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Chapter 215 Two Evolution Rewards

The new skill, Fury Lightning Strike, was undoubtedly an area-of-effect damage skill.

Although each attack dealt individual damage, it was very powerful to be able to target huge numbers of enemies at the same time.

Even if there were 70 to 80 people before Lu Yu, each person would receive a lightning strike when Lu Yu used this skill.

This brand new Thunder Dragon Claw augmented Lu Yus attack power and range to a whole new level.

Although Lu Yu did have an AOE attack skill before, the effect was not very good.

For example, Split Claw could only attack a distance of fewer than five meters.

That wasnt particularly a long-range attack.

There was also Flaming Claw, with its derivative skill, Firestorm.

The range was quite large, but its damage was much weaker.

This Firestorm was useless against enemies with even a little fire element resistance.

Therefore, Lu Yu actually did not have any true AOE skills.

His attack range was naturally short, and although he had movement skills to supplement it, it was still not a long-term solution.

Now that the Thunder Dragon Claw had arrived, Lu Yus attack range had increased by a huge margin, and it even came with an AOE damage skill.

Lu Yus future battles would be easier with his Thunder Dragon Claw.

Then, Lu Yu clicked on the second reward.

This reward was the reward that Lu Yu had obtained when he evolved the Diamond Dragon Claw, but it had not been claimed.

It seemed like there was no better time than now.

[ Do you want to receive the evolution reward ]


[ Receiving… ]

[ Congratulations on obtaining a dragon skill, Golden Wall! ]

[ Golden Wall: Creates a golden cube that covers your entire body and can block 1,000 damage for 15 seconds.

You can continue to move without getting damaged.


This skill made Lu Yus eyes light up.

Lu Yu just so happened to lack a defensive skill.

Although he had the Strong Wall skill that could block instant explosive damage, this skill wouldnt increase Lu Yus defense in a battle.

This Golden Wall was precisely what he needed to make up for his shortcomings.

Not only could it help Lu Yu withstand 1,000 damage, but it also allowed him to maintain his attacks and movements during this period.

Although 1,000 points of damage werent much, it was at least two or three attacks from someone decently strong.

These two or three attacks could turn a battle situation around.

Exchanging blows in a fight was something that happened instantaneously, and he would gain a huge advantage if he could block one or two fatal attacks.

Moreover, Lu Yu wouldnt stand still to be hit.

He would still maintain his movements and attacks.

When the other party attacked, Lu Yu definitely would not just dumbly stand still and let himself be hit.

From the looks of it, this shielding skill was very useful.

After Lu Yu obtained the skill, he immediately released it.

A golden rectangle appeared out of thin air and enveloped Lu Yu.

This shield was transparent and did not affect Lu Yus vision.

Moreover, his hand could easily pass through the shield when he stretched it out.

He tried to move, and the shield followed closely behind Lu Yu.

Even if Lu Yu used his Dragon Shadow skill, there was still no problem!

Lu Yu was just pumped with excitement after obtaining these two brand new skills.

With the support of these new skills, he believed he would have an easier time taking down this stronghold!

Lu Yu increased his speed and moved onward quickly.

From afar, Lu Yu could already see the mountain pass before him.

He knew that this was definitely the last blockage of his trip.

In such a terrain, as long as he could break through this mountain pass, it would be equivalent to breaking through this stronghold.

Therefore, this was their last line of defense!

Lu Yu slowed down and observed his surroundings while advancing.

When he was close to the pass, Lu Yu saw Gu Fengs figure on the gate wall.

Looking at the captains badge on his chest, Lu Yu knew that this guy was the person in charge here.

“You must be Lu Yu.

Youve sure worked hard on your journey here, havent you”

Gu Feng was the first to speak.

His tone was gentle as if he was speaking to a friend.

However, this was all an illusion.

Lu Yu knew Gu Feng wanted nothing more than his death.

“No, its way more relaxed than what you guys must have endured, setting up those formations.”

Lu Yu replied.

The corner of Gu Fengs mouth twitched.

“Lu Yu, are you really planning on attacking our stronghold Do you think you have what it takes After all, many clubs have tried to take down this place but failed without exception!”

“What makes you think you can succeed”

“You should head back, and we can pretend that this never happened.

You continue to run the Featherwing Club while I continue cultivating here.”

Lu Yu took another step forward and made his stance clear.

“Im sorry, theres no turning back!”

Gu Feng frowned and continued to persuade, “Dont think Im saying this because Im scared.

Im saying this for your own good; in fact, Im saving your life.

If you insist on moving forward, then what awaits you will only be death!”

Lu Yu chuckled, “Death From you You must be dreaming.”

“Hmph, youll find out soon enough whether Im dreaming or not.

I hope you wont kneel and beg for mercy when that time comes!”

Gu Feng snorted coldly, and his tone was no longer gentle.

His gaze toward Lu Yu was filled with viciousness.

Lu Yu could feel the killing intent coming from Gu Feng and knew of his murderous intentions.

Lu Yu continued to advance, completely unaffected by Gu Fengs threats.

At that moment, Gu Feng, standing on the mountain pass wall, had a group of array mages lying on both sides of the wall.

They were all ready to attack at any moment.

They were all waiting, waiting for Lu Yu to move forward and enter the trap.

Lu Yu continued to move forward.

There was nothing abnormal on the ground, and Lu Yu couldnt see any clues through the natural-looking surroundings.

Suddenly, something began to surge under his feet.

Lu Yu looked down and was shocked to find that a formation was surging out from the ground, appearing on the surface!

The patterns carved on this formation were incomparably complicated, and the light it emitted was nothing but dazzling.

When this array formation emerged, Lu Yu discovered that he was standing at the center of the formation!

He was curious about how the formation under his feet moved up.

The formations carved in the past would exist wherever they were carved and could not move at all.

It seemed that this was indeed an unusual formation.

Lu Yu retreated as quickly as possible, wanting to leave the array formation.

However, after taking two steps back, he slammed into an invisible barrier.

Lu Yu was at a loss.

Was this last formation just a barrier formation to imprison him

He clenched his fists, preparing to break this invisible barrier with one punch.

Gu Feng revealed a smug smile at that moment as he watched Lu Yu walk into the array.

“Everyone, you can start infusing energy.

Today is the day Lu Yu died!”

As soon as he gave the order, a large group of people appeared on both sides of Gu Feng.

They stood up and stretched out their hands toward the array.

Following that, a large amount of mana surged into the array, powering it up.

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