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Chapter 214 Deadly Forbidden Formation

The four-symbol soul-devouring formation could produce a soul-devouring wind that contained the power of four powerful elements.

It could directly attack the soul, but its defense was ineffective.

This kind of attack method was to induce despair!

Since it was wind, it would be difficult to disperse or block it from blowing over you.

As long as this gust of wind blew over a person, it would immediately attack their soul.

It would deal true damage, ignoring all defense.

No matter how strong a persons defense was, once they entered this formation and the soul-devouring formation activated, it would melt them instantly!

Therefore, the university naturally forbids such a terrifying array formation, and the user would suffer considerable punishment.

Initially, they only intended to set up the soul-devouring formation.

After all, it was a 5-star formation, and its binding capabilities were already top-notch, even if they never released the soul-devouring wind.

But now, Lu Yus strength gave every array mage a deep sense of fear.

They were afraid that Lu Yu would really break through!

At that moment, Gu Feng thought hard and long before finally nodding.

“We have to release the soul-devouring wind and not make any mistakes! We must take down Lu Yu!”

“Once our stronghold is broken through, its very likely that we wont be able to take it back for the rest of our lives.

We cant give up!”

Gu Feng said firmly.

As the captain of his stronghold, his bottom line was not to let others take over.

Therefore, he would not give in no matter what.

An array mage reminded, “Brother Gu Feng, but if we really use the soul-devouring wind to kill Lu Yu, what about the punishment from the university Its going to be bad.”

As soon as he said this, the other array mages could not help but tremble in fear.

Gu Fengs expression changed from gnashing his teeth to letting out a long breath.

He said firmly, “Theres no other way.

Hes courting death and its not our fault!”

“This is our territory and we will never give it to outsiders.

If we kill Lu Yu, the school will investigate but we have plenty of ways to bury the truth!”

Someone beside him reminded him, “Big Brother, this is Lu Yu.

Hes the brightest student this year and the most valued existence of the university.

If he dies in an accident, the university will not let it go.”

Gu Fengs tone became more determined, “So what As long as they cant find evidence, what else can they do Today, we must send Lu Yu to his death.

Hes going to suffer from his arrogance!”

Seeing that their captain was this persistent, they all stood up to support him.

“No problem.

Then lets start summoning the soul-devouring wind.

Today is the day of Lu Yus death!”

“Summoning the soul-devouring wind requires 99 array mages above 2-star to infuse energy into the array to maintain its operation.

Ill wake everyone up now!”

Although the power of the soul-devouring wind was terrifying, the energy it consumed was also insane.

It required a lot of energy to be infused into it before it could operate.

Therefore, they had to call out all the array mages in the stronghold to participate in the summoning of the soul-devouring wind.

The nine array mages went into the houses one by one and shouted, telling those array mages who were still cultivating to come out quickly.

Soon, more than a hundred array mages gathered in the strongholds center.

Gu Feng looked at the large group of people and smiled with satisfaction, “Everyone, were going to set up an array that consumes a lot of magic power.

We need everyone to send their mana into the array together.

This array is extremely critical, so everyone must treat this assignment seriously and not make a single mistake!”

Everyone became solemn when they heard this.

“Next, head to the entrance, and the array formation is just outside the pass.

Once the enemy enters the formation and is bound, we can start pumping mana into it!”

After Gu Feng finished speaking, the other nine array mages led their teams and headed out of the stronghold.

Gu Feng followed closely behind the large group of people.

It looked like they were going to face off against a great enemy.

These array mages were obviously frightened by Lu Yu, forcing them to release their trump card.

Soon, they arrived at the mountain pass.

A tall wall connected two mountain peaks, and in the middle of the wall was a large gate.

A row of people could stand on the top of the wall, effectively defending against any enemy invasion.

Under the leadership of the array mages, their team climbed up the gate wall and began to look down at a large stretch of lush green forest in front of them.

“Theres still some distance before that guy arrives.

Everyone, get ready to hide!”

Under the leadership of the nine array mages, the other low-star array mages all crouched and hid under the wall.

Only Gu Feng stood straight and quietly waited for Lu Yus arrival.

They had deliberately designed the eighth barrier to be further away.

This way, even if the eighth barrier were broken, they would still have ample opportunities to set up the next barrier.

At that moment, Lu Yu was still moving forward rapidly and did not plan to waste a single second.

Behind him, Yun Zirou and the others were once again left behind.

They could barely see Lu Yus back from where they were.

Once Lu Yu sprinted forward for a distance, he would observe his surroundings to ensure there was no danger before continuing onward.

He was preventing any unwanted accidents.

If there were any remnants of any array formations left for Yun Zirou and the others, it would be difficult for them to deal with.

Lu Yu was confident that no array formation could trap him.

After a few evolutions, Lu Yu made up for many of his shortcomings, making his future battles easier.

Lu Yu stopped again and looked at his surroundings.

After finding nothing unusual, he raised his hands and carefully looked at his Thunder Dragon Claw.

Lu Yu knew this was the Thunder Dragon Claw, but he was in the dark about its specialty.

He had no data on its attacking skills, advantages, disadvantages, or mana consumption.

Therefore, he opened his attributes panel and then extended his evolution panel.

Rows of evolutionary paths appeared before Lu Yus eyes.

When he saw the Thunder Dragon Claw, he was surprised to see that there was a new reward on the system panel that he hadnt received.

“Evolution reward…”

Lu Yu clicked on the evolution reward and realized that he had two rewards that he had not received yet.

The first reward was the reward he had received when he evolved the Thunder Dragon Claw.

Therefore, he clicked on this reward.

[ Do you want to receive the evolution reward ]


[ Receiving… ]

[ Congratulations on obtaining a dragon skill, Fury Lightning Strike! ]

[ Fury Lightning Strike: Lock onto enemies within 30 meters in front of you and release a group of lightning strikes.


To Lu Yus surprise, there was even a video demonstration.

The video clearly showed the process of releasing the skill.

If there were 10 enemies in front of Lu Yu, using the skill would shoot out 10 bolts of lightning from his palm, sending an attack to each enemy in front of him.

If there were 20 enemies, there would be 20 attacks.

This brand new skill made Lu Yu excited.

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