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Chapter 216 Soul-Devouring Wind Appeared

The array formation beneath Lu Yus feet emerged and formed a spatial lock, binding Lu Yu in place.

Over a hundred array mages appeared in the distance and released a tremendous amount of mana into the array, providing energy to operate the array formation.

At the edge of the array formation, Lu Yu transformed his claws into the Diamond Dragon Claws and clenched his fist, punching onto the barrier!

This full-strength punch hit the barrier fiercely, but there was no movement.

Not even a crack appeared.

The barrier in front of him was still intact as if Lu Yus punch was futile.

Lu Yu found it strange that this barrier could be so strong, so unexpectedly strong.

It seemed that this array formation was something else.

From the fact that more than a hundred people were needed to provide the energy for it, it seemed that this was not an ordinary array formation.

Or maybe it was so sturdy because more than a hundred people were providing energy for it

He could not sit still and wait for his imminent death.

Thus, he swung his fists repeatedly, smashing them fiercely at the barrier.

However, after a few punches, there was still no result.

He began to switch to his other dragon claws in an attempt to break through, but after repeated attacks, there was still no effect at all.

From afar, Gu Feng couldnt help but smile smugly when he saw Lu Yu continuously attacking the barrier.

“Haha, dont waste your energy.

Your attacks are useless against this barrier.

How can you break it when so many array mages work together”

Gu Fengs words gave Lu Yu a rough understanding of this array.

At least this barrier was something that Lu Yu couldnt break alone.

With over a hundred array mages continuously sending energy into it, even if Lu Yu could form a crack, it would be repaired by these array mages in an instant.

In other words, trapped in this array, Lu Yu was fighting against more than a hundred array mages at once.

This… could this be considered as him alone against a hundred

Lu Yu raised his head and stared at Gu Feng in the distance.

He said, “It seems you guys intend to fight me as a group.

In that case, dont mind if I play along.”

Gu Feng laughed out loud, “Dont be naive.

Its not a shameful thing to fight as a group.

Otherwise, whats the point of setting up a club”

“Besides, were all array mages.

Its unfair for us to fight with you, a warrior, one-on-one at close range.

So, its more than fair for us to fight you with hundreds of us.”

Gu Feng said as if it was a matter of course.

There was nothing but shamelessness in his words.

Lu Yu felt disdain just by looking at this guys thick skin.

How thick-skinned would you have to be to justify one person with a hundred

“Then lets fight it out and see who can outlast the other!”

Lu Yu said firmly.

He had no intention of turning back.

Of course, now that he was trapped, there was no turning back anyway.

He could only continue to fight it out and see which side would be the first to collapse.

However, when Gu Feng heard this, he laughed arrogantly again.

“Fight it out Who would fight it out with you We have to invest a lot of energy just to maintain this formation, so do you think its as simple as trapping you inside Of course not!”

Lu Yu suddenly realized that too.

The formation set up by hundreds of mages was definitely not as simple as just binding him in place.

It appeared that the effects of this formation had not fully displayed themselves yet!

“Is that so Then show me how strong your formation is.

Lets see who will have the last laugh!”

Gu Feng said calmly, “Theres no need to rush.

The thing that will kill you will come out soon.

When that time comes, enjoy your suffering.”

At that moment, Lu Yu found that some strange gust of winds were rising from the four corners of the formation he was in.

These gusts of winds bundled into a ball, floating strangely in the air.

These four wind balls had different colors.

One was a dazzling blazing red, another was blue with a cold aura, and the third was a golden-yellow ball.

The last one was an exceptionally active gust of wind.

It surged around Lu Yu at a fast speed.

Lu Yu observed these four balls of wind and was already in a defensive stance.

This large-scale array formation would definitely not be a simple trap.

It must have some offensive methods, with it most likely being the four balls of wind in front of him.

Gu Feng could not help but praise Lu Yus rich combat experience when he saw that Lu Yu knew something was wrong and had assumed a battle stance.

“This guys reaction is pretty fast.

He took a defensive stance as soon as the four soul-devouring winds appeared.

Unfortunately, his defense will have no effect as these balls of wind can easily ignore his defense!”

“Everyone, please continue to work hard and increase the speed of mana transmission.

We must persevere until Lu Yu dies in the array formation!”

The array mages at the side gritted their teeth and used up all their mana points, feeding them into the array formation.

Some even had cold sweat on their foreheads.

The massive mana consumption made them feel empty in their bodies and minds as if a water pump had sucked out their souls.

On the other hand, more experienced array mages could still withstand this absorption and continue to transmit energy.

At that moment, Lu Yu stood in the array and assumed a defensive stance.

At the same time, he released his skill, Golden Wall!

A transparent golden cuboid shield appeared and firmly wrapped Lu Yu.

This brand new defensive skill was finally put to use.

After the four balls of wind floated around for a while, they began to gather in Lu Yus direction.

Not far away, Yun Zirou and the others rushed over.

When they saw that Lu Yu was trapped and hundreds of array mages on the mountain pass wall, they panicked and quickly headed over.

When they saw Lu Yu inside the array, they immediately realized that Lu Yu had fallen into a trap!

“Lu Yu, are you alright What array formation is this”

Yun Zirou asked anxiously.

“This is their last trump card.

Im not sure what it is yet, but dont go near it.

This array formation is very unusual!”

“Do you need our help Why dont we try to destroy this array formation from the outside”

Lu Yu immediately rejected Yun Zirous suggestion.

“With this array formation blocking here, you wont be able to get close to the pass.

Just wait by the side.”

“Once I break this array formation, you guys will immediately rush in and take control of these array mages!”

Yun Zirou had no choice but to obey Lu Yus orders.

After all, Lu Yu was the strongest here.

Yun Zirou wouldnt blindly disobey him and make her own decisions.

Su Qing pulled Yun Zirou to the side and looked at Lu Yu, who was inside the formation.

“Now, all we can do is wait.

Well wait for Lu Yu to break this formation so that we can charge in!”

Yun Zirou nodded heavily and looked up at Gu Feng on the mountain pass wall.

Her eyes were as cold as ice.

At that moment, the soul-devouring wind started to attack Lu Yu from inside the formation.

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