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Chapter 177 The Miraculous Effects Of The Blood Essence Medicinal Bath

In the bathroom, Lu Yu mixed the blood essences of ferocious beasts he had bought with the medicinal herbs he had prepared beforehand.

The medicinal herbs were crushed into powder and mixed into the blood.

The bath was then filled with water, and the mixed blood essence was poured into the tub.

Very quickly, the entire pool of water was dyed blood red.

A faint medicinal fragrance was emitted, and Lu Yu felt refreshed after taking a whiff.

The blood essences in it made Lu Yu feel like his blood was gushing out, and he couldnt wait to soak in it and absorb its nutrients.

Lu Yu quickly entered the bath and put the dragon arm bone in as well.

Vaguely, Lu Yu could see that there seemed to be a small vortex around the arm bone.

It seemed that the dragon arm bone was absorbing the nutrients in its surroundings, which was why it had created this small vortex.

Lu Yu sat in the bath.

At this moment, he felt an indescribable sense of comfort.

These blood essences seemed to have a life force of their own and contained a vast amount of energy.

After all, these blood essences were the blood essences of highly talented ferocious beasts.

Powerful ferocious beasts relied on these blood essences to maintain their growth.

Therefore, these blood essences possessed a strong vitality about them.

These blood essences could be used in many places.

For example, replenishing a patient after a massive hemorrhage in their surgery or even a medicinal bath for cultivation requires blood essence.

Lu Yu could feel that the diluted blood essences in the pool were attracted toward him at this moment.

The blood essences seemed to be desperately trying to enter Lu Yus pores.

Lu Yu felt the pores all over his body opening up, absorbing the nutrients in the blood essences.

The nutrients in the blood essence rushed into Lu Yus body through his pores!

This powerful surge of energy gave Lu Yu an unprecedented sense of power.

His muscles bulged, and his blood vessels swelled.

His entire body was filled with strength!

Lu Yu gritted his teeth, feeling his sore muscles as if he had just gone to the gym.

But soon, this sore feeling was healed by his blood essence.

At the same time, his muscles got slightly larger.

Lu Yu felt the sore feeling in his muscles yet again.

But the process of recovery was repeated again.

Lu Yus muscles recovered, and at the same time, his muscles grew larger again.

This process was repeated again and again.

Lu Yu gritted his teeth from the pain, and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Soon, the mixture of medicines in the pool was almost used up, and the soreness in Lu Yus body also subsided.

After about an hour, the color of the water in the pool had changed from blood red to a dull and cloudy color.

After the medicinal bath was over, Lu Yu felt that his entire body had been renewed.

It was as if he had been transformed, with every inch of his muscles and every bone in his body reborn.

The muscles in his entire body swelled up, and his body was filled with a powerful force!

Lu Yu walked out of the bathtub.

He felt exhausted, making him sleepy.

Therefore, he laid down and fell into a deep sleep instantly.

He slept soundly that night.

The following day, the sun shone through the window on Lu Yus eyes.

He opened his eyes and sat up straight.

At that moment, he felt a sense of comfort he had never felt before!

After the medicinal bath yesterday, Lu Yu had a good nights rest.

Today, he was greatly boosted, with his muscles full of strength and energy!

This was a completely new state for him, and the medicinal bath seemed to have significantly increased his stats.

Lu Yu hurriedly opened his attribute panel and began to check which aspects of his attributes had increased.

[ Current Personal Attribute ]

[ Attack: 520 ]

[ Speed: 250 ]

[ Health: 550 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 240 ]

Of all his attributes, his health had increased by 100 points, while his attack power had risen by 20 points.

This increase in attributes was decent, to say the least.

After all, these were the blood essences of various high-level ferocious beasts, and the energy contained within them was tremendous.

But of course, the absorption abilities of different people would also be different.

Lu Yu might have gained 120 attribute points through this absorption process, but for others, it might only be 60 points or even higher than Lu Yu.

This depends on ones talent.

Just as he woke up, Lu Yu felt his entire body was sticky, making him uncomfortable.

After soaking in the medicinal bath and cleansing his bones and marrow, many impurities were expelled from Lu Yus pores, and his entire body became slightly more refined.

He hurriedly took a bath and washed all the dirt on his body.

After his entire body was cleaned, Lu Yu felt much more relaxed.

Therefore, he put on his clothes and prepared to go out.

Lu Yu felt he should buy more of these blood essences and make more medicinal baths to cultivate.

30 days might not be enough.

After all, he had a chance to enter the stargazing tower to cultivate in the future.

It would be beneficial if he could store some blood essence and use it after entering the tower.

The multiplying effect of cultivation was too tempting.

Therefore, Lu Yu decided to go to the black market again and buy some more blood essences.

Yesterday, he spent ten million, and Lu Yu still had ten million worth of school credits on him.

It was enough to buy another batch.

Therefore, Lu Yu went to his garage and drove to the campus center.

When he arrived at the campus, Lu Yu parked his car and walked to the black market street.

He had been here once before, so Lu Yu did not bring Lin Kang along this time.

He walked into the black market and found it as lively as usual.

Lu Yu went to the shop he visited last time, which specialized in selling blood essences of ferocious beasts.

He planned to buy another batch of them.

After entering the shop, Lu Yu saw that the surroundings were decorated with the blood essence of all kinds of beasts, stored in exquisite glass bottles.

Many other customers in the shop were choosing the right blood essence for them.

The effects of the blood essence of different ferocious beasts were different.

Some blood essences could allow the absorber to obtain elemental power, some increase attributes, and some increase skill levels.

A customer had chosen a blood essence that suited him, so he told the store owner, “Boss, I want this C-Level Metal Giant Crocodile blood essence.”

The boss swiped his card and sold the bottle of C-Level blood essence.

Then, another customer chose a bottle of blood essence that suited him.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Boss, pack this A-Level Red-Tailed Fox blood essence for me.”

Obviously, this high-level blood essence would cost him a lot of money.

When Lu Yu saw that someone besides him had chosen a blood essence that suited him, he didnt hesitate anymore.

Otherwise, if he hesitated any longer, he would have one fewer bottle of blood essence.

Hence, he looked at the store owner and said decisively, “Boss, Ill buy all the blood essence above B-Level here!”

Lu Yus words attracted many peoples attention, and some recognized Lu Yu.

After knowing that he was the man who had bought all the high-level blood essences yesterday, they tactfully decided to leave.

They knew that Lu Yu had the money to take them all.

However, when the boss heard that, he did not smile.

Instead, he gave off a troubling expression.


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