe pain Lu Yu had ever felt since he was born!

It was so painful that his mind went blank, and it was so painful that his muscles went limp…

After the fire element soul-devouring wind blew past Lu Yus body, Lu Yu fell to the ground.

Fortunately, Lu Yu regained consciousness at the last moment.

He supported himself with one hand and did not entirely collapse.

He panted heavily and checked his body carefully.

To his surprise, there was not a single wound on his body!

Lu Yu felt exceedingly strange.

He had suffered such intense pain, but why were there no wounds on his body at all

Was this a direct attack on his soul

If there his defense was useless and there were no wounds on his physical body, it meant that his soul was the only one injured.

Lu Yu hurriedly stood up and realized he couldnt carelessly play around anymore.

The enemys attack might be the cause of his death today!

Outside the array formation, when Yun Zirou and the others saw Lu Yu in such pain, their faces turned grave as they carefully watched Lu Yus situation.

They did not expect that this array formation would cause Lu Yu to fall into such pain.

This was something that never happened in Lu Yus previous battles.

This proved that Lu Yu had encountered an unprecedented crisis.

After all, he was facing the combined forces of more than a hundred people.

“What is the origin of these four balls of wind Their power is so strong that Lu Yu cant defend against them!” Su Qing asked anxiously, growing as she looked at Lu Yu with a worried expression.

Yun Zirou shook her head helplessly, “Im not too sure about this.

Its very likely to be a hidden secret array formation within their club.”

“However, from the looks of it, the four balls of wind in this formation all carry a type of element.

Moreover, the attack will not leave any wounds.”

“Therefore, this formation should not be dealing physical damage.

Instead, it causes damage on other levels.”

After hearing Yun Zirous explanation, Su Qing nodded even though she did not understand much.

She wasnt too clear about what happened, but she wanted Lu Yu to defeat his enemy.

Lu Yu was the only one she knew at Clanorth University when she entered; the others were all strangers.

Therefore, she had always assumed Lu Yu was one of her friends when she enrolled.

On the mountain pass wall, Gu Feng looked at Lu Yus pained expression inside the formation and couldnt help but smile coldly.

“After so many years, the four-symbol soul-devouring formation is finally working again.

This time, Lu Yu will definitely die!”

An array mage beside him added, “If this guy can die, our position as one of the five major clubs will be cemented.

Clanorth University will still be the same Clanorth University, and our order is still intact.”

“Thats right.

Hes the one who breaks the rules, the scourge of the entire university.

For the sake of everyone, we are here to get rid of him.”

“With his death, Clanorth University will return to its peaceful state.

This will be Lu Yus final contribution.”

Everyone was justifying their actions.

In their eyes, they were doing this for the sake of the entire academy! They were the heroes of Clanorth University!

“From the current information, he doesnt have any means to deal with it.

Almost no one knows about this array formation, so theres no way he can break it!”

“How can he, who only has physical attacks and defenses, be able to break this formation Hes done for, with no chance of turning this around!”

“Brothers, lets work harder.

Victory will be here soon.

When the time comes, you will all be rewarded!”

Most of the array mages were already exhausted.

They had been squeezed dry, their bodies turning weak and limp.

However, they still persisted in operating the formation until their mission was completed.

At that moment, everyones eyes were on Lu Yu.

Lu Yu was in the middle of the formation, and the four soul-devouring winds were glaring at him, preparing to launch their next attack.

Right now, Lu Yu was no longer in a defensive stance as he knew his defense was ineffective.

He needed some new methods to deal with the attack of this soul-devouring formation.

Otherwise, he would die here!

First of all, he knows and understands nothing about this formation.

If he did not understand, it would be impossible for him to turn this situation around.

Hence, Lu Yu opened his Eye of the Dragon God and stared at the formation under his feet.

[ Four-symbols soul-devouring formation, 5-star formation ]

After his Eye of the Dragon God gave the result, Lu Yu quickly continued to look at it.

[ Four-symbols soul-devouring formation: A barrier is formed around the formation, and four balls of soul-devouring wind will emerge from the middle of the formation.

It attacks the soul, and the four elements all repel each other.


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